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Since it is less than 3 months to CF and I know how fast various sewing projects have been going (NOT!)...
Finally got around to checking if any of my current garb is breastfeeding friendly (with a custom slit to belly button under-tunic). I had been using the Italian renaissance gown for various events since AJBM's birth (Archery event, Darton Anniversary), because I knew I could, but wasn't certain how much else plausible I had.

Good news. Several tunics work in their current state.

So, available outfits:
1 Anglo-Saxon (Bob). All linen, so should be cool. Short male tunics are easily lifted while braes etc keep things modest enough. Will need to check if the wool tunics I have that go with these still go over my (now somewhat larger) bust...
1 Anglo-Saxon. Light weight woolen blue tunic with tablet woven trim and wrist clasps. Slits in side for pregnancy for last CF suffice for access. Works with caftan and/or peplos layer (pinned) if wanting warmth.
1 12th C Norman. Side lacing red wool gown works ok if not done up, so all accessible.
1 Viking. Wrap around linen apron dress can be easily accessed. Works with Caftan when cooler out.
1 Italian renaissance. For more formal occasions.

Now, 3 of these require the same under-tunic currently, so I may put nursing slits in a pre-existing under-tunic or two. But with some laundry, what I have will suffice and with the extra under-tunic fixes, should be plenty sufficient for a week long camping event (6 days garbed).

Shiny project/new outfit impulses are being channeled into something for AJBM.
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Continuing the record from 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.
Posting this now so it can be filled in as I go, just like the above entries.

For the record and predated so I can find it easily.

*object* (date started, date finished)
Brown linen Anglo-Saxon bob tunic for me (Started just before New years, finished 12.1.2011).
Blackworked chemise for me (Started ~early 2003, finished 17.4.2011).
Reworked blue wool tunic for me. (originally ~2001, but recut to fit June/July. Wearable with early Anglo-Saxon wristclasps for Falcons feast, but finished with full tablet weaving 26.8.2011)
Grey wool 14th C Hejrolfnes jacket for Z. (Z still to get buttons. Wearable for ~Aug 2011)
Grey wool 14th C Hejrolfnes hat fro Z. (~Aug 2011)
Blue wool ~early 15th C dress for me. Wearable for N&K wedding 10 Sept, but still needs some seams finished.

Knitted hat for me (started ~25 April, finished 9 May)

Much less than previous years, but I would note that pregnancy (especially the 1st trimester) really slows things down.
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Or less project inspiration and more project doing...

Currently I have a pair of naalbinded socks for Z started (which I keep forgetting about). There was a start on some 14th C brickstitch, but wrong size thread for ground, so that is a non-starter. And that is it.

CF is coming up (2 weeks 4 months away), and after having spent several years actually making medieval clothing that fits (including recutting some older clothing) ... I may actually need to make some more garb. For me at a size that I don't know what it will be...

So, for those who have done medieval camping (or other camping) events while ~7 months pregnant:
What times/styles/eras do people recommend?
Fitted/tight around the breast or loose?

Current ideas include:
Inserting huge front gores in some of my preexisting tunics (eg anglo-saxon wool one with wrist clasps recut this year) - only works if I still have spare fabric from the originals though, and may also require extended gussets under the arms to cope with the increase in infrastructure up top.
Late 15th C Italian, with the high (underbust) waist and full skirts and loose overgown. Placket to cope with variable/indeterminate bust size. Pattern for the recent 15th C gown could probably be adapted for the bust bit. But is that tight fitting liable to be annoying at that stage?

I was also going to suggest a specific CF time for a Bob gathering for 2012, but there is no way my elizabethan doublet etc will be fitting then. Anyone else wanting to though?

And on a completely different topic, I can thoroughly recommend this chai concentrate recipe, which half and half with hot milk makes a damn fine chai latte. And that was after skipping the orange rind and star anise due to lack of those ingredients. I also stepped the tea bags (about ~6 of them) in hot water for ~5 min and then dumped that water, to try and reduce the caffeine content, so any tea flavour is probably fairly weak.

May try this chai gingerbread recipe in the mean time.


Jul. 24th, 2011 11:36 pm
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Not a bad weekend, though the weather has been shite.

Got the pattern to functional for Z's 14th C coat on Sat. Only some swearing. Much happiness with the new sewing machine for speeding things up.

Today was spent ironing fabric (I hate that job), cutting out fabric (ditto, insert much swearing there), and eventually, sewing together the fabric. Grey heavy wool with a linen lining sewn by treating the wool and lining as one piece rather than bag lining.. Sewing machine handles 2 layers of wool between 2 layers of linen no worries and can even go over the seams. Nice machine. Reminded why sewing machines can be useful, especially when the tensioning isn't poked by sewing tents. Sleeves are attached (decided not to line them for sanity and time sake) and the collar is on (lining is pinned on and ready to stitch down). And the overall effect is looking like a 14th C coat. All good. Need to finish the collar, stitch down the front opening, and hem the bugger. Then see how far I can get in stab stitch down the seams so they stay flat, and maybe do the buttons before Z needs it on Fri. It can be worn without the buttons and the seams stab stitched down if necessary, so the deadline for those bits is Sept.

And he needs a hat (pillbox, Herjolfsnes Nordlund #83), but that should be an evening.

