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Right, time for pictures of the embroidered pouch progress. It could wait til I had the drawstring and tassels done, but I am still thinking about that.

Pouch with scale.
Side of pouch showing tablet weaving.

I have photos of the WCOB Pelican cloak badge, but haven't posted those as not certain protocals there (though [ profile] dragonermine has now seen it, so it can be posted off now).
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The (dis)advantage of Collegia is that you come away wanting to do all sorts of cool things that you have briefly had a taste of or seen someone else with a cool x and want to have one of those :)

And you should probably work on the current ones, but these are new and shiny...

So the things I want to do and I was poking:

15th C fitted woman's hood. Have a pattern, need to poke the wool stash. Aligns with the outfits to match Z's project so not as mad/distracted as might initially seem.

Bobbin lace - intro class. Seemed to work :) The issue being that the Elizabethan stuff I would be learning the technique for gets quite advanced, so would be heading in the deep end. Not like I don't have enough mad and finely intricate projects already.

Garment 83 from Patterns of Fashion 4 (A brought her copy in and I drooled). It is a blackworked smock with glorious lace, which unfortunately dates from about 1605 - 1610 and looks far more Jacobean than Elizabethan. But even if I ended up with limited wearing opportunities, it would be a very cool project. See above about the bobbin lace though (lace lined slit which ends up cleavage window, with lace edged sleeves and blackwork over the sleeves and torso). But not until I finish the current blackwork chemise.

Plaited braid stitch (one of the small images [ profile] mmy_me showed in the last slide of her embroidery history class). I had black silk left on my needle from the just finished badge, and my sampler, so started having a go. Good start (it is a very cool stitch) but mucked up and forgot fairly fast. Have tracked down some instructions (diagram well down page) and from that found the link to The Embroidery Project page (reconstruction of 17th century embroidered jacket), where they are in the process of putting up amazingly comprehensive instructions for said stitch. Then found their pdf instructions for the other stitches they are using in the Plimouth Jacket reconstruction. This should be a distraction for later - maybe try an Elizabethan blackworked coif involving some of the plaided braid stitch... Oh, and an image of the right style lace is here.

And in some quiet time, as mentioned in the previous post, managed to get right the fingerloop braid cording pattern I want to use for the drawstring on the 14th-15th embroidered pouch. Should finish the tablet weaving on the sides first though. Then actually make some cord using the right thread.

And of course I should assemble the list of links for the pretty pics of extant wax tablets, that I promised to post to the local list. Will probably post them here as well for anyone who is interested.

However, after an evening of singing, talking and link chasing, I should take a little time stop waffling and make some progress on a current project. To the loom!

PS. Anyone who has a pro LJ account able/interested in creating a feed for the 17th C Embroidered Jacket blog? Or anyone know if there is a feed via LJ? They are posting some very cool stuff at the moment, but I couldn't find such a feed currently.
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Finished the last of the embroidery on the 14th C German brickstitch pouch.

Picture with scale here.
Another picture here.

Now just need to attach linen lining and do the tablet woven edges, drawstring and tassle to high heaven. And not get distracted by any other projects...

Z is having fun baking Turkish bread in the woodburner. I was going to rant about numbers and the quality thereof, but you will just have to survive without that. There is work tomorrow and sleep is a good thing.
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Finished the white bits of the badge (3 evenings with plenty of gaming, TV and distractions). Now waiting on the black thread to arrive in shop. But since it took 1 pack of white silk exactly (5m, ~10cm at the end left), I have 2 packets left. I am sure I will find a use. Probably means the 3 packets of black I ordered are overkill too, but I can definitely find a use for that.

So back to the other coloured embroidery project. White bits on the 14th C pouch are finished and the green is well on the way. Then it is just the red highlights and all the embroidery is done then. Then I just need to work out how to line it and sew it up with tablet woven edges :).

Just as well all this isn't too difficult as my brain is currently snotified. Not the best thing for cohearant typing.

Sleep time I think.
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When doing a black and white design in silk (tent stitch) is it tidier/cleaner to do the black then the white, or the white then the black, or doesn't it matter?* **

*WCOB Pelican cloak badge for those who care.

** After much walking in search***, I have half the silk I need. Shop (Nancy's, 20 min walk away at brisk pace) was out of of black (mutter mutter mutter, on order now, may be at least a week) but had the white.

