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Jan. 10th, 2009 12:18 am
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Not on the tent cover but on the roman outfit.
There was fabric purchased (our stash tends towards heavy wools at present), but at $4 per m (cotton unfortunately, but still not bad. Yay Arthur Toyes half price sale) and it is currently in hot wash for putting out tonight or tomorrow.
In the mean time, decided that a failed viking undertunic could be salvaged for a breast band. Not structurally essential, but probably useful. Had the advantage that I had hemmed the fabric before machining together the tunic and the (tunic) width was just right for (half) the (breast band) length, so I could cut off 2 pieces and they are already hemmed on 3 sides. Yay to far less sewing. Just seam in the middle and hemming the top edge. Hand sewing for the event tomorrow.

However, given the 7am start tomorrow (Harcourt Park IJA event), time for bed.
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Pause for itemisation and sorting - clothing looks good for CF. Undertunic is having the side seams finished and then will just need cuff and hem. Then I finish the red (purple really, matches some of the canvas) diamond wool tunic. Not certain if it is worth bringing over feast gear or scrounging while over. Tent(s) and some bedding should be with Z's family. Then we had the bright idea that a double swag would give us good bedding and allow us to take clothing over in it. And we have the canvas - will pick up a mattress/foam mat for it in Chch. So, a new sewing project for the next 2 weeks - at least it is definetely being machine sewn.

Comet watching planned for Sun evening (and Mon if that fails). And lawn mowing and gardening. And Z needs to put in ~3 hours work - apparently about a novel worth... Currently Z is reading while watching music train wrecks. His leather sewing (shoe repair) has stopped due to finger/awl interaction in the wrong way.

So, who else has garb that looks as though it is ready to be put in the midden or was just fished out from it?

Should stop writing and giggling at the Madonna video marathon on Rage - the chronological entertainment is interesting, though I don't think we will stay up til the 5:30am finish. May put in a tape for the Evita songs round 3:30 am though. It is not the same listening to Like a Virgin after Moulin Rouge...
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It might be possible to spot the fact Z is away by the larger number of LJ posts...
In any case, undertunic neck hole is done and 1 1/2 of the side gores are sewn together. Once that is done, will work out sleeve taipering and start attaching those. Progress may be slowed by lack of fine needle finger callous more than anything - the bone needle wasn't quite as specific pressure wise. The white linen isn't bad but is still stiffer than the blue linen last used. May try a thimble.
Amazing the things you will watch when sewing on a late Mon night - I wouldn't touch Outragous Fortune in NZ, but it is good for a giggle over here.
Need to watch the sleeping in - got trapped by the New World Symphony this morning.
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Take standard omlette mix. Take favourite little cast iron frying pan and get it really nice and hot. Make omlette. When 3/4 to fully cooked, pile on cooked bacon, grated cheese and a spoonful or two of taco sauce*. Fold in half (can be messy), extract out of pan (the other messy bit) and consume. Two was plenty.

* Red or green pepper too if I had had some. Suspect mushrooms too if your tastes are that way inclined.

Undertunic is "cut" out - love how linen rips. Found linen thread and beeswax, time to get started.
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So, in the interests of procrastination and a completely different project, dug out the Simplicity Patterns (9769) for Victorian (US Civil War era) underwear. Cause not all of you are interested in the wafflings about starting Victorian Underwear )


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