Jan. 26th, 2009 10:43 pm
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Finished the main machining on the big Viking tent fly. There are 4 little seams which would be improved by sewing, but are survivable if not (they still aren't finished on the big Viking tent...). What is left is 8 kick-arse eyelets of doom (needing harpoon needles and hands of steel), 2 top ties, and splicing the ropes onto the 8 eyelets of doom (which I can help with later).

But the big machining is done and the rest is worst case hand sewing that can be done at the event.

Last 3 wax tablets have been carved out. This gives me 12 tablet blanks or 6 pairs. Given there were requests for 2, I may want to cut up some more and continue carving tomorrow night and bring spare wood with me to CF. But that can also be worked on at the event (suspect most of the wax casting etc will be anyway...).

And cause everyone wants cool distractions while trying to work on CF stuff or when needing to work on anything else for that matter, check out this blog, as she posts and links to some very cool odd medieval stuff, including period manuscript info on faking jewels (including down the base "To make a window of goat-skin parchment which will appear to be real glass.") and a link to a sundial spoon.
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4 tabs now attached (so that should we be mad enough in future, we can do lots and lots of eyelets and attach doors...)

Pinning the rope reinforcing in - half way down one side, but paused to let Z finish spicing on the rope. Besides, run out of pins and my fingers need to recover a little.

Edit: Found more and now one side is roped and pinned. Next, long seams...

The annoying bit is not being able to pin the lot up and then just sew all the way around - rolling so it is more easily fed through the machine means we have to stop and re roll things...

Edit 2: (10:20pm) The advantages of local cricket grounds. 2 side seams rope reinforced, pinned and sewn, with one more pinned and ready to go once we reroll. Was a really nice sunset too. Then there is just the sort bottom one which will need a splice and all the machine sewing will be done :) We wont mention the issue that we measures it and it is 4.5m wide and the central ridge pole at the top is 4.4m wide... There are ways...
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Bah, humbug staplers...
One broken, next one purchased and a bit iffy. Not looking forward to working out how we do the next round of seams which will have 5 layers of fabric that need to be fastened...

Edit: make that rather buggered. Packaging says 30 pages, was failing on less than half that of newspaper. Arsery and ~4+ hours down the drain :(
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1 seam done. Now we have a ~3.6 m x 8.1 m long piece to attach to a 8.1 m x 1.8 m.

Plans for next time/seam include:
Fold out, rolling pin flatten, then do the fold over and tape and rolling pin again*.
A trolley may help**.
Ditto ramps**.

It should be noted that we do occasional learn from experience... but possibly at a slower rate than goldfish...

Time to get back to taping.

Edit: end of the evening and one length is sewn. Next untaping, unstapling, flattening and rolling pinning etc. But before then, SLEEEEEEP....

* Plausible
** Wistful thinking given the time frames involved, but maybe for the next tent. Z thinks we may have it perfected in about 30 years...
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Ah, the joys of unpicking tent seams... 1st seam started too. Oh well.

Edit: and after carefully cleaning out the gunk from the walking foot, Z is braindead and not up to attempting the seam again. It is 9:50pm... I could work on wax tablet carving instead...


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