*** At least a nice warm sunny autumn day for walking but I wouldn't guarantee that next time...
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Yay to links off links off links:)

Bloggers doing very cool medieval stuff:

LJ user maxlu179 eg hend sewn tent and 13th C pouch

LJ user mikkelf84 doing some very cool leather working eg needle case, dice cups and a pouch. He has since moved to another blog shared with several of the others that I'll link to here with some cool stuff such as Birka Wallet and a replica (and photos of the original) of the Helgeansholmen purse (14th C).

LJ user louiseschelde also at haandkraft, doing some very cool clothing, dying and naalbinding. eg a very nice gambeson her brother has sewn. for iconography painting and lots of german brickstitch patterns. eg very cool strapwork pattern brickstiched purse

Taschen for a blog specifically about medieval purses and some more of the german brickwork embroidery.

Togs from Bogs which I have probably linked to previously. She has fairly recently posted about an upcoming book of interest: Medieval Garments Reconstructed: Norse Clothing Patterns by Else Ostergard, Anna Norgard and Lilli Fransen, translated by Shelly Nordtorp-Madson. David Brown Books Co describes it thus:

This volume begins with a short introduction by Else Ostergàrd to the amazing finds of garments from the Norse settlement of Herjolfnes in Greenland. It then features chapters on technique - production of the thread, dyeing, weaving techniques, cutting and sewing - by Anna Norgàrd. Also included are measurements and drawings of garments, hoods, and stockings, with sewing instructions, by Lilli Fransen. A practical guide to making your own Norse garment! 200p, illus. (Aarhus University Press 2009)

Due to come out in original Danish and translated English in Dec 2009.

And some other random links (also generally medieval):

Mittelalder Mobel for replica medieval wood furniture.

History undressed - random assortment, but what caught my eye was the guest post on making a Regency Era gown

Probably time to get on with the actual cleaning I was going to start about an hour ago...
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A modern embroiderer's guild have fun with items inspired by images in the Luttrell Psalter:

(found via links off links from the Luttrell Psalter Film people

And more from the cool Luttrell Psalter Film people:

Medieval Pottery part 1
Medieval Pottery part 2
Medieval Bee skeps part 1

Time to stop being distracted by fun videos (I have generally avoided YouTube, but get distracted occasionally) and get onto the hot water bottle cozy with a dose of Firefly...

I would have headed to a medieval singing practice, but there is a little too much headache and sore throat for me to think that is a good idea. Z already sounds very very croaky
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So, finally finished the embroidery on the sleeve seam of the blackworked chemise (60 cm worth). Next choice is to start the other sleeve, or start on the seam down the torso. The latter is a slightly shorter seam so should be done sooner, but I don't think there is that much difference.

Need to work out which design will grace the actual cuffs and around the neck line (and measure out how much I will actually need to do for that). Think that will actually be counted (which I prefer) as opposed to fudged (what is currently being done for the seams). Will start eying up designs from the New Carolingian Modelbook for that.

But there is also Z's chess board, waiting to just have a backing put on and be finished. Should in fact be doable by the end of today, and then it would be DONE (only 6 years late...)...

Decisions, decisions...
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It has been sunny for the past 3 days, which after a big camping event here means laundry...

What else has been going on?

Tues: Sunlight and wind so laundry. Got embroidery project in the mail and started on that. Went and saw Stardust in the evening with Z and Mum (yay cheaparse $6 movie nights). It was good and fun and giggleworthy in a nice way. Liked the Ghosts. Will have to get around to reading the book to see how things compare. Saw adverts for The Dark is Rising (looked rather dire appart from Christopher Eccleston as a bad guy...) and The Golden Compass (pretty Steam punk, not certain how the rest will stand up). Haven't read the books for either, but I suspect they may or may not be worth a $6 movie night. The only other vaguely interesting movie coming up is Perfect Creatures, but the reviews are for it not quite living up to the cinimatography...

Weds: More sunlight and wind. Laundry. More embroidery. Not quite enough time for casserole. A&S via [ profile] alpha_angel's place to drop things off and pick up oilskin and her (see her lj comments on pharmacology experiments).

