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1 sleeve sewn on what is now an early 15th C fitted gown, due to having short sleeves with longer sleeves that pin on top. Other is pinned in place and partially sewn in. Still need to hem and make the pin on sleeves for the rest of the arms.

At least already have the hood finished (back from a couple years ago, after a Darton Collegium class).

Run out of Harry Potter to sew to though :(

Getting there... There will be much hemming next week though.
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Single side worth of eyelets sewn (14 of them) on 14th C fitted gown. 2 done on the other side. Many to go.

Still not thinking about the sleeves (other than if I make them short caps (mid upper arm) and make less fitted pin on sleeves (for the rest), it can be worn with my 15th C hood, and I don't need to sew fabric buttons and button holes from here to eternity. But then it will be an earlyish 15th C dress.)

Just under 3 weeks til it needs to be wearable. But one of the weekends is taken up with Darton Anniversary.

In other news for today, Happy Birthday [ profile] basal_surge :)
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The not quite so mad project is an Elizabethan blackwork coif. Silk on linen, using the grape and flower and knotwork design from the Jane Bostocke sampler (another sampler image here.

Progress so far and links to finished leg binding weaving (and 3 pictures) )
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Right, time for pictures of the embroidered pouch progress. It could wait til I had the drawstring and tassels done, but I am still thinking about that.

Pouch with scale.
Side of pouch showing tablet weaving.

I have photos of the WCOB Pelican cloak badge, but haven't posted those as not certain protocals there (though [ profile] dragonermine has now seen it, so it can be posted off now).
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Tablet woven edges on pouch are now done. Need to sort tassles and do drawstring. The nice one may be too thick :( Shall think about it.

There will be pictures later.

But now, sleep.
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Finished the white bits of the badge (3 evenings with plenty of gaming, TV and distractions). Now waiting on the black thread to arrive in shop. But since it took 1 pack of white silk exactly (5m, ~10cm at the end left), I have 2 packets left. I am sure I will find a use. Probably means the 3 packets of black I ordered are overkill too, but I can definitely find a use for that.

So back to the other coloured embroidery project. White bits on the 14th C pouch are finished and the green is well on the way. Then it is just the red highlights and all the embroidery is done then. Then I just need to work out how to line it and sew it up with tablet woven edges :).

Just as well all this isn't too difficult as my brain is currently snotified. Not the best thing for cohearant typing.

Sleep time I think.
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Leg-binding length at 103 inches now :) Pin moved to 100 inches.


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