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1 length of sewing down, ~17 to go*.

Z is swearing about removing tape and in contemplating g-clamps.
Edit: and is now using a rolling pin.

And I have fun sewing straight lines with a sewing machine...

*NB ~2 or maybe 3 lengths of stitching per seam. Some of these are 8.1 m long. The taping and seam setup takes longer than the sewing.
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When they work, gods industrial sewing machines are glorious.
~14m of rolled hem done in far less time than it took to staple it and she went over the rolled interlocked seam bits as well - we had thought we would need to hand sew those later.
Z is just doing the second top corner - imagine sewing 6 interlocked seams with 4 layers of canvas into a corner. There is a reason Z is doing it.
I get the grand job of pulling out all the staples we spent the last 2 hours putting in. They get to join their failed fellows (definitely more than went in successfully) in a small paper grave. The stapler itself is buggered and I suspect Z wants to beat it further into submission with a hammer or two.

Bed is done, tent frame is done, wax tablets are drilled and ready for waxing.

There may be some eyeletting in a hotel along the way tomorrow night. This may be the most exciting thing happening in Balranald/Hay/Naranderra (depending on where we get to)...

Packing? Oooh... plenty of time...
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So, geteld workshop tent is now in one piece with all the main machining other than the hem done. This is good and feels far more tent-like than in pieces scattered over the lounge floor. However the piece is now larger than the lounge floor or at least wont fit easily spread out, so we wait til daylight hours to take it out the back and line things up to attach the ridge bit into a loop.
Viking A-frame is also progressing, with the end holes all drilled out of the end pieces. Tomorrow is the sanding and getting the ridge and side beams done. Also it needs to be moved out of the garage and the viking bed disassembled or moved so we can get the car out.
We might make it...

Note for next time:
Industrial stapler.
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So, viking bed is now able to be slotted together - next stage is to drill the holes for pegging and make the wedges. Mucked up a bit on the slat spacing - slightly too large a gap at the ends, but can cope with that, or fix later if it gets too annoying.
2nd of those 4 seams is now done: staple as offset pair, single row stitch, masking tape down fold over, single row stitch, tear off tape - note for next time that it is easier when centred rather than offset. Much easier and far less swearing. Will set up the next seam and do that tomorrow night or during the day if I can feed the fabric ok - will see given the fabric sizes.
Some lampblack produced. Enough swearing there that Z will check an art supply place on the way home tomorrow.
Currently the hunt is on for the D-ring collection for making eyelets for ground pegging and muttering about how to attach them.
Other than that, sleep time.
Or would be appart from the mad hairbrained scheme plotting... or at least only slightly lunatic and not too bad if we had a black hole with which to help pack things in the car... yes, retrieval is an issue that can be played with later.


Mar. 28th, 2007 08:08 pm
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Ok, 3 hours (DVD 1 of FotR with director commentry, and ABC news), ~50cm of interlocked seam done by hand (2 needles going concurrently, 1 awl). And a sore neck.
This leaves 2m of that seam to go ie ~12 hours work at that rate, spread over the next 2 days so as to not bugger the neck.
Then there are 2 more seams of the same length and style.
Conclusion: I am not that stupid.
We do the remaining seams same style as we did the ones of the Viking A-Frame, but this can't be done til Z gets back. Then it will be the roof seam, the hem and eyelets for pegging down. That's all...

So, do I finish the other 2m or unpick what I have done?

In the mean time, time to play with lamps while watching TV instead.

And dinner smells ready.

Edit: dinner smelt overdone - luckily toast, not pork.
Things of note:
Smoke detector in the hallway failed miserably - just as well from an I can't reach it to stop it point of view, but not good from a saving lives point of view. Probably battery as I could see the smoke swirling around it.
I didn't know you could get toast to glow red.
Ventilating house now - will the mozzies be kept out by the smoke or what?
Lets try for a less eventful rest of the evening.
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That 3/4 tent seam is now hand finished. Might be able to get one or two more done the same way.
You can definitely understand why they invented awls. Real work though - but only on the inside.
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The AGB star abundance paper has now been submitted with MNRAS - what I was mainly working on in my previous employment. Fingers crossed the reviewer wont hack, slash and acid bath it or outright reject it.

Hand finishing the 3/4 done tent seam from round lunch time. Slow progress and protesting fingers. Don't think the other 3 seams will be plausible that way. May be worth digging out the awl.

Should remember some dinner at some point soon - have fishy...

