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Day Watch comes out in cinemas over here 13 September (Hoyts and the other big chains).
Appears to be coming out in the bigger chains in NZ 30 Aug(?)... That and people are booking for Rialto showings already...

Lucky buggers :)

Fingers crossed it hasn't disappeared from the big screen by the time we get back to NZ and/or maybe see it Canberra/Melbourneish...

Also want to check out Amazing Grace sooninsh. Yay to Ioan Gruffudd in 18th C clothing...
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The random DVD assortment of movies for the week was:

Hellboy - usual special effects etc.

The Brothers Grimm - the usual special effects combined with Terry Gilliam insanity. "Twelve Monkeys" worked better. Though the cinematography was good.

River Queen. The best of the lot. NZ film set in the Maori Wars done by Vincent Ward. Gorgeously filmed. Very good sets and costume* - play spot the Goldie painting outfit you recognised, great scenery. Bit let down by the script, so you ended up not really caring about the main people.

*Appart from the female lead who was dressed from here, there and everywhere. The one shot where she looked right, was standing in a hut in full white (Simplicity 69??) chemise, corset and pants of the right era (US Civil war being the same decade as the Maori Wars at least). Bingo, then she goes and pulls on something that appears to be 1880s(?) natural form in one piece. Slim and white drapy and WRONG looking. The only possible excuse seems to be a directorial decision for that look, because the proper crinoline and petticoats would have obscured her face in the "intimate interlude" up against the tree several shots later. Why there weren't bright green moss stains down her back as opposed to just the dramatically dischevaled hair...

But overall worth seeing, if only for the fact that they were very good at getting the other historical details right. Not often that Z is complementing them on the munitions and battle tactics shown.

Other amusements/procrastinatory devices:
For those who remember the digitanks, the next step up - Jousting knights.
Want to classify galaxies in your spare time? - Sloan Digital Sky Survey Needs YOU!. Galaxy Zoo definitely looks to be an interesting project. How good are your fuzzy blob identification skills?
Edit: 10 min later and I am in and identifying. The tutorial is straight forward and the test to see if you can identify to a reasonable standard was easy to follow, though I was miffed that you just got a pass/fail, as opposed to how many you got. Will be fun to see what sort of results they get once the statistics section is up and running. Will be interesting to see whether or not people agree on particular classifications.

And it is nice to look at stars again, even if it is just is the large quantity blobs. And some of the spiral galaxies are very cool.

But give Mum and Dad turn up tomorrow, I should possibly get back to tidying...
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Just finished watching Mirrormask and the associated special features on DVD. Definitely worth it - gorgeously filmed and it really deserves a large screen/projector on a large wall.

Don't think mice on rollerskates would have worked as well as the monkey birds...
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Fri evening: Astronomer cocktail party. Was fun and a good excuse to dress up formally. Some very nice dresses. Some interesting cocktails, but some even better faces to accompany them on first taste. Will be interesting to see the photos. Wombled home about 2am (late for local social events)

Sat: Suprize suprize, a bit of a write off getting things done-wise. Slept in til noon (haven't done that for ages), laundry, nap, dinner, Mash and American Beauty at a friends place. Found another movie Z can't stand. Fingers on a blackboard and entirely too obvious apparently. Whereas I feel the same way about Kill Bill... So, what movies are nails on a blackboard to you? Complete walk off, leave the theatre material?
Then came out to discover someone had attempted to steal the car. See Z's post for details and advice on how to do it properly.

Sun: Trash and treasure and YMCA haul: allen keys for Viking trichnopoly work, books, lanolined wool for naalbinding.

This afternoon: something in a patch of sunlight I think, avoiding cleaning the floors. Then markets and roast lamb for dinner. Then talking to Mum for Mother's Day. I think that should fill things nicely.
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Just finished seeing Memoirs of a Geisha. Some of these comments may be considered spoilers. )
Worth seeing for the scenery - I would love to visit some of the gardens they filmed in, but definitely not twice.
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Yay to the ANU film club and $30 a semester to see lots of films (or $50 for the year but since July onwards is unlikely...)
And anyone can join:) See for more details.
The interesting bits of the schedule, cut cause most of you wont be in Canberra and I am not that mean )


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