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The random DVD assortment of movies for the week was:

Hellboy - usual special effects etc.

The Brothers Grimm - the usual special effects combined with Terry Gilliam insanity. "Twelve Monkeys" worked better. Though the cinematography was good.

River Queen. The best of the lot. NZ film set in the Maori Wars done by Vincent Ward. Gorgeously filmed. Very good sets and costume* - play spot the Goldie painting outfit you recognised, great scenery. Bit let down by the script, so you ended up not really caring about the main people.

*Appart from the female lead who was dressed from here, there and everywhere. The one shot where she looked right, was standing in a hut in full white (Simplicity 69??) chemise, corset and pants of the right era (US Civil war being the same decade as the Maori Wars at least). Bingo, then she goes and pulls on something that appears to be 1880s(?) natural form in one piece. Slim and white drapy and WRONG looking. The only possible excuse seems to be a directorial decision for that look, because the proper crinoline and petticoats would have obscured her face in the "intimate interlude" up against the tree several shots later. Why there weren't bright green moss stains down her back as opposed to just the dramatically dischevaled hair...

But overall worth seeing, if only for the fact that they were very good at getting the other historical details right. Not often that Z is complementing them on the munitions and battle tactics shown.

Other amusements/procrastinatory devices:
For those who remember the digitanks, the next step up - Jousting knights.
Want to classify galaxies in your spare time? - Sloan Digital Sky Survey Needs YOU!. Galaxy Zoo definitely looks to be an interesting project. How good are your fuzzy blob identification skills?
Edit: 10 min later and I am in and identifying. The tutorial is straight forward and the test to see if you can identify to a reasonable standard was easy to follow, though I was miffed that you just got a pass/fail, as opposed to how many you got. Will be fun to see what sort of results they get once the statistics section is up and running. Will be interesting to see whether or not people agree on particular classifications.

And it is nice to look at stars again, even if it is just is the large quantity blobs. And some of the spiral galaxies are very cool.

But give Mum and Dad turn up tomorrow, I should possibly get back to tidying...
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Have the right needles now (it is like the right trousers only better) - thank you very much [ profile] evildrakey.
Also have the dishes done.

So, the glories of groceries, dvd return and rental, and then back for a session of tent doors. I'd get back to the more fun bliaut, but I can't find the rest of the instructions for attaching the skirt to the torso - straight or curved seam? Also I am looking at the sleeves and thinking that embroidery round the elbows to cover up the seam there would be good (running short on thread for the full sleeve length and that can be done at a later date) and can't do the sides til that is done and attached. The trousers just need the belt loops attached, so may be saved for an hour or two when I really need a sense of achievement at the end.

So, I procrastinate the trousers with the bliaut, the bliaut with the tent doors, the tent doors with the shopping and don't think about the veil that should go with the bliaut and the silk which might work for it or the better fitting oilskin hood. All of which is avoiding that spreadsheet of RV Tauri data that should really be compiled and sent off some point vaguely soon but foolishly doesn't have a deadline. At least I can no longer put off the dishes.

I should be fine as long as I don't run out of things to procrastinate from...

NB The babbling rate may be up a bit due to various family and siblings not being online to pester.
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Sound familiar?
Sounds plausible...
And speaking of sounds, what is most likely to cause a radio to skip stations or at least end up with a bunch of radio stations migrating in and out? Dial, rather than digital. Would like to know if it is location specific (the kitchen) or radio specific. Clock radio in the bedroom doesn't have this issue.
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Procrastinating packing by doing tax return.
Procrastinating tax return by cataloging books (final count 679 books, though about 3 or 4 are still on loan to people - 1 to a geologist and 3? to a Danish astronomer who is translating Danish stuff on medieval seige weapons and sex).
Packing of books is successfully procrastinated by having run out of the good heavy duty computer boxes. You know you may be going too far when you start mapping where on campus the departments with the good computer boxes and easily accessable cardboard recycling are: Earth Science and Physics Research Schools were good.

Back to needing something to procrastinate the tax returns with... Possibly packing papers from under a bookcase...

And a reminder for those who didn't see [ profile] basal_surge's post re going away BBQ etc.
Going away BBQ and party on Sat 19 August, at our place. BBQ being fired up from 4pm and we will endeavour to provide lots of heat sources. Please bring a plate (or bowl) of salad, desert type stuff or whatever, and we will supply BBQables.

Leaving Canberra Mon 21 Aug (Z's birthday...), destination: currently Brisbaneish.
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I am carefully avoiding plotting up a spectral line of pure gaussian shape with depth 1 and FWHM of 3 angstroms (or wavenumbers - I realy need to check), especially since I then need to convolve it with the calculated spectum to calculate what the spectrum looks like after it has gone through a spectrograph. Yes, I know it is evil of me but you would be avoiding it too - I think I need to delve into dark corners of thesis notes...

Quiet weekend in which we cleared the sewing room a little and started on the list of "things what need to be gotten rid of, preferably with other people giving us cash for them". Then there were binges of sitting in a patch of sunlight reading "All Creatures Great and Small" and a candle lit bath.

There was an attempt to set up one of the computers we have as a pure games machine on Sat evening. Unfortunately the process of (re)installing win98 and transfering over the right drivers (and not getting all of them) meant no games were actually playable that evening. Z reckons I should play car racing games to improve reaction times. I just want to play Tetris... I still think projects, a good book or TV will win out over the computer games though.

Somewhat ironic watching the dramatic version of the 1999 East Timor elections and aftermath (Answered by Fire) and then seeing the news on what is going on in Dili at present... Indonesia really isn't doing well - tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanos... Not exactly the best location geologically speaking.

Edit: more procrastination - interesting reading at and

Right time to delve... I think I remember which directory I was using it in...


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