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Yay to the LJ feed of Loose Threads: Yet Another Costuming Blog by Cathy Raymond who posts cool stuff about Viking clothing amongst other things. I had been following sporadically when I remembered, and I know several people reading follow her already, but yay for feeds...

Amongst the cool stuff she has linked to:
Shelagh Lewin's Reconstructed Viking Woman's Outfit based on the Kostrup find (apologies to the scandanavians whimpering over the lack of proper lettering there...).
Hilde Thunem's Viking women: Underdress
Hilde Thunem's Viking women: Aprondress (in progress). Yay to archeological focuses in both of these.

Enough viking clothing links for now...
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A glorious database of Kentish Anglo-Saxon Graves and Grave Goods where someone has put a large database of grave by grave finds and descriptions online from the antiquarian reports. And some of them even include some fabric details (what little they were reporting in the 19th century and earlier) eg Sarre Grave 4 with gold 'braid'. Plenty of jewelery too (with scale markers!!), including beads.

Accept terms and conditions* >> digital corpus >> Site Index, and then start poking seemed to be one way in. Some graves have far more stuff than others.

Found linked off The Sutton Hoo Society link collection which looks to have all sorts of fun (archeological) stuff.

I should stop link chasing for the evening before I turn into a pumpkin at midnight.

* Can't seem to do direct links due to the way that works, but it is a site worth fossicking though in any case and they give a citation reference at the base of each page eg 'Sarre Grave 4', Novum Inventorium Sepulchrale: Kentish Anglo-Saxon Graves and Grave Goods in the Sonia Hawkes Archive, July 2007, 1st Edition,, Accessed: 05 July 2010, so should be able to keep track of things that way.
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York Archeological Trust publications:
AY 17/12 - Craft, Industry and Everyday Life: Bone, Antler, Ivory and Horn from Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval
A. MacGregor, A.J. Mainman and N.S.H. Rogers (1999) (have this one - very nice)

AY 17/13 - Craft, Industry and Everyday Life: Wood and Woodworking in Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval York
Carole A. Morris
unclear if available )
AY 17/14 - Craft, Industry and Everyday Life: Finds from Anglo-Scandinavian York
A.J. Mainman and N.S.H. Rogers
out of print )
AY 17/16 - Leather and Leatherworking in Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval York
Quita Mould, Ian Carlisle and Esther Cameron
available )
Aspects of Anglo-Scandinavian York
R.A. Hall et al.
available )
The Anglo-Scandinavian Pottery from 16-22 Coppergate
A.J. Mainman (1990)
out of print )
Textiles, Cordage and Raw Fibre from 16-22 Coppergate
Penelope Walton (1989)
out of print )
Anglo-Scandinavian Ironwork from 16-22 Coppergate
Patrick Ottaway (1992)
out of print )
Non-ferrous Metalworking from 16-22 Coppergate
Justine Bayley (1992)
out of print )
Textile Production at 16-22 Coppergate
Penelope Walton Rogers (1997)
out of print )
I have focussed on the Anglo-Scandinavian stuff - there is a whole lot more there...
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Shire Books, more specifically, their Archeology section. Already have Siege Mines and Underground Warfare, Roman Crafts and Industries and Textiles in Archeology.
Ones to look out for:
Viking Age Archaeology in Britain and Ireland by Richard Hall (Shire Book apparently out of print)
The Archaeology of Rabbit Warrens (Shire books - apparently they get confused with Roman or prehistoric stuff...)
Ancient Boats and Ships by Seán McGrail (Shire Books - NW European boats up to 1500)
Roman Artillery by Alan Wilkins (Shire books)

Other books to keep an eye out for (some from recommendation on the bone, antler and horn discussion list) are:

Mastermyr books ($18 plus postage from Norm Larson books)
Viking Artefacts: A select Catalogue (apparently out of print and rare - 800 copies world wide)
Sutton Hoo Ship Burial: Arms, Armour and Regalia (also very rare)
Die Lederfunde von Haithabu (Haithabu 21: the Leather Finds from Viking Hedeby)
Pfeil und Bogen zur Merowingerzeit. Eine Quellenkunde und Rekonstruktion des frühmittelalterlichen Bogenschießens. (Gebundene Ausgabe) von Holger Riesch (Merovingean archery...)
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Canterbury Archeological trust. They have pretty stuff in their galleries an impressive publications collection, and their Annual Reports look good - of the free downloadable bits, as they have a bunch of the more recent ones downloadable.
NB the link that got me there was from the Horn, Bone and Antler list (yahoo) and was an image of a carved bone handled Viking era craft knife.
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A while back I linked to an archeological for sale site with really cool finds. Of course it was bookmarked at work, not home, and I can't quite be arsed digging out the harddrive to find it. But while searching LJ entries for it, I did find the Council for British Archeology publications list which includes a large collection of online issues (linked to but not explored back here).
So far fun stuff has included:
Anglo-Saxon pottery: a symposium (1959)
Viking Age York and the North (1978) - especially "Industry and commerce in Anglo-Scandinavian York
by Arthur MacGregor(pp 37-57)". Annoying the articles come in small pdf sections so you need to download several for the full article, but worth it.

Their online library catalogue is a good point to start poking...

They also have databases such as:
Excavations at the Viking Barrow Cemetery at Heath Wood, Ingleby, Derbyshire, 1998-2000 J.D. Richards, 2004
with the article available here.
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Cool link on Archaeological Conservation and its Consequences from the National Museum of Denmark. The textile section has some cool stuff, thoguh the effects of some late 19th century preservation/restoration techniques will make you cry...

Brain has snottified... Perfect for minor abundance tweaking and matching... Just as well there are talks for part of this afternoon.


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