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Right, time for pictures of the embroidered pouch progress. It could wait til I had the drawstring and tassels done, but I am still thinking about that.

Pouch with scale.
Side of pouch showing tablet weaving.

I have photos of the WCOB Pelican cloak badge, but haven't posted those as not certain protocals there (though [ profile] dragonermine has now seen it, so it can be posted off now).
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Image of Malevelent hat here and here - you can see the eye better in the second one.

Will take some time to do the music lyrics meme at some point this weekend but there is Yum Char shortly and laundry to hang on...
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And I said I would provide photos of the banners (well, I can link to some):
From Lady Sancha's photo collection
Me and 2 of the banners that [ profile] basal_surge and I did. Picture stone was copied from the one Z linked to, and I did the interlace column to the left (there was another to the right). Need to thicken the black lines on the interlace at some point cause they do fade out a bit, especially by candle light.
What to do with doorways here and here, banners done mainly by Lady Sancha (with some assistance from various people), same method as the picture stone.

If you follow the photo set through, there are pigs heads, and murderous viking games with bats and ball, and woodworking (making the bats..), and flour grinding and forging*... All the usual fun stuff :)

You keep starting to go to bed and then someone links to cool stuff...

* Chalk up yet another camping event where bellows were manufactured by Z... And finishing the forge table.
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And now I have the camera and have "finished" the moleskin doublet :
Photos here onwards.
And one under here )
Oddly, the left side fits better than the right side. The right side has slight shoulder issues - slightly too tight? so pulls, and bulges slightly between the hooks down the front. I also need to get better at setting the hooks and eyes in so that they don't bulge in between. Have a few more that may close a few gaps.
But for a first (finished successful) attempt at a doublet, fairly happy :)
Next step, fix the slight issues and repeat in black velvet.
May couch some contrasting cord on this one for general wear though.

Viking beanie photos are here onwards.
And one under here )
Sorry, not wearing it - wouldn't have gone with the doublet...

Think that is the photo spam quotient for the evening.
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That blackwork I mentioned, pictures now up here onwards.

One or two pretty pictures... )

Down to 2 squares now.
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So, victorian chemise is nearly done - just needs the length shortened, hemmed and a button or two added to the front for fastening. A little large around the shoulders which means that it needs to be fastened at the front with a bit of overlap to get it to sit right, but nothing that wont work with a button or two. Pictures here and the next 2 photos. Corset is one from Gallery Serpentine - a bit long to go with the outfit, so will try and make a corset from the same pattern set at some point.. later.

So, eyeing up the next project*... (or proof that Z can actually sew stuff other than canvas and leather... just don't look too closely at the stitch size**)
Dug out the Svante Sture doublet that Z started way back in '95 (See here and the next photo for his started shoulder piece). There is a lot of very nice black velvet, apple green silk (colour not shown well in photo) and cream raw silk (lining!) that really shouldn't be wasted. Torso length is fine on me, but arms are too large and it is a little wide. But the shoulder bits are usable and while things are cut out, should be able to cut pieces down. May be some interesting issues round the arm holes though. Still too small for Z though. So, will sit down and transfer the pattern onto spare fabric, fit to me, recut the pieces and see how things go. After all, the shirt to go underneath I finished last year...

* Following the current rule of finish what has been started - nothing new or for which I need to go out and buy materials. Does it count if the trim has been cut out (LOTS of woollen strips with a woven in pattern salvaged from a hidious skirt a couple years back), but nothing else has been done - trim for a Viking jacket perhaps... It is not like we don't have the rest of the fabric...

**More of Z's current sewing can be seen here with him attaching chinese brocade silk as a (high status) cuff decoration on one of his tunics. (His call based on Complete Anachronist #64 Scandanavian Textiles, talking about appliqueed silk samite from Birka and Oseberg burials pg 11).

