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And now I have the camera and have "finished" the moleskin doublet :
Photos here onwards.
And one under here )
Oddly, the left side fits better than the right side. The right side has slight shoulder issues - slightly too tight? so pulls, and bulges slightly between the hooks down the front. I also need to get better at setting the hooks and eyes in so that they don't bulge in between. Have a few more that may close a few gaps.
But for a first (finished successful) attempt at a doublet, fairly happy :)
Next step, fix the slight issues and repeat in black velvet.
May couch some contrasting cord on this one for general wear though.

Viking beanie photos are here onwards.
And one under here )
Sorry, not wearing it - wouldn't have gone with the doublet...

Think that is the photo spam quotient for the evening.
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Correction: It takes ~1 hour 20 mins to do one of the knotwork squares. Want a very fine sharp needle to split the threads for a smoother finish. 7 squares to go.

Both sleeves are now attached in the moleskin doublet. Ironed down and are continuing on flatfelling seams and edges. Would put it on and preen in front of the mirror (come one, you know you do too :) ), but there are a lot of pins in there. Still debating over lining and need to find the hooks and eyes.

As may be noted by the posting time, sleeping schedule a little out of whack. Must try and be less nocturnal...
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All quiet. All quiet probably for the next 2 days, then busy for 2 then quiet for 3 or more.
Poke me for conversation please.
Anything you ever wanted to know? I can probably waffle a bit... :)

Otherwise I'll get a crick in my neck from hunching over sewing. But it is sewing that looks good. All late periodish for a change too. Blue moleskin doublet is looking good, with one sleeve on and the seams mostly flat felled down on that.

Doing the 4 layers round the shoulders - shoulder tab plus sleeve plus body added up, was entertaining, so dug out another old project. Hence there are now 1 1/2 more squares done on the blackworked chess board for Z - the one started in 2001 (Small celtic knots in no way shape or form documentable to any period context, but it does look pretty). Only 8 squares to go and it is probably only an hour per square when you get into a nice flow. Had forgotten how well that worked. May be able to actually get that done for the 7 year anniversary (rather than the 1st...). Unfortunately the fabric ground has gotten stained at some stage, so will need to wash that. It has 2 other started pieces of embroidery on - a basic outline which was going to be a case for sunglasses, but which I may just finish round and hem as a hankerchief, and a flower shaped infill slip for which the plant is too large (~20cm, when the Elizabethan original is ~10cm) but the infill patterns (from various period sources) are too small/fine, so it scales wrong. That and the pen marking the pattern has faded so I no longer know the outline. But it still looks cool enough to finish, so will wash that, redo the outline and continue filling at some stage. That one was started 2003 (I remember working on it at the pulsating star conference following my thesis submission). No idea about the glasses case. It is a nice fine even-weave linen piece but the sewing threads used were whatever black polycotton I had on hand, whereas I would use a black silk now.

I'd inflict photos but Z has run off with the camera and it would be nicer to show finished pieces.

The main other activity currently is maths revisions since my math brain muscles haven't exactly been well exercised recently. Grabbed the 1st year Calculus text and am slowly working my way through. Spot the fact my background is physics, rather than maths - my brain will clunk over the raw number problems and slowly get things, but is very happy once given a physical context, especially wrt functions and such calculations. Chapter 1 was last week and onto chapter 2 this week. Current working music is LOTR - The Two Towers sound track as ~75 min worth of music works well as background and timer for working through problems. Will be more fun when I want to revise the 200 and 300 level stuff (maths and atmospheric physics) - may need to do some surfing of online Uni notes and courses.

So, do you reckon you could sit down and pass the last maths exam you sat? Tomorrow? I certainly couldn't.
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So, Queen's birthday weekend (gosh she has a lot of birthdays) and what did we do?

Sat: Afternoon, I got cantakerous over a doublet, Z continued on bellows. Solution: relax... Hot bubble bath, oxytocin, comfortable bubble bath continued, blob in front of extended edition Return of the King (which Z hadn't gotten round to seeing previously). Much better.

Sun: Took LJ advice (thanks guys) and while didn't have the period patterning books, checked the sleeve patterns for the other 2 Sture doublets (the murdered sons Nils and Erik) (PoF) and decided part of the wierd shapes and piecing of the Svante one was trying to make the most of fabric and having to extend things when he gained weight. Therefore could use a more straight forward sleeve shape from the other doublets. Used preexisting bodyblock, adjusted the sleeve and made a mockup in white cotton. Body fit well :) Sleeves - decided to attach them to the body first, then sew up the sides - this may be blindingly obvious to some or just wrong. Last time I did things the other way around and got grumpy when the sleeves wouldn't fit. Doh. Much easier this time. Can move arms. Converted mock up pieces into pattern pieces - with explicit labeling like piece name, inside/outside and no seam allowance. Giggled at how different looking the sleeves are off, though they both work well on and don't appear to sit differently. During this time Z worked on bellows during the day and his Viking collared jacket in the evening. Various caftan discussions.

Mon: Z debated going into work, but decided to play setting up forge instead. So, now there is a functioning forge in the back yard under cover between the house and the garage. He has photos. And is currently working out the improvements needed. I dug out the blue moleskin (old Puriri St flatmates may remember the free moleskin) cause I wanted to really make sure that the doublet pattern was ok and mucking up with the nice shiny velvet and silk would just be bad ok. So, part way into making a dark blue moleskin doublet. Debating over whether to line it or further decorate it. Does this count as a new project? Still working out how to avoid pluderhosen. Any of those out there who Bob, have any recommendations?
There were also the mundane things of laundry and backing up the laptop to separate hard drive (last done just before Festival...yes, naughty, probably not frequent enough.)

Dinner and an evening of sewing still to go.


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