Edit: fish is bathed in lemon juice, cheese and mixed herbs, wrapped in foil and in the oven.
Now, need an in-front-of-TV vaguely constructive hobby/preoccupation that doesn't involve the tip of the first finger on the right hand which is calloussed and sore at present and needs a rest. Amazing how many current projects that knocks out at present. Maybe naalbinding...
Yes, I could just blob, but that feels wrong... Or catch up on foreign films with subtitles... Have Amalie and Chocolat and ...

Edit2: From a post to the Lochac list (waiting on hearing the Festival Steward confirmation of the fire situation), looks like the smelting will be on again this Festival. Think Z is aiming for smelting early this time, to allow forging later in the event. Will see how things turn out.
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An unexpected drop in by Z on the way out of town - yay. Lunch and an attempt at a seam after a sewing machine oiling that looked like it made it much happier. Thread breaks if go too fast (the left one - possibly a tensioning issue, but the threads are balanced at present...- think it is the thread skipping and catching on things at variable speeds) and needle skips and doesn't pick up (mainly on the right one) if go too slow. So, there is 3/4 of a seam done. May see if I can do a single row of stitching to attach pieces together and do the overlap by hand - feeder foot and the double threads appear to be the main issues - the single thread and needle things I have sewn have been ok (2 swags, 2 cloaks and 3 hoods).

At least the biltong is on drying.

But now freshly hugged and oxytocined and Z is off into the field and I think after the bit of grocery shopping, an afternoon of Buffy and embroidery is called for. Will play with rasps and bits of bed frame and fitting tabs a, b, c, d and e into v, w, x, y, and z later.


Mar. 25th, 2007 09:59 pm
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Insert noises of grinding teeth and having spoken too soon about "only" having 4 seams to go. Insert mutterings as needles skip and it looks like machine needs oiling, leastwise she isn't running smoothly. Insert wonderings about where to put the oil - model obscure enought that never did manage to find any sort on manual online. Insert not getting anything more done tonight - which means I am not going to get any more done on the tent this week - starting to work with pieces of fabric too large to handle by myself.

I'd insert very loud swearing but have hit the stage where it is just another bloody thing going wrong and the fatalism has set in. No swearing now but about to look for chocolate.

Starting to contemplate hand sewing the fucking seams just to get them done - after all, it is only a bit over 2.5 m per seam and two rows of stitching... But I am not certain my neck would talk to me after that.

Not that nuts... yet.

But the bed only needs tabs filed down to fit and holes and pegs done ie it is at the stage where it can be done onsite.

That just leaves the tent frame...

Looks like Sat and Sun in a weeks time are going to be VERY busy.
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I am really looking forward to sewing that doesn't involve a harpoon, pliers and very heavy canvas. But the tent pieces have all had end threads dealt with (including all those in the middle of seams, though that is a whole 'nother story), leaving 4 large interlocking seams to be done this evening for the tent to be in the prerequisit 2 pieces. At which point I can do the Ridge sleeve by hand myself later (thus making it one piece) and things are basically ready for Z to bugger off and mutter over geomagnetics for the next week.
And a bunch of the tent poles are marked ready for drilling and the long two person measurements. And the bed pieces are well on their way - my chiselling isn't up to that. And all the wax tablet pieces are sanded and ready for wax.
Next project sounds like lamp black manufacture - shiny metal over a smokey candle/flame anyone? And there was a request for an oilskin tarp - one long center interlocked seam and the hemming round the edge, which should all be machineable. Something to stay occupied this week.
But for now, I think I give my fingers and neck a break.

Looks like a Mon, rather than Sat departure given Z will be in the field til ~Fri and there is still a bit more to be done before departure.
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Tents, like PhDs...
By the end it is not just the ability to produce the final object that counts, but the stubbornness to just finish the fucker...

The feeder foot for doing the overlapped seams and I don't appear to be working well as a team. Going to sew in thread ends and watch Z play with bolts before helping him put on a bull bar now.

The tent sewing finger callouses are going to be interesting by the end of this.

This probably one of the few things in which I am quite a stubborn bastard - just at the momment, a very frustrated stubborn bastard.
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Second attempt: Resulting seam is wrinklier than I would like and I have the nasty suspision that I need to unpick it and redo it. Except that I am not that happy with how many more holes that puts in a part of the tent integral to holding it up - getelds being tensioned up by the walls themselves, rather than any external ropes. Suspect it is due to the starting and stopping of feeding the fabric through, not something that can be helped with one person and the size of the table. If I concentrate on the smoothness of feeding, I muck up the overlap. If I get the overlap right, I am feeding jerkily and the bottom piece of fabric wrinkles.
And there are 7 seams to go (we will ignore the heming of pieces still to go).
So, step away from the canvas, roll it up and put it in a corner. Grab the naalbinding or go out to the garage and sand wax tablets. Embroider sleeve decorations. Start on the veils. Put photometry into spreadsheets. Surf for jobs.
Anything else.