Would put in pictures, rather than just link, but will be kind to your bandwidth. Besides, I should get on with lunch and some maths revision... and after that, actually finish the chemise, rather than just posting about it.
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Finished the arm band embroidery for the bias cut bliaut. Currently out on the line after washing. The blue wool is definitely not colourfast, though it doesn't appear to bleed into the embroidery thread too much.
Piccies behind cut or in this sequence here. The first two photos of the armband bits are the most recent and the two of the neckline were taken a while ago. Spot the different shades of blue depending on the lighting conditions.
Piccies of armband bits )

Z has the fun of an afternoon in the office in prep for the next couple days in the field. Me, having finished the embroidery, time to do the dishes...

PS Why in NZ is Anzac Day associated with poppies, whereas over here the poppies are used for Armistace Day and today is a badge or rosemary (for rememberance)? Just curious.
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Ever wondered what to do with all those pre-correction and revision, in progress bits of your thesis?*
Ever wanted to blow pages of (your) PhD thesis out of a cannon?

Finally got around to putting up the thesis destruction photos.

Sequence starts here
And for direct viewing of a selection )

We did keep a smoky, partially burnt page as a souvenir. Forget where I put the scan of that.

*Please note that for the sake of not too much paper wastage, single sided pages were used as scrap paper and some was just straight recycled. But for those bits of cathartic destruction...
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So, our Rowany Festival pictures are here.
[ profile] deense has some good photos of the laurelling and other stuff here

The two pieces of video of playing with glass and iron are:
here (the short one, 4,357 kB)
here (longer at around a minute, 16,278 kB)
There is a third I got part way into loading but interent connection crashed part way through and I don't wish to use up all our quota from the month reloading it. It deals with the attempt to forge the previous iron bloom and putting out the stump being worked on. I may get around to it next month. (medium long, 12,307 kB)

Lets see if we can embed them... )

That should keep you amused for a little while - at least those of you with wide pipes...

Standard provisos that I can remove bits featuring you should you wish and feel free to pass on the links to anyone you know who may wish to see but wont be reading this directly.
I'll post the links to Lochac Shambles, St Floz, AAF, Innilgard - anyone else I should remember?
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It has been quite a day for posting...
In any case, a selection of my Festival photos are up here. If you are in them and don't wish to be displayed, ping here and I can remove them, otherwise, sometime tomorrow I will pass on the link to more public places like the Lochac Shambles, AAF, and St Florians lists. Conversely, if you know people interested in the link, pass it on. Hopefully when I post the link, I will have the two other video links up and will post them all in one fell swoop.
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Flickr is playing silly buggers with links so I can't show direct - leastwise I don't like their autoblog function and my html editing is atrocious. So, you get links instead.

Overall view here and detail here.
Colour is amazingly off - the base fabric is actually a medium blue.

Time to wash the bugger and see if the ohp pen comes off without the thread running or the base crinkling and shrinking... Comes off wonderfully well on the fingers while sewing. However, I would rather find out now than when it is on the gown or after I have done the matching ~4m for the sleeves that dangle. Fingers crossed though the way the past day or so has gone, I am not holding my breath.
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So, after a bit of fiddling (we keep losing the image resizing software), I have just put some photos up. Ditched the sets on Trichnopoly and the elizabethan shirt (apologies to anyone that upsets - the photos are still there, just not the easy organisation), and replaced them with one of the CF photos and one on an Edwardian(?) riding jacket that belonged to Z's grandmother (Fanny Augusta Dixon (1904ish - 1974/5??? aged in 70s when died)). Definitely want to try and make a replica of that at some point. Wonder how easy it is to do a full length version... Feel free to point anyone you know interested in such clothing in the direction of those photos.

NB Riding jacket photos are from Weds evening after CF, when I am still at the lack of sleep/fuzzy stage. Not at my best.

Annoyed with the set limits on Flickr, however getting around them invovles paying money, so I am happy to skip that.
Anyone get any good photos of Z while being baronified or the stunned mullet expression afterwards?
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It's not the best I have done but it is mine... )

Edit: but it is just right with the house lights off and the coloured lights on and the lights reflecting off the shiny surfaces and the coloured shadows of needles and light cast on the wall and screen behind. Now all I need is the right music... Vaughn William Fantasia to Greensleeves or Lark Ascending... Debussey's Clare de Lune... But I will save that for another night.
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Finished shirt now:)
Just the one pic cause we can't find any batteries... )
Now I need another hand sewing project... other than the naalbinding.

