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Since it is less than 3 months to CF and I know how fast various sewing projects have been going (NOT!)...
Finally got around to checking if any of my current garb is breastfeeding friendly (with a custom slit to belly button under-tunic). I had been using the Italian renaissance gown for various events since AJBM's birth (Archery event, Darton Anniversary), because I knew I could, but wasn't certain how much else plausible I had.

Good news. Several tunics work in their current state.

So, available outfits:
1 Anglo-Saxon (Bob). All linen, so should be cool. Short male tunics are easily lifted while braes etc keep things modest enough. Will need to check if the wool tunics I have that go with these still go over my (now somewhat larger) bust...
1 Anglo-Saxon. Light weight woolen blue tunic with tablet woven trim and wrist clasps. Slits in side for pregnancy for last CF suffice for access. Works with caftan and/or peplos layer (pinned) if wanting warmth.
1 12th C Norman. Side lacing red wool gown works ok if not done up, so all accessible.
1 Viking. Wrap around linen apron dress can be easily accessed. Works with Caftan when cooler out.
1 Italian renaissance. For more formal occasions.

Now, 3 of these require the same under-tunic currently, so I may put nursing slits in a pre-existing under-tunic or two. But with some laundry, what I have will suffice and with the extra under-tunic fixes, should be plenty sufficient for a week long camping event (6 days garbed).

Shiny project/new outfit impulses are being channeled into something for AJBM.


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