But we only have about 1 1/2 weeks or contstruction time left.

Festival 04: (our first) 1 white MOW tent brought over from NZ.
Festival 05: 1 Viking A-frame (newly made), 1 white MOW tent, 1 commercial dome.
Festival 06: 1 Viking A-frame, 2 brown tents (same shape as the white MOW one and newly made), 1 white MOW tent, 1 commercial dome. 1 yellow stripy awning for workshop (was aborted start at tent).
Festival 07: 1 Viking A-frame (frame needing redoing/replacing after ridgebeam snapped last time), 2 brown tents, 1 white MOW tent, 1 commercial dome which will be covered by a yellow stripy tent (converted from awning and newly made), 1 white geteld workshop tent (what I am currently swearing over and not yet complete).

Spot a disturbing trend?

Z was apparently up to about 5 or 6 tents at a peak for CF. He and V together were apparently up to around 9... This was acquiring them second hand, rather than making them though.
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So, it is Sun afternoon in the middle of a long weekend and as it is 3 weeks til we need to leave for Festival, guess what we are up to.
Yesterday, there was a trip to get the car - and lo it was actually fixed bar the electrics for the tow bar. Then there was travelling round trying to find a good table. Which we failed miserably at but did find an op shop with good clothing, so I have a summer dress or two and a very nice LBD. Then home and blobbing before dinner and tentage - there is now one of the two front door flaps attached. Would have prefered to do more, but my neck really didn't like sewing at that angle and was encouraging a doozy of a headache.
Today has involved the last little bit of sewing on that door, clearing of the table in the sewing room, clearing of space in the garage and shifting of the table to the garage. Took the long way around out the front door because the front door was 1 cm wider than the table and that meant only 2 doorways instead of 4. Evil sharp cornered table. But now it is a work bench in the garage and will very soon be supporting the manufacture of bed pieces, chest pieces, wax tablet pieces, tent frames and maybe warp weighted loom frames.
After lunch.
More tentage in the evening.
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And I would manage to burn the right thumb in the middle of a sewing binge - not on the banana muffins (3 trays) or on the lamb ribs, but on the roasting tray with wedges in. Oh well, had finished attaching the back of the yellow stripy tent by then so that is all good.
Z back in time for dinner so a relaxing evening with nice music*, a small amount of very nice cassis and a not bad book. Early night I think followed by a long weekend filled with tentage.

Natalie Haas and Alasdair Fraser - Fire and Grace - violin and cello combination is gorgeous.
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Right, one side of the back is now sewn on. Stopping now so my thumb doesn't get too unhappy and my neck changes angle a bit more.
The other side is about 10cm started and fingers crossed should be doable tomorrow. 210cm long... Probable about 4 hours work.
No more sewing tonight though, no matter what the scale.


Mar. 8th, 2007 02:15 pm
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Sewing machine now happy leading to a less stressed me.
Yellow stripy tent now has a one piece back end and I am in the process of attaching it. Unfortunately this has to be by hand with the combination of an awl and a kick arse needle harpoon of doom and very heavy linen thread. Only broken 2 lesser needle versions so far, hence the awl.
Buffy and punching holes. What better combination? Though I will be sensible and trade out when my back and fingers start complaining.
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For anyone interested in some very nice hand sewn linen tents. Polish company and not exactly cheap, but they have some good manuscript images (and sources and dates for the sources), which people may be interested in. They also appear to have manuscript evidence for a basic pyramidal tent in the Anglo-Saxon era (Utrecht Psalter 816-834 - Psalm 83).
These guys also have some very nice tents and instructions for making them - unfortunately you have to make them yourself and I don't know their linen canvas source.
An article from Regia on making Getelds - side or front opening.
And some more Geteld stuff on a British Viking site - go figure...
And the Oseberg Tent and frame pics. The index will take you back to a very good collection of links on the history of tents. I should get Z to track down the links to the other extant Viking tents.
And just to complete the set/put a bunch of things together, The Medieval Pavilion resources page.

Anyone else got any favourites while I am collecting things together?

