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Finally managed swimming again... just not that much.
First Z managed to leave his togs at home (I wondered why he took so long to get changed...), then I got cramps in my upper right calf on length 11.

But still managed to go swimming.
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There were some internet issues (Thurs Fri)*, so didn't record the 24 lengths swum on Thurs evening. (Tues evening having been Z too tired to drive to pool evening)

Add another 24 lengths today. May stay at 24 lengths for a little while, but focus on getting better on the actual swimming, such as trying to make my legs move more smoothly and efficiently and do the strokes properly. Current pattern is 2 lengths overarm, 1 breaststroke and 1 kicking on back. Units of 4 definitely useful.

Yesterday - up, Trash Palace (weekly weekend pigrimage - 1 wooden plate and a replacement mug for the one I broke at work on Fri), ferried feast prep stuff for S( and to reduce the amount [ profile] dragonermine had to take. Much stairs. Hit 70% off underwear sale (yay $40 for 4 items which would normally average $30 each), while Z hit a garage sale (he spent less but got more - scanner, ironing board, couple cooing pots etc). Home, lunch, blink blink, blob and do laundry, then back to feast site for setup etc (most of which had been done by the time we got there). Feast with much food and laughing. The newcomers seemed to have a great deal of fun, especially with the dancing and silly games. Packup including tetris with feast stuff and people, more stairs, and finally home a little after midnight. Slept solidly.

Today is get house ready for rental inspect some time in the next few days (Z needs to confirm). So time for lunch, wash hair and then cleaning. Must find spots to put the stuff in boxes...

* I fixed it eventually, but it was kind of my fault in the first place (changed password in one location and there were flow on effects). Was fine once I found and followed the initial instructions, but it took a while to find them - who would have though I would file them somewhere sensible like in the kitchen drawer with all the other manuals... Need filing cabinet.

Edit: Now if we can just stop Z getting ear infections... Second one after swimming...


Mar. 30th, 2008 12:39 pm
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Swimming: 24 lengths (~600m assuming a 25m pool). Definite improvement on the 16 lengths of the last 2 times. Need some sort of braclet signaller that pings a reciever in your bag and uses your proximity to the receiver to keep track of lengths. Or I could just get better at counting lengths.

So, the plan is definitely for swimming Tues and Thurs evenings after 7:30pm (though not too far after given the pool shuts at 9pm) and Sun morning after 10:30am. Which with 10 swim cards on each ($4 per swim weekend (less if you buy more at once) and $3 per swim weeknights (appart from school holidays)), should work out at about $10 per week. I'd be curious to know how that compares to most gym memberships.

No battle today (rain), battle next Sun. Time to finish the Rabid Weasel tabards then. Though Z stayed behind and worked on the Rabid Weasel shields.


Mar. 16th, 2008 01:12 pm
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Yay swimming :)
Just got back from the Porirua pool(check under Trust Porirua Aquatic Center). Was worth it and we definitely want to get back in the habit. The verdict is that Sun mornings are a good time, because the fact half of Tawa/Porirua is at church does actually make a dent in the number of people at the pool. They also have a good setup whereby most of the kids are busy in the wave pool etc and you are free to swim lanes in the lane pool in peace. And spa, sauna, steam room and hydroslide are included in the entry price.

Speaking of which, prices are:
$4.50 per adult, going down to $40 for 10 trips, $76 for 20 or $185 for 50.
Bonus of discount rate $3.50 for adults when going 8am - 2pm or 7:30 - 9pm weeknight (excluding weekends, school and public holidays) and $30 for 10 off peak trips.

Hours are:
Mon - Fri 6am - 9pm, Weekends 8am - 7pm, public holidays 8am - 7pm.

So, anyone interested in Tues and/or Thurs evening and/or Sun morning swimming?

Feel free to poke if I don't post on swimming once a week.

Distance: 400m (16 lengths).
Aim, to improve by 2-4 lengths each time for a while. K is happily doing 1-2km each time, but she has been swimming 4 times a week for the past few months.
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So yesterday was spent doing laundry, dishes and not much of anything. Definite Post Festival Blahs...
Today so far has been better. After most confortable loitering on a beanbag in a nice warm patch of sunlight with a good book* and a tuna sandwich, got off arse and went swimming at the local Aquatic Center. Closest to the Centenial and QEII setups I have seen with lap pool, leasure pools, spa, steam room and sauna all in the 1 entry price. $5.90 for single, but plan to get 30 trip multi ticket ($4.50 per trip but must be used in 6 months and can be shared between people), which will cut costs. Did 6 laps and was buggered - can tell haven't been swimming regular for about 3 1/2 years... Time to get back to it.
Currently playing with old and new photos and making LJ icons - you can spot one of the new ones. I will probably save it for my ranting/pissed off at things posts later, but for now, it is not often you get to see pieces of (your) PhD thesis blown out of a cannon. Also made some icons out of the glass blowing and forge play which I didn't have space for but may inflict on [ profile] basal_surge.
But henna mix may now be ready for hot water and gelatine. Gooping time.

*Ash (Book 1) by Mary Gentle. I got part way in, foolishly reccomended it to Z and now we are having battles over who gets to read bits next.


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