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Eldrimner Viking era food blog by an archeology PhD student specialising in the subject. So far appears to cover beer, food smoking and various grinding amongst other things. And one of the entires has links to other people doing the same sort of thing.

Apparently he is basically doing a summer of experimental archeology cooking at Lofotr Viking Museum.


May. 19th, 2007 07:52 pm
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So, finally managed to drag Z to the Central Markets.
Food food everywhere.
We only came away with turkish bread, hummus, grapes, tiny tomatos that go squeee, 3 different types of mettwurst salami, oatmeal soap and a venison roast ($8 for a kilo). There were sauasages for lunch and we resisted the many types of cheeses and nuts and veges and mushrooms and lollies and chocolate.
Well, we sorta resisted the chocolate cause the stall at the end which had all sorts of chocolate stuff including various grades of belgian choc (including different bean types), had a chocolate fountain where you could get a small cup of melted (milk :() choc for $2.50. Did resist that, but even more tempting, for $3, was the chocolate shell filled with sliced strawberries (only 4 pieces but they were large) and then filled from the chocolate fountain. That was worth it and we used some of the grapes we got earlier to mop up excess melted choc.

We even managed to visit the antiques shop (with lots of books) and not buy anything.

Top Gear is currently looking at mad Icelanders who race Jeeps anywhere... including across lakes (liquid lakes) and against snow mobiles (again across lakes). Mad... Great fun.

Oh, and the last of the choc cake was very nice with stewed strawberries. Just about to go and polish off the leftover strawberries. Should think about real dinner, but may just go back to mre of the bread and hummus.
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Not a bad day I think.

Morning was spent doing the last of the hurried tidying, then Z finished the Viking Bookcase of Doom. It had been measured up and mostly cut the previous night, but needed the last powertool finishing at a more sensible time of day. After a brief issue of too small a wedges, it was pegged together, is now up and well filled with books. We do still need a bookcase for about 3/4 of the fiction section, but the shelves in the sun room work for now. Nice to have the book convenient and viewable.

Over the course of the afternoon and evening, people slowly wombled in and out - up to 12 people talking, eating, drinking and variously playing games. [ profile] anthraxia & [ profile] evildrakey, [ profile] doushkasmum & [ profile] sacred_chao, and SA, R&J, R&M and R. Chez Dork proved to be the most popular game with the vote that we really need Munchkin and some of the Cheapass games as well. Not much of the traditional Christmas foods, but lots of nibbles, cheese, kebabs, custard tart, steak, lychees and chocolate dipped strawberries.

Z's maroon diamond wool tunic is now finished - one tunic down, 1 to finish and one to start. At one stage we had at least 4 craft projects going on in the room at a time.

Last people people wandered off around 12:30 or 1am, the refridgeratables are fridgified and time to crash I think. Except the amount of food we have left, we possibly need to repeat this tommorrow...
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Wombled down to Gaganis Bros (imported food wholesaler, only 30 min walk away). Nice place. I was good and resisted the large bags of foot long cinnamon quills ($7!!!) and other large bags of spices (have enough at present), and the nuts and dried fruit and concentrated on drinks. German cocoa powder (for good hot chocolate), Indonesian instant ginger tea (just about to try it) and Turkish Apple Tea :) - same brand as NZ (Lezzo) but 750g in a box instead of 700g in a tin (though I will empty the tin and transfer the box over when ready).

Happy now:) Time to go back to sewing.


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