Crossposted (slightly more formally) to [ profile] med_embroidery
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After 5+ years, Z has finally finished me a pair of Viking turn shoes:) (ok, there was a quick mock up one piece of leather pair about 2 1/2 years ago the morning before a display, and this is actually the second version of these shoes due to size issues - upper were originally same leather as soles.). But they are now done.
This way for pics )
What is interesting is how close they are to the Bocksten Man's shoes... which possibly says more about how long that style was in for, than anything else.

Will try them as my slippers around the house for a week or two to break them in.
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There was a lot of chocolate (photos behind cuts).
Five hours later and lots of doggie bags to the attendees, there is still a lot of chocolate. The milk chocolate will probably be taken into work on Mon and inflicted on any one around.
The setup:
5 milk chocolates: labelled anonymously A,B,C,D,E, with people ranking them best to worst. Yes, generally price did corelate with quality, however the cheaper Lindt was more popular than the more expensive Organic Green and Black. Dairy Milk and Whittikars just about tied behind those two and the Black and Gold milk cooking compound was far behind.
The milk chocolate lineup )
Then there was the Dark chocolate tour, where we progressed through dark chocolates of increasing steps, going through 45% (Cadbury), 50% (mysterious Israeli), 70% (german, Cadbury, Richfields), 77% (Hachez german), 85% (Lindt), to 88% (Hachez german). Up to 70% was good, with Richfields being nicest - sort of smokey, but above 75% was just too strong and made your mouth dry up too much.
The dark chocolate lineup )
Non- dairy ranged from not bad to wierd...
The non-dairy lineup and others )
And there were lots of wierd flavours - the merlot and pinot noir ones were very popular. Strawberry and pepper was just wierd, and geranium (thanks [ profile] staranise) was either really liked or really loathed.
The unbroken lot )
There was also a chocolate fountain with flowing belgian chocolate.

The fruit and chips were definitely needed.

And unfortunately I have hit flickr download limits for the month, so no more pictures for a while.
Suprisingly, for the amount of chocolate I have eaten, I am quite tired. Time to bag a very large amount of chocolate and head off to bed I think.

Edits the following morning:
Next time less milk choc. We did 2 packets of each cause everyone would be trying it, but even with 20 people, we could have done with just a block of each.
Thumbs were quite sore from breaking, but despite that, next time break up finer. Especialy with the dark chocolates, you only wanted the tiny-ist quarter of a square. And after a while of chocolate, you just wanted a hint to establish the flavours and texture. It took 3 of us an hour and half to break them up as far as we did, and further breaking would have required a lot of knife work.
People were curious to try the different levels of dark choclate (definitely worth slowly stepping up in cocoa solid %), but did like the flavoured stuff the most.
Maybe next time a Schoc comparison evening... Smaller existing subset of people interested in the strange flavours but there are people interested. Not certain if can organise the purchase while over and then the evening in the next 2 weeks. May be a little busy then.
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Photos of Elizabethan shirt progress )
Yes, you will have noticed far more of a tendency to post photos of projects in progress. Rather than just clutter the sofa and lounge and floors, I thought I would clutter the internet as well. Mind you, I like hearing about/seeing what other people are up to/doing. And yes, I prefer to put the little buggers behind a cut because I have seen what photos can do to an unwary friends page, and the speed of loading thereof.
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So, neck getting sore so stopped insanely detailed sewing. Switched to Viking trichnopoly ie looped wire work. Now I have blisters on my thumb...
Follow the pretty LJ-cut to see pictures (5) of what trichnopoly looks like )
Next time, through second loop back rather than first for denser weave. Also finer mandrill so less space between loops. Also start wearing gloves sooner. But I think I'll let the fingers recover first.
Full set of photos here


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