And yes I am procrastinating working on actual tents - can you tell?
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Bathtub Bob has decided to become Kinky-sit-above-the-shower-watching-people Bob. And spends a lot of time lot of time cleaning his mandibles and leering slightly. As long as he doesn't become Filthy-rich-via-webcamera-footage Bob, it is survivable. You do tend to look up a bit more to check if he has moved...

Morning: YMCA garage sale. The theme for looting today was canvas cf last time - inkle looms. Lots of several metre square pieces which will do for tent floors over groundsheets and/or alternate tent doors (Z's idea/project). Also birch bark bowls/cups and general wooden bowls. After a brief hissy fit at bad spelling and computers, calming down and talking people and navigation around Queanbeyan, a tent ridgebeam was found.
Afternoon: Off to Site, via Charnwood and a generator pickup. Definite weedwhacker issues (it ran out of/ate the string), digging pipe channels, putting up tent, swearing while marking and pinning doors (bloody wind), taking down tent. The usual stopping and talking to people as the number of people increases and you get to say hello to the people you saw last Festival. Seems odd to see the place filling up with tents compared to the peace and quiet of previous site preps. Then by Festival it looks right, and by take down, the lack of tents looks odd.

Edit: We also confirmed that the shower does drain reasonably with all the water going into the sump. Yay! There is however a recommended uphill corner with respect to the water running past your feet. But hot showers...:)

I will note that the books I tend towards when stressed/busy tend towards the definite popcorn bodice ripper fluff compared to the more usual fare (see authors in LJ interests list). Picked up a bunch of such works under 50c to a dollar each. Sandra Brown, Johanna Lindsey, Christine Skye, Catherine Coulter, Kathleen Woodwiss etc. A better class of fluff than some, but still definitely fluff. The Umberto Eco in the pack was just not being touched..
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Last night there was a teeny tiny spider in the corner of the bathroom. This morning there was a Bathroom Bob... and no little spider. Munch munch. This would be fine except Bathroom wall Bob decided to become Bathtub Bob in the middle of my shower. Usually they don't reveal the teleportation technology when someone is in the room. It may not have been a voluntary jump though, as he didn't move for a while and was last seen drunkenly staggering around the plughole. Possibly Concussed Bathtub Bob. Bags not removing the corpse...

Festival stuff progress )

No essential hand sewing projects for working on while getting abundances for NGC 1866#4. Might naalbind then.
Cassanova tonight. I am looking forward to scenic historical popcorn with corsets...
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... and my hands still smell of turpentine, linseed, beeswax and lanolin...*

Sat: Z forged tent pegs and portable holes. I bleached wool (dye remover worked, nappisan didn't, wet dog smell still remains), sewed cloaks and did laundry. Potential new flatmate. Nice woodfire pizza in Queayanbeyan. Thai chicken is better than smoked salmon.

Sun: The looting gods/patron saint were with Z. Trash and Treasure yielded shavers**, 2 large sun-awnings never unrolled, a saddle (for R), mixing bowls, pyrex bowl, kitchen scales***. Revolve yielded banner poles, a chuffer door, wooden bowls, bits for a lantern and wooden dippers. AuzJunk got us 16 good tent pegs, poles and some spare rope.. and some springs which we have no use for, but for $5 for the bag with pegs etc, it was worth it. Then home, lunch, Baronial Monthly thing where a lack of forms meant no authorisation for Z (arranged for later), but did sell 4m wool to T, and 5 m wool to M (to be collected later) and 4 m to ? (already collected). Then we went home and waterproofed a tent****. It has taken over the clothesline, to the detriment of the load of washed sheets that is only now being hung out on racks - I would have washed sheets today... Dinner and talking to N on Skype. Doco on Roman and earlier seige weapons. Failed to finish the 4th cloak (tying knots knots knots knots), but as kept falling asleep in front of TV, not suprising.

Sleep now I think, otherwise the spelling error will get far more atricious...

* Tent waterproofing in case you wish to know.
** Spokeshaves according to the expert who had to correct the spelling twice. That may be a hint.
*** Apparently I missed 2 splitting wedges, a set of wood carving chisels, 8 brass spoons, and a little knife for reforging. And apparently some things were resisted too.
**** This involved spray bottles, a mix that looked a lot like orange juice but really didn't smell like it, and a lot of bending over and rubbing.

### Z would like his recipe recorded for posterity but he can do that in his own journal thank you and besides, at this time of night, you don't want to think what units things will be transformed to...

Really goodnight now.


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