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So, a while with no posting. What have I been up to? (given last post was over a month ago)
Mainly baby related stuff. Surprise surprise.
AJBM is now nearly 6 months old!
Big heavy baby with a wide array of noises and moods. Much paying attention to her surroundings. Much staring at things and then shoving them in her mouth to investigate. For some odd reason, squeaky toys almost always produce a smile with the squeak. Not certain she associates the squeak with the toy though. I spend much time singing silly songs at her - either normal songs or fitting silly lyrics to various pieces of music that happen to grab my brain. She seems to like them :)
Still primarily breast-feeding (the minimum effort option) though have just started introducing solids today. She really likes the sitting up in the high chair associated. Didn't object to the kumara, but not exactly glomming it down. Will take things slowly in any case.
She has now managed a 6 day trip down south. Ferry was fine - we were curious as to whether she has gotten Z's inner ear (ferry saillings are fine as long as he is out on deck, not happy otherwise) or mine (fine). Sleep at night was generally good (she will sleep through the night at home) but affected by lighting levels in the room. 1st night in motel was nice and dark and she slept like a log, however subsequent nights in a white eastern facing room with ineffective white curtains had her up at first light... Driving was generally fine with enough sleeping, but not too much and generally happy playing in between.
While trip trip was for work for Z, we did manage to catch up with various of Zs family (and various friends). Much photos. Was good to get out of Wellington and the house for a while for variety for me. Next big expedition will be the Folk Festival at Labour weekend. Will test the tent (as prep for CF), but will have the advantage of being able to head home and sleep if it turns to custard.

Project wise, there has been a rain cape for AJBM and various sundry repairs of clothing. There may be some embroidery being poked at. Patterns of Fashion 4 is a dangerous book for blackwork fans... Canterbury Fair has been booked, so there will be some sewing associated with that. Dunno what size she will be by then though. I will probably need more garb I can breastfeed out of too.

Think that about covers things. Don't think I have gone crazy yet. Was close when we lost Internet for 4 days (luckily half of that was the weekend), but that was fixed this morning, so all good there :) Life trundles on.