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Saved from having to water many plants by the heavy rain. Unfortunately this includes just shifting a few of them around under the drips in the conservatory.

Rain gauge appears to read about 10mm (it was at 2mm round 1pm). I could get a more accurate reading, but that would involve going out in the rain... Will need to at some point this evening, otherwise I suspect it may overflow in the night. Maybe if I wait long enough, I can get Z to do it... though probably not.
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Eight + years at University, 2 degrees and I couldn't get one lousy HDD recorder to record Rome... After (finding the remote from under the sofa cushion it had fallen,) setting the clock (~10min), and setting the timer (~5min) and not having it start (2min) and getting it to record manually and discovering the drive was full... shoved a video in the recorder below and am taping it that way.

But at least Mum is currently getting her program recorded for her :) Wonder if the heavy rain has started on the West Coast yet?

I was going to post what I was up to over the New Years break. I'll do it tomorrow or Tues when bored and twiddling thumbs.

The weekend summary

Fri: Dropped Mum and Dad off at the airport, then went and accosted R&A for the evening. Some roleplaying - more of the 19th C than scholar came through I think. Brain not very imaginative.

Sat: Very nice mexican food and blueberry picking (will be riper later in the season) with [ profile] alpha_angel, E (?), S, S&T. Then down (way way way down) to the botanical gardens to meet up with other people (R&A, S&J, A, M) and see a few sites. Then loitering in cars and a nap before te games evening at R&A for A's birthday (more people, too many letters). Munchkin'ed and watched the Banana Republic backstabbing its way along. Much bad accents.

Sun: Slept in. Laundry, room tidying, and the joys of checking out the rental and real estate markets online. Some sulking and whimpering and muttering... followed by calming down and general blobbing. Dinner, dishes, back of the envelope calculations (well, ok, so I cheated and used a spreadsheet) and house discussion.

Tomorrow and Tues Z gets to head into work, then Weds we both get to. I should get organised and phone some people before then.

Nice rain on the roof noises just in time to head off to bed. Pity that it comes with heavy rain warnings for the Tararuas (just to the north)

THE TARARUA RANGES AND MOUNT TARANAKI In the 30 hours from about midday Monday to 6pm Tuesday, expect 150 to 200mm of rain on higher slopes, with 80 to 140mm likely about lower slopes. Heaviest falls after 9pm Monday, when intensities could reach 20 to 30mm per hour about higher slopes.

(From the MetService severe weather warnings as of 11:35pm 6.1.2008)

Now for reference, the West Coast south of Otira has rain warnings for "200 to 300mm of rain about the ranges, with 50 to 80mm likely nearer the coast. Intensities could reach up to 40mm per hour about the ranges, especially in any thunderstorms. " in the next 18 hours.

Adelaide's annual mean rainfall is 550mm, Canberra 620mm.


Apr. 27th, 2007 08:42 am
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35.8mm since 9am yesterday from the local weather station. Definite rain round 7am - 6mm in half an hour from the website. Rest appeared to just be steady rain of about a mm per hour for most of the day.
Z back from the field due to gravel (and dirt) roads being too dangerous to drive on in the wet. No good being in the field if you can't reach your field area safely. Not to mention the fact that driving over the dirt tracks in the wet buggers them completely and farmers get miffed and charge lots for replacement.

Wonder if the rain has gone for the morning yet? Walking to the library was on the cards, but given it doesn't open til 10am, not exactly in a hurry.
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It is Thursday and all wet out. In NZ this wouldn't be suprising, but over here there is still a great deal of novelty in rain which has actually carried on continuously, only varying in density since about 5:30am*. I may grab an umbrella or rain coat when heading out for dinner and DVD hunting.

Maybe Z is a rain god - his field area hadn't seen rain in at least 15 year prior to him turning up and it looks like rain twice in the time he has been there. Good for the farmers from a "lets farm the land" point of view (though it could just be seen as raising false hopes), but bad from the "roads just wash away if you sprinkle water on them, let alone have sustained rainfall" point of view. Soggy lizards.

Looks like my parents should be entering the 21st century shortly**. Skype looks like a go, dunno about Firefox...

*Yes, unfortunately I do know it started round 5:30am as Z had to get up at that point to head into work and into the field. This combined wonderfully with a warm night of not sleeping well. Sensible sleeping patterns HA!

** Yes, my parents are fairly computer literate - they have been using computers as research tools since they were at Uni. And will use the WWW happily - found [ profile] slothphil's photo pages years ago and may or may not check LJ... Just previously hampered by home dialup. Still trying to convert them away from heavy Microsloth reliance though.
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Gosh, that went...
Car wouldn't start so ended up getting a taxi over to the Uni. I was running early and they were running early so interview was early. Interview went mediocrely. Okish but not great and I did not explain velocity well and am really missing the teachign experience they were looking for. There are apparently 4 candidates including myself for 2 positions so in theory the odds are 50%, but I would give myself about 25%. Should hear back next week.
Found way to bus stop and caught bus ok, but stuck on it too long (I should have gotten off earlier rather than staying on to the mall) so I spent 30 min in a bus shelter in the rain (having missed the previous one by about half a minute) and the entire journey took around 2 hours when it should be doable in 1 - 1 1/2 hours. Got a scenic tour... in the rain.
And just now overcooked lunch.
I think I will just sit in a corner with a good book, watch the rain come down and ignore this morning. I am not taking responisibility for anything for the rest of the day as the universe and I appear not to be on speaking terms at present.

Nice soaking rain though.
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Mmmmmm, rain on roof noises... and for the second day in a row. Yes, I know, not exactly a novelty for NZ but here...
Would be good to fall asleep to. Pity at work and have to work. Gotten heavier in the last minute too.

Last nights Film Club movie was Lord of War which was very well done and I thoroughly reccommend. Good use of music for a film all about the arms trade and gun trafficking. Not exactly one for inspiring confidence in the joys of humanity - you do come out quite cynical, but definitely worth it. The scary bit is just how plausible it was. Interesting to see how opinions (and here) were divided on it.


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