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Stuff arrived (Edit: 3:45pm, apparently they were initially waited for the right sort of truck, but after being phoned and pestered just used a usual one.), time to start shifting things. Will report later.

The wind would pick up now...

Edit: 71 items all arrived. I wont say safely as 7 chests were damaged - 1 tool box crushed (it was an old tool box), leg lost off one of the carved chests (not well attached in the first place) and 5 had middle to severe end damage. The first two were kind of understandable - annoying, but understandable. The others are the sort of thing you could only manage by shoving half onto a pallet and then using oxen to pull in the opposite direction. Not impressed but unsure whether it is worth chasing up with insurance - $500 excess mutter mutter mutter. But the contents appear to have made it safely and undamaged, which is a step up from the last trans-Tasman move. And the canvas was fine.

Oh and Z bought a car (of his prefered model and general vintage). Now he just needed to go and get it from Auckland...

So, we have stuff, but can't really unpack... though there will need to be a small explosion of stuff before NAAMA.
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Lets see:
Got around to membership in MLHNZ and SCANZ and posted forms for NAAMA 07 rego.
Walked down the hill and established that it is doable in about 45 min or less and the road is a little narrow and hair-raising in places, so not the most relaxing. But still easily doable on a regular basis.
Found the downtown Borders and established that other locally operated bookshops (eg Arty Bees) seem to have as good, if not a better selection and we would prefer to support them thank you.
Had Hell pizza :) Now we will be having it a little more often may actually work our way through and sample the menu rather than just going straight for our favourites.
Managed to navigate the bus system safely and in the dark and made it to A&S not too late. Forms were filled out, money changed hands and stamps were licked and stuck. There was also some making of rushlights by Z.
Made the station fine and safely and our correct stop fine but there were phone issues at the base of the hill - first it thought things were engaged (they weren't), then it would ring twice then cut off (confusing the people on the other end no end), then it said that number didn't exist (bollocks), then it finally said "out of credit" (possibly the truth now). Luckily I remembered the local card pay phone and discovered its reverse charging abilities and all was solved without a 45 min+ walk up a narrow winding road in the dark in black jackets.
Tomorrow (or Fri) we will pester local telecommunication companies and set things up.
There was also sleet in the rain at various points (luckily not while walking). Brisk southerly with icy rain meaning real cold weather. Good thing we brought the big heavy jackets.

Yesterday was more lazy (mmm rain on roof), though sewing progress was made. There had been a minor contest between me and Z as to who would finish the sewing on their Viking jacket first -I won :) (though only because I settled in with Persuasion and Z was distracted by internet... and he had cuff left to hem). Both of us have fastening issues, though mine can be pinned with something in the interrum until I find (or Z makes) the right three armed broach or bar broach, whereas Z is looking for more interesting buttons. Don't you hate it when you know exactly which reference you want to check and which box it is in ... and it will get into Auckland sometime in the next few days and to you a little while after...

My watch may or may not be behaving eccentrically or I may just be setting it wrong. Have to check that. Suspect the best method may be just to set it to Train time (Canberra Bus time ie about 5 min ahead, seemed to work well previously).

Time for sleeeeeep I think.
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So, now we are down to the packing of what can be brought on the plane.
Hmmm, checked on baggage is currently at approximately 30 kg each and the allowance is 20kg each. Excess baggage rates appear to be at $10 per kg over. It is not that things don't fit in the packs - there is dangerously still space (ignoring the bows), just the mass...
Oh well. Check in early and plead and grovel I suspect.

Edit: can get the bows on as sporting equipment (10kg allowance free there). Unfortunately not transferable/poolable.

Found the roadkill count (we managed not to hit any)

15 kangaroos
22 galas
3 rabbits
4 cockatoos
16 furry splats
21 black feathery splats
1 echidna

Yesterday was nice and sunny and so we wandered down the beach, up a street, down to the bank and only into 2 bookshops. Then back down the street and along the beach. The evening was spent at the Stormhold fighters practice and A&S evening discussing stuff*. Getting there was fun and done with the aid of wireless broadband, and google maps, a laptop and a little swearing. We realised when almost there that the battery was half flat, we had forgot to bring the normal plug and we still needed to get back. Luckily we remembered the route with only 1 backtrack and made it safely back to crash space.

Today it is cloudy and and occasionally drizzly and somewhat more panicky with respect to packing. Suspect we will post things and have a nice lunch and then head to the airport to loiter.

* Such stuff as what stuff you find in roof spaces and under houses, what stuff we expect to see cluttering houses, what stuff people hide in houses etc. And other stuff.
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Catalogued and boxed book count at 666.

If we didn't have 10 more books (+ dictionaries) to go it could be the library of the beast...

22 boxes/chests and counting. Clothing (medieval and mundane), fabric and books done. Academic papers and notes (geological, astronomical and medieval) in progress.

Hopefully 9-10 cubic meters (4-5 pallets??).

Garage sale was sporadic but got rid of some stuff. No sale on the good table and bedside cabinet though. Aiming for ~$80 each on those, but may end up having to take what we can get. Other stuff will be readvertised for an hour or two tomorrow morning, then left in a box by the side of the road with a "Free, please take" sign for a couple more hours before Freecycle and other measures are called for.

Garage packing comes tomorrow...

Back to cataloging the next box.


Sep. 7th, 2007 05:11 pm
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Brain is definitely in packing or packed in mode. I don't think I have rolled a sex and gotten possetion of the brain in a while...
There are some typos in that last sentence but it will do for now.

Found the cinnamon lolly stash. Now have to finish up cinnamon menthos, tictacs, altoids and icebreakers... that mainly date from New York airport in 2004. I may have cinnamon fresh breath for the next few days.

Packing and listing. Packing and listing. Probably 2 boxes of books to go. Some clothing and garb and various paper. Then the rest of the stuff*. All needs to be packed, itemised and assigned a box for sending off the customs inventory and shipping paperwork by Mon morning. Then it gets picked up on Weds...

Garage sale tomorrow and anything more on Sun. I would whinge about advertising garage sales around here but the lure of cinnamon lollies is higher.

*Not thinking about the garage, not thinking about the garage...

Also not thinking about cloaks and hoods.

There are a lot of things to not think about.
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Since we sorta got more fabric while back in NZ (oops, we fell into Bedford Row twice - the second time cause they were willing to offer us the $4 per m sale deal a little early), the fabric list has needed updating. It says something when a spreadsheet is needed/useful. Updated LJ link is here and both the fabric list entries are now under the memories (which probably noone but me and [ profile] basal_surge cares about). And for my reference, the spreadsheet is filed under medievalstuff.

But it does mean that after updating for usage and sale, the fabric collection is up to:
66.6m wool
29.55m silk*
27.3m linen*
18m cotton
+ other stuff
= 148.35m total (excluding the ~6m of wool on the bed... and the canvas bits which fill a large moving box)
* ~6m Silk warp, linen weft is classed under silk but could go under either.

4 chests of fabric + boxes of scraps and bits and odds and sods.

I should point put that we did get rid of about 10m of cotton drill and other stuff last night.

Hoard, what hoard... Behind the garage is starting to fill up and we haven't even started putting books down there.


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