Sat pattern fitting had a nice break of heading into town and seeing Grandeur & Frivolity, Music and Fashion from the Courts of Louis XIV & XV, which was a very cool combo of music, costume and dance of the french courts of the time. Very nice costumes by Leimomi Oakes (her blog will apparently have photos shortly). Worth braving the wind and rain for and good to see they did a reasonable job of filling the venue. Emphasis on how small a world Wellington is though. Had gone with Mum (well, ended up meeting her there), and saw at least 7 people I know/recognise, ranging from work, to (originally) medieval to other social circles.

And now, having put down the fabric and pins, it is time to step away from the computer, brave the rampaging kittens and hope the sleet has cleared by tomorrow morning.
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That new current project I had been contemplating...

The fitted cotehardie one where I had even gone so far as to check out Costly thy habit for instructions...

Is now back down the queue due to [ profile] basal_surge realising that he needs a 14th century outfit to go with his 13-14th century writing desk for a display... at the end of this month.
So, next project (seams are now all done on the Anglo-Saxon tunic and it is just awaiting me finishing the tablet weaving) will involve a 14th C coat (based on the Herjolfnes coat - Norlund #63 - like [ profile] alpha_angel's one) and (probably) a hat. He has functional undertunics and we can fudge leg coverings.

Ventured forth into the fabric cave* and after establishing that we have much much wool (some of which is not in the spreadsheet) and found some very nice grey wool and some unbleached linen to line. These have just been hot washed and are now on the line drying.

Have established we need some old sheets for patterning with. Currently out.

This one is breaking out the new sewing machine though, but should be an interesting challenge.

* Excavate (good wools) fabric chest, open fabric chest, paw through fabric (fondling somewhat), repack fabric chest, remove cat, close fabric chest. Giggle at (other) cat purring in black bag in box. Tidy shelves of fabric, tents and leather while at it. Clear cats out of room by playing the recorder that was excavated off the top of a chest - it wasn't that bad...
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The weekend has consisted of tidying, laundry, sewing (the anglo-saxon tunic), tablet weaving (trim for finishing the anglo-saxon tunic) and hennaing hair. And pizza and a pot luck evening for which the themes (inadvertent) were pasta and crumble (all very yummy though).

Today, mostly while listening to In Our Time hosted by Melvyn Bragg. Downloaded all the (interesting) podcasts available and am also working my way through the online episodes (of which there has been more than a decade worth). I had been looking for something the equivalent of The History of the World in 100 Objects, and this is doing pretty well.
Currently have listened to:
The Dawn of the Iron Age (podcast)
4 part episodes on The Royal Society (2010 online)
The India Mutiny (Z's choice, 2010 online)
And am looking forward to Antarctica, Boudicca and the Neanderthals (2010 online).

Hair hannaing, it has been a while. Had done it once since we moved in here (regrowth was a number of inches). Had forgotten how goopy/messy it is to get out. Happy with the colour (more lemon juice this time, and left in hair for over 2 1/2 hours) and should have enough left (the leftover mix was frozen) for doing roots in a few months. Yay to S&T and them supplying good quality henna from Turkey. Difficult to resupply though...

Back to tablet weaving time.
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Continuing the record from 2007 and 2008 and 2009.
Posting this now so it can be filled in as I go, just like the above entries.

For the record and predated so I can find it easily.

*object* (date started, date finished)
Green silk veil (started 5.1.10, finished 9.1.10). ~1/2 oval shape.
Brown linen wraparound apron dress (Started ~17.1.10, finished 20.1.10).
Red silk veil (started ~10.1.10, finished 20.1.10). Rectangular with rounded edges.
Blue moleskin elizabethan trousers (started ~22.1.10, wearable CF 2010).
Grey army blanket Skjoldeheim style tunic for Z (started ~20.1.10, finished 11.2.10). (entry with half finished photo here)
pair naalbinded fingerless gloves (started 13.3.10, pair finished 6.4.10)
white linen undertunic (cut out for CF 2008..., left a bit, finished 13.6.2010). Neck hole may be a big, but should be usable under 14-15th C clothing.
blackworked linen neck ruff (for [ profile] alpha_angel) (started ~30.5.2010, finished 22.12.2010). Modeled on my neck here.

Knitted hot water bottle. (started ~ 2.6.2010, finished ~10.6.2010)
Satchel made from warp weighted loom woven fabrics. (Thin strap weaving started March MLH camp 2009, finished late 2009, body weaving started CF 2010, finished ~July 2010, sew together July 2010)
Ebook reader case (Started 21.11.2010, finished 23.11.2010)
Trilobite bookmark for Mum for her birthday. Black silk and gold coloured cotton on linen cross-stitchish. (started and finished Dec 2010).

Joint projects:

Repairs/reconstruction: (so have an idea of how long things are lasting/rates of decay)
1 pair tartan wool trousers for Z (waist line needed dropping, started ~10.1.10, finished 11.1.10)
1 pair blue linen trousers for Z now knee length and seams re-finished where stitching was going (started ~11.1.10, finished ~12.1.10)
Wool underlay fix. Attached 2 bits of flockarti together for underlay on bed. May need to elasticise at corners - shall see for now (started 29.5.2010, finished 29.5.2010)
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It is that time of year for big camping event summaries.
For those wishing to skim to the piccies, they are on here from the given image onwards.

For anyone one who doesn't care, the rest is going behind the cut.

The gory details )
Now back to the more pressing stuff like work and finding a house and moving. The next 4 weeks may be a bit frantic...
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Continuing the record from 2007 and 2008.
Posting this now so it can be filled in as I go, just