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So yesterday was spent doing laundry, dishes and not much of anything. Definite Post Festival Blahs...
Today so far has been better. After most confortable loitering on a beanbag in a nice warm patch of sunlight with a good book* and a tuna sandwich, got off arse and went swimming at the local Aquatic Center. Closest to the Centenial and QEII setups I have seen with lap pool, leasure pools, spa, steam room and sauna all in the 1 entry price. $5.90 for single, but plan to get 30 trip multi ticket ($4.50 per trip but must be used in 6 months and can be shared between people), which will cut costs. Did 6 laps and was buggered - can tell haven't been swimming regular for about 3 1/2 years... Time to get back to it.
Currently playing with old and new photos and making LJ icons - you can spot one of the new ones. I will probably save it for my ranting/pissed off at things posts later, but for now, it is not often you get to see pieces of (your) PhD thesis blown out of a cannon. Also made some icons out of the glass blowing and forge play which I didn't have space for but may inflict on [ profile] basal_surge.
But henna mix may now be ready for hot water and gelatine. Gooping time.

*Ash (Book 1) by Mary Gentle. I got part way in, foolishly reccomended it to Z and now we are having battles over who gets to read bits next.


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