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Ah, the joys of unpicking tent seams... 1st seam started too. Oh well.

Edit: and after carefully cleaning out the gunk from the walking foot, Z is braindead and not up to attempting the seam again. It is 9:50pm... I could work on wax tablet carving instead...
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Ok, secend tent has all the machine sewing done, with only door ties and peg down points to go. This means that the big Tent Load can be done. Wheeeeee..... Time to load the last tent...
Fingers crossed this is the first of 3 main loads: tent load, chest (clothing and tool) and mattress load, wool and leather and last day essentials.
It is easy getting stuff out there, it is remembering you only have a day to get stuff back... The perils of living close...

Hope [ profile] alpha_angel had a good trip over and is having fun wandering Sydney...
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One tent is now DONE!!! Door seams and door ties took LOTR FotR and TTT (extended versions), with gaps for shopping for towels, ground sheets and alcohol, dinner and establishing that M fits my Flemish reasonably well.
Next tent now (for a little while) but I don't think I will start RotK tonight.
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At 12:30am, we have finished the last major machine seams on the roof of the second tent. Yay to that. Pinning went well with B5 episodes... I am carefully avoiding starting the next episode, given Anne Sheridan just entered the room: too much to do tommorrow.

And after the SBS Friday night doco, I am very happy I do not live in Texas. I wonder how some of the astronomers cope in that sort of stultifying coservative place, althogh admittedly the main observatory and Uni group are based in Austin. Sex education is rather useful and abstinence only programs really don't work well... and very definitely do not have safety nets built in. There is the little bit of me which is curious to know how some of them would handle the civil union concept but I suspect I am just to burn in Hell for all eternity. At least I will be in good company.
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Now this one is pretty:)
Online gallery from an exhibit of over 200 book bindings.

One linen ho has been sewn (stocking really - about 6 hours to cut out and hand sew, includign all the flat felled seams etc), and the next has been cut out and started. Yay to that progress.

Sat afternoon was spen sewing said ho and the evening, happily blobbing in front of 2005 movie Pride and Prejudice... Mmmmmm, warm fuzzy glow and happy.

Today: unproductive Trash and Treasure, floor clearing and cleaning, photography, 2nd ho start, and tent doors cut out. Yay to tent progress, even if it is just cutting things out.

Nasty hot weather: 32 degrees yesterday and 33 degrees today. It is supposed to be Autumn damn it. Same forecast for tommorrow too. Hmph. Hope we get some rain in April.

Time to start on leather pilgrim scrip, based on early book satchel shapes (eg here... Lets see if we can have something useful to carry things in for festival. And at 10:20pm, still haven't found any thing substantial other than this info. So much for starting on that.

Instead, sleep now...
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Hmph... On and off headache since Fri evening. May be hormone related. Restart of hormone pills - in case of later reference.

Big sleep in today (noon), after cocktails and Scrubs episodes til 2am...

Tent rope making this afternoon. 2 ropes done so far, one more to be done out of the yellow jute macrame cord. Also got around to washing fabric for later use. Need a better system than feel for being about to tell if it has been washed before. We have a lot of wool. There are discussions as to whether or not to sell some of it at Festival. Moving it to WA would be less than pleasant, but there is so much we could get around to doing with it...

In the mean time, getting rid of scratchy black linen by making more cushions and using the rest to work out hose patterns... [ profile] alpha_angel, the "The Medieval Tailor's Assistant" hose pattern appears directly based off the Bocksten Man's hose (well, one of the pairs from Marc Carlson's website). Want to play with them this evening, but fireworks have won over over "The Constant Gardener" (although we both really want to see it some time, it will probably be ok on DVD).

Time to get Z to put some clothes on, pick up Pide, and head off to fireworks. Would be bad to vary the order in that...
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So, slept instead of practicing driving (bad), established attempt 1 braies pattern* (round 2 more trouser-like to be attemped later**), cut out fabric for tiered skirt from crinkly fabric, divided in half for ease of gathering and decided I can make a good skirt out of half the fabric - another one later I think and dye it a different colour, swore at sewing machine lots, had picnic and watched fireworks***.

*Based on Ulf's one...
**Z gets real living history experimental underwear for Festival - of two different types even...:)
***Cascades of fireworks off the bridge were good and also the ones which bounced along the water. Was definitely worth watching from the National museum - good unobstructed view and far less people. And far easier to drive away from afterwards...

It must be time to go to bed... Z is hugging the tent... and taking away the fan... may be a bit of a hint there...


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