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So, now we are down to the packing of what can be brought on the plane.
Hmmm, checked on baggage is currently at approximately 30 kg each and the allowance is 20kg each. Excess baggage rates appear to be at $10 per kg over. It is not that things don't fit in the packs - there is dangerously still space (ignoring the bows), just the mass...
Oh well. Check in early and plead and grovel I suspect.

Edit: can get the bows on as sporting equipment (10kg allowance free there). Unfortunately not transferable/poolable.

Found the roadkill count (we managed not to hit any)

15 kangaroos
22 galas
3 rabbits
4 cockatoos
16 furry splats
21 black feathery splats
1 echidna

Yesterday was nice and sunny and so we wandered down the beach, up a street, down to the bank and only into 2 bookshops. Then back down the street and along the beach. The evening was spent at the Stormhold fighters practice and A&S evening discussing stuff*. Getting there was fun and done with the aid of wireless broadband, and google maps, a laptop and a little swearing. We realised when almost there that the battery was half flat, we had forgot to bring the normal plug and we still needed to get back. Luckily we remembered the route with only 1 backtrack and made it safely back to crash space.

Today it is cloudy and and occasionally drizzly and somewhat more panicky with respect to packing. Suspect we will post things and have a nice lunch and then head to the airport to loiter.

* Such stuff as what stuff you find in roof spaces and under houses, what stuff we expect to see cluttering houses, what stuff people hide in houses etc. And other stuff.
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Z was deified this morning when I emerged from the shower in the hotel and there was milo, muesli and clean clothing. At that stage all I asked was clean clothing, a good nights sleep and to not have to pack or clean anything for 24 hours.*

Lets see...

Sun/Mon: No sleep appart from the 4 hours 10am to 2pm, packing and itemisation.

Tues: Cleaning and sorting. Last post dance (we didn't quite make it to dance) socialising at the cafe with people. Was good. Then up late labelling stuff. 5-6 hours sleep?

Weds: Last of the labelling stuff and starting to shift things out to the garage. Moving people arrived early. Everything loaded in the truck by the time they had been scheduled to arrive. Cleaning and tidying commenced - bastard lourvered windows in the sunroom. Carpet cleaning guy arrived and those 2 rooms were done. Shut door on those and move onto the rest. Dinner with [ profile] anthraxia and [ profile] evildrakey, then back to cleaning. Might actually have managed in bed by midnight.

Thurs: The day of the great clean and tidy, starting approximately 8am. [ profile] anthraxia was an enormous help. Evil cupboards and evil rain turning up just in time for the delivery load. I finished the floors around 7pm? and the car was packed by 8:30pm and we were on the road with a clean and empty vacated residence by 9pm. Dropped by D&B then made it to Murrey Bridge (no room at the inn) and finally Taillem Bend (yay room) 11pm. Very full car. Very very full car... with viking a-frame battering ram on front. Reasonable nights sleep.

Fri: (Today) See the introductory paragraph. Left Taillem Bend ~7:45am, arrived Canberra ~9pm. No incidents of interest along the way, though there was the odd curious sign**.
Still growing the list of where not to eat across the Hay plain, but that may be a bit redundant now. Billy Connelly "Evil Scotsman" was discovered in the mp3 collection. Bets placed on the wonderous loot that will turn up with no space to put it and the inability to trasport it.

*He was undeified by the end of the evening, but that is unsuprising with 2 people alone in a car on a 13 hour road trip... I dare anyone to manage that one...

** Still working out the implications of "Restrict movement. No horses" as a set of sex instructions, but you get that at the end of long trips.

Tomorrow is more running around doing stuff and meeting up with people with a further dose of the same on Sun with possibly more rubbish removal thrown in. Mon/Tues/Wedsish Melbourne and the flight out that evening.

While Z's deification has been revoked, I would recommend the canonisation of [ profile] anthraxia and [ profile] evilfdrakey for their help with things. [ profile] anthraxia for the wonderful job cleaning etc on two occasions and for taking stuff away, and [ profile] evildrakey for putting up with more crap at their place - fingers crossed as much as they like goes at the SCA garage sale on Sat.

Sleep time now (before Z mugs me for the computer)...
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Another late night... (4am may be morning, but I haven't slept yet, so it still isn't tomorrow.

Ran out of tape. Rather too late at night to be hammering on the labels in the garage too.

Discovered a box of books we had forgotten to include in the catelogue etc. Hope it is still early enough to add it. It only has (expensive) geology textbooks.

So, a few hours sleep and then the last taping and much box shifting before 10:30am tomorrow morning, then frantic cleaning of the lounge so the carpet can be steam cleaned 2:30pm onwards and that can then be shut up and not touched for the rest of the time here.

Then more cleaning.

Brain prower may be variable tomorrow.
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It is going to be a late night...

Still packing and itemizing. Forms need to be filled in, (photographed) and emailed off before Mon morning (NZ time I think). It is not tomorrow morning until I have had some sleep...

44, nope, 45 boxes/items and counting...
Edit: 4:25am and 53 boxes. + however many rolls of canvas.

On the positive side, 3 more hoods machined up, meaning the 3 commissioned cloaks are done bar thread finishing and pulling out staples. 2 hoods are machined up and of these, 1 has the seams 1/2 finished. Need to be finished by ~Sat when the new owner of 2 pairs collects. Other set will be delivered some how - posted or whatever. 3 "cognac" cloaks also machined up.

Back to the salt mines. I may be some time.
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Catalogued and boxed book count at 666.

If we didn't have 10 more books (+ dictionaries) to go it could be the library of the beast...

22 boxes/chests and counting. Clothing (medieval and mundane), fabric and books done. Academic papers and notes (geological, astronomical and medieval) in progress.

Hopefully 9-10 cubic meters (4-5 pallets??).

Garage sale was sporadic but got rid of some stuff. No sale on the good table and bedside cabinet though. Aiming for ~$80 each on those, but may end up having to take what we can get. Other stuff will be readvertised for an hour or two tomorrow morning, then left in a box by the side of the road with a "Free, please take" sign for a couple more hours before Freecycle and other measures are called for.

Garage packing comes tomorrow...

Back to cataloging the next box.


Sep. 7th, 2007 05:11 pm
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Brain is definitely in packing or packed in mode. I don't think I have rolled a sex and gotten possetion of the brain in a while...
There are some typos in that last sentence but it will do for now.

Found the cinnamon lolly stash. Now have to finish up cinnamon menthos, tictacs, altoids and icebreakers... that mainly date from New York airport in 2004. I may have cinnamon fresh breath for the next few days.

Packing and listing. Packing and listing. Probably 2 boxes of books to go. Some clothing and garb and various paper. Then the rest of the stuff*. All needs to be packed, itemised and assigned a box for sending off the customs inventory and shipping paperwork by Mon morning. Then it gets picked up on Weds...

Garage sale tomorrow and anything more on Sun. I would whinge about advertising garage sales around here but the lure of cinnamon lollies is higher.

*Not thinking about the garage, not thinking about the garage...

Also not thinking about cloaks and hoods.

There are a lot of things to not think about.
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Sorting though cupboards and digging things out.

Hidden stash of food time...

Hmph. Schoc chocolate doesn't age well, or at least the peppermint definitely whimps out after a while. But since the best before date was Feb 07... Given it was bought when I was last(? or the time before that) in Wellington (2006??). Flavour in the lime chilli lasts longer though its best before date is March 07. Neither has great choc anymore. Oh well. If I leave it by the computer, it will get eaten.

Sifting through clothing as well. To a certain extent, if it didn't get worn since the last move (and isn't good formal/party clothing I haven't had an excuse to wear), it will probably get chucked. This is moderated by temperature considerations as winter here really wasn't up to Canberran (or Chch) standards. There are a bunch of light weight sun dresses which may have less excuses for wear in Wellington, but that Z would be sorry to see go...

Not much clothing of use for job interviews - a general whiffair of absentminded academic/student op-shoppedness has arisen in my general clothing tastes (surprise surprise). May need to fix that in Wellington :(

Yesterday turned out a little more productive than expected as managed to file the two drawers of dread financial paperwork and get the tax returns done and filed. Yay to online systems and fingers crossed to money back in the next few weeks when it would be rather useful. Not certain if Z owes me chocolate or a favour for doing his one...

Is it bad that the clothes sorting (what gets shipped and what travels with us) has consisted of setting apart what will be needed for NAAMA, then the mundane clothes for a week or two... We will probably have 3 tramping packs between us and the usual carry on baggage (which will include the laptop). This ups the awkwardness factor and may take us in overweight, but certain things you just want with you.

Time for lunch, bank, groceries and guess what, more packing ... (until dance practice).


Sep. 3rd, 2007 11:56 am
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If I were supersticious (and could spell it), I would think someone is out to get me given the coincidence of lunar phasing, a potential cold (hello stuffy nose, slight sore throat, headache and general fuzzyness), and the joys of packing. Instead I just put in down to "tough shit".

But in any case:
Last post was a grump on Fri. Since then...
Sat: Chemical blitzkrieg on the weeds in the paving in the garden, both front and back. Fingers crossed, they should be carking it in about a week or so. Evening went to the Ball - nice to catch up with people and relax. We may have startled people by turning up in late period clothing. Nice to dance Ballo del Fiore with Z - for years we have tried to dance it at balls but never quite managed it (as in gotten around to it, as opposed to making it through without mucking up).

Sun: Some actual packing. 5 wooden boxes (4 chests and 1 box) filled with ~240 books so far (recording ISBN numbers for books in each chest for reference as we go). Only about 400 books to go, but the biggest ones (and about 150 paperbacks) are packed, so fingers crossed the rest will pack more densely. Evening spent in good company with very good food - really liked the fish cakes. And while I still vaguely remember, the astronomy talk mentioned is on Weds 5 Sept at 8pm (at Adelaide Uni) on the Lake Acramen (?sp) impact site (yay asteroid(?) go splat) - I posted the link here a while back. And the current icon shown for this post is of the solar spectrum (yay rainbows).

Today: A continuation of the paper culling that has been going on since Fri. The recycle pile is at my knee height, and the keep pile is only slightly higher, so probably a good balance or a least a good volume reduction. Having fun giggling at the doodles in margins when bored during seminars - a lot of knotwork, cartoon snails, penguins and goldfish. But if I can no longer read my own handwriting of the seminar title enough to tell what it was about, it is probably worth ditching it. This has definitely culled down the thesis/astronomy work collection. The garage salable list of general stuff to get rid of is also growing and will be publicised shortly.

However I am still quite brain dead and may just go for some clothing repairs and hood seam finishing.


Aug. 20th, 2006 08:36 pm
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It's that tearing out little root time... And will probably need to do it again in 2-3-4 years...

Also, you watch the house becoming less and less your space. The lack of books around just feels WRONG.

Anyway, the weekend...
Sat: pack, clean, tidy, frantic, AAF potluck picnic - an hour of food and relaxing on a cloak in a patch of sunlight, talking to people. Then back to frantic - shopping for BBQ and last minute tidying prep. 1st wave was linguists, then other denominations arrived. BBQ went well, with lots of people. 2-3 firey heat sources worked well - paved area rather than balcony was also good. Was good to see various people. Talking with various medievalists til ~midnight, then frantic slicing and dicing of leftover steak (curiously the only thing we overcatered with) to go into biltong spices for marination overnight and drying on Sun and part Mon. Bed ~2am...

Sun: Oddly more relaxed, but more because we now knew we aren't going to make it out on Mon, so will settle for Tues. Freecycle and stuff being picked up and taken away seem to be the theme for the day. More stuff packed and sent elsewhere for storage or being given away. Stuff stuff stuff... Anyone want some paper with chinese block prints on them - we have given away more than half but still have over a hundred. They should make great lamp shades or pieces for little hot air balloons...

Tired but still have stuff to transport and people to see.
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Sitting in a sea of books, trying to a) catalogue them online (Librarything: mcsaveneybruce and jmcsaveney so far) and b) fit them into a box or two or three or four (well, currently Z is sitting on the floor doing that), you start thinking that maybe you shouldn't be picking them based on trivial things such as author or subject, but important things such as standardised sizes and regularity and ease of transport. You can possibly tell we are still on the nonfiction and are 2 bookcases in...


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