Feb. 10th, 2013

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An actual productive weekend. With baby. These are rarer than you might think and we would like.

It started on Sat with the verdict that [livejournal.com profile] basal_surge needed a better 14th C outfit for doing his calligraphy schtick at Harcourt Park Joust because he would roast in his wool jacket and he didn't actually have any other suitable (ie long enough) tunics. So lighter weight wool fabric was gotten out, washed and plotting for a Bocksten Man tunic and hose set begun (hence the previous post links). In parallel with this was other laundry, deck clearing for baby safe play, and grocery shopping. And AJBM managed to have an early night, so we could have some quality blob time. All good.

Sunday was much (machine) sewing of tunic (cut out the previous evening), to the point where all it needs is hemming of cuffs and base and tidying of seams (ie all the hand finishing bits). Better fit than I have done for a while for him tunic wise, so all good there. Laundry continued so that we are now caught up on the CF loads. Then [livejournal.com profile] basal_surge wielded his chainsaw and chopped much wood and there followed much wood stacking and weeding (evil thistles) in the heat of the day. Then hose were started on, a bookcase with pigeonhole shelves was worked on (still needs to be borer bombed and split shelves pinned), dishes done and baby played with. Hose are now to the point of one just needing seam felling and the tops trimmed and fitted and the other needing the foot part to be stitched on and fitted etc.

Hopefully we can get things finished in time for Harcourt Park next weekend. However currently baby is asleep and we should not push things too far since she will wake and want feeding at some point tonight.


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