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*tap* *tap* Anyone still here and listening?

So, definitely been a while since I posted here.

AJBM is about a month shy of 2 years old.

We survived the most recent Canterbury Faire much better than last year - less interrupted sleep and AJBM was (relatively) happier in a tent in our usual camp site. She slept about as well as she would at home, but did evince a desire to join people in the Mong when she occasionally randomly woke up and could hear people having fun where she was not, which could be 'entertaining'. But apart from that and a little less sleep than optimal, she had a really great time.

Mad peacock embroidered elizabethan shirt was finished well before CF (photos all on facebook sorry) and she did in fact have an outfit to wear it with available... but conditions were generally unsuitable (too muddy, hot etc), so she never actually wore it at the event...

A quick pair of turn shoes made for her the week before proved much more useful... :)

Toddler developement-wise, definite vocab step up in and around the trip down south at New Years and at CF. Much new words cropping up after only hearing them once.

Both me and [ profile] basal_surge working part time and caring for AJBM part time seems to be working well for the sanity of all. Still need to (re)sort out a carer for a day a week worth (there have been various issues at various times...).

Recent non-baby projects have included shoes for me (much faster than detailed blackwork, oddly enough). Planned projects post CF include woolen hose, a pleated apron dress, and more naalbinded socks (including possible a commission or two).

Think that is enough to go on.
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