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Warp weighted loom is now re-set up in the upstairs room after Harcourt Park, CF and Taupo. Spent about an hour tying heddle threads so the knot stay at the bar end. Tedious (and my back is a bit grumbly), but is much smoother getting the warp thread apart now each time you move the bar. Hopefully this lack of tangling will reduce the friction and rate of warp thread breakage.

Contemplating getting kittens, but uncertain what sort of toy they would make of a set up warp-weighted loom. Kitten newton's cradle anyone? They could at least be shut out of upstairs if necessary.

Otherwise fairly quiet round here.
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And the finished satchel made from the fabric woven on the warp weighted loom (main body here, and the not quite long enough for both leg bindings here).
Interior here. May line in linen or canvas at some point given how loose the main body weave is.
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So, the bag fabric is off the loom, washed, and drying upstairs.

Took care in taking it off such that I left the heddle threads and a bunch of the warp threads on another bar, so I can continue weaving but with much less extremely tensioned weft. That way I can experiment with the weft tensioning and try and do a bit better.

Bag fabric seems to have washed up ok and softened up nicely. Still not certain how to finish the end bits. Can only fringe so much.

In the mean time, taking a break from getting the heddle threads to the right height and retying the weights. Only been at it about 2 hours but my back is grumbling at me.
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So, finally finished enough weaving to be able to make the planned shoulder bag. 38 inches plus a bit. At the stage of debating whether to keep going and use up the length of warp threads available or just stop now.

Stand back and look for a while. Poke with using the same thread for the weft as the warp (previously used a much lighter weight wool. Discover very little difference. Hmmmm. Think about it and come to the conclusion that I have been tensioning way too tight on the weft threads and produced a bit too much of a warp faced fabric. Which is at least consistently that way and will go with the previous too-short-to-be leg bindings woven done the same way.

But one of the reasons to get into this weaving business was to try and do some of the cool woven in patterns such as herring-bone twills and diamond twills etc and if I am weaving things too tight, then I am not going to be able to get those right.


So, in the mean time I will take off the current fabric, wash and make a bag with it. Then I will sit down with the rigid heddle I have and try and train myself to do an even-weave tabby. Then get back to the warp weighted loom and try playing again. If that goes ok then the next stage will be attempting multiple heddles on that loom.

We shall see what happens then. But now it is really too late on a weeknight.
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It is that time of year for big camping event summaries.
For those wishing to skim to the piccies, they are on here from the given image onwards.

For anyone one who doesn't care, the rest is going behind the cut.

The gory details )
Now back to the more pressing stuff like work and finding a house and moving. The next 4 weeks may be a bit frantic...
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The not quite so mad project is an Elizabethan blackwork coif. Silk on linen, using the grape and flower and knotwork design from the Jane Bostocke sampler (another sampler image here.

Progress so far and links to finished leg binding weaving (and 3 pictures) )
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Leg binding shrinks to 197 1/2 inches once the weights are off, but folded in half, does appread to wrap around my legs enough to work as leg binding.

Next test: hot wash...

Edit: blackworked chemise progress (after quite a break)
Need 40 inches of neckline blackwork. Current length count is 27 inches (1 piece) and ~2 inches second section. Want to work more on it, but will need to work on in very small doses.

But now I remember the other embroidery hoop... And have a mad desire to poke at this.. and maybe trying the plait stitch again...


Jun. 6th, 2009 03:44 pm
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Pin moved to 140 inches.

Otherwise general domesticity with laundry, bathroom cleaning, sweeping and gardening.
Just waiting for the southerly to arrive though.

Edit: And as of 4:10pm, you can see the dark clouds to the south. Time to bring in the laundry.
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Pin moved 10 inches to 130 inches.

So is it bad we seem to end up at family reunions at earthquake seminars? With Z starting work soon, I was the only one of the 5 person lineup not to have done or be about to do work involving natural (geological) hazards. Mind you I am dealing with some of the man-made ones... And we went to One Red Dog after for belated dinner and drinks.

Waiting for the water in the kettle on the woodburner to boil for hot water bottle filling...
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Leg binding length (pin mark) advanced to 120 inches. Which is just over 3m :) Fingers crossed I might get two leg bindings out (one for each leg...)
Still have some wool to go on the warp threads though, so will keep going. Will be interesting to see the amount of shrinkage upon washing.
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Leg-binding length at 103 inches now :) Pin moved to 100 inches.
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Leg binding length at 45 1/2 inches, pin marker moved to 40 inches.

Edit: Length at 10:30pm 51 inches.
There was a bit of time taken for dishes and doing the wind up at the top and adjust the heights of the weights at the bottom. Getting a lot of trouble from twisted up threads - really slows down and catches the heddle threads when moving the heddle down. Not certain if this is due to the threads being tied in pair and producing a 2-1 twill.
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A rather long weekend as it started on Thurs for:

Medieval Living History New Zealand March Camp 2009

Cut for length cause I tend to do that... )

Now there are chests littering the landscape (well, dining room and lounge, with some unpacked) and there might even be a warp weighted loom set up in the corner of the lounge...

About 28 inches done so far :)


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