Thurs: More sunlight and wind, so more laundry with tuis and butterflies out by the washing line. Wandered up the road and found a good walking track through the bush. Occasionally a bit muddy but the lack of cars more than makes up for it. Plan to make that a daily walk, since we really need the exercise.

Time for the rest of the casserole as everyone knows that casserole is nicer the second night in the row...
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So is it bad (or just nuts) to practice blackwork for which the final will be on 32 count linen, on 72 count cotton?

Looks fine and was reasonably fast (at least in comparison to the other current projects*), so the 32 count should be a breeze bar being far more careful about needle placement**. The silk was definitely nicer than the random cotton I had been using.

*Hello chemise sleeve I am starting to get bored with. Need distractions as I don't want to get so bored as to ditch it for a year or more again. Nearly half way down one sleeve and if I can stay interested enough for steady work***, may actually be able to finish it some time next year.

** The fine stuff I have been doing (I've posted links to Flickr images here at various stages) you can get away with more sloppy thread splitting as you can't tell much at that scale.

*** A stretch per month and about 9 stretches to go after the current one. Will also be shorter lengths on the cuffs and round the collar (4 "stretches"), so should still be doable with a busier schedule.
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Finished the arm band embroidery for the bias cut bliaut. Currently out on the line after washing. The blue wool is definitely not colourfast, though it doesn't appear to bleed into the embroidery thread too much.
Piccies behind cut or in this sequence here. The first two photos of the armband bits are the most recent and the two of the neckline were taken a while ago. Spot the different shades of blue depending on the lighting conditions.
Piccies of armband bits )

Z has the fun of an afternoon in the office in prep for the next couple days in the field. Me, having finished the embroidery, time to do the dishes...

PS Why in NZ is Anzac Day associated with poppies, whereas over here the poppies are used for Armistace Day and today is a badge or rosemary (for rememberance)? Just curious.
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For those with fabric addictions - one or two of you may be reading...
A Dress a Day: HOWTO: Buy Fabric

And after a brief scare last night with the first washing*, collar/embroidered neckline came out fine.

* First the fabric leaked blue dye like buggery - it had been hot washed previously but appeared to have issues with drying in the sun and hadn't finished playing silly buggers yet, then after the first washing it looked like the pen had stained the embroidery. But after a second soak in a bucket overnight with laundry det, it appears fine. Thank heavens for that.

Edit: And it is back to being all quiet with Z off into the field at 5:30am this morning - should be back Fri or Sat... So, dance tonight and then lots of sewing. Want to do lots on the bliaut, but will hit the point where need side seams pinned by someone else. Will try and get Z's trousers finished instead. Then there are tent doors and a better fitting oilskin hood for Z - there may be an oilskin hood for sale at Festival. There were intentions of routering wax tablet blanks on Mon evening, but I fell asleep against Z and power tools with sleepy people is not a good combination.

Neckline attachment to body and Buffy I think.
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Flickr is playing silly buggers with links so I can't show direct - leastwise I don't like their autoblog function and my html editing is atrocious. So, you get links instead.

Overall view here and detail here.
Colour is amazingly off - the base fabric is actually a medium blue.

Time to wash the bugger and see if the ohp pen comes off without the thread running or the base crinkling and shrinking... Comes off wonderfully well on the fingers while sewing. However, I would rather find out now than when it is on the gown or after I have done the matching ~4m for the sleeves that dangle. Fingers crossed though the way the past day or so has gone, I am not holding my breath.
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Very nice extant embroideries:
And some amazing extant pouches: (straight directory of images, soem with more explanation than others)
And some more pouches

Time to stop drooling...
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Horray for working somewhere that still carries chalk (and blackboards) in the tea room.
Unfortunately needs an embroidery hoop for tensioning, otherwise it is going to pucker in interesting ways...
Itchy fingers... wanna work on embroidered cushion... but will be good while waiting for spectral line synthesis code to run... Besides, have naalbinding...
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So, having gotten 30-45cm by ~1.8m of nice even weave (linen?) embroidery fabric for 80c, I want to make cushions out of it. Specifically bolster style cushions which can double as pillows on the Viking bed. Long rectangular ones, that can also sit on the chests etc.
So far, so good. Next step, picking a design.
Thud (digression into Viking art styles and textiles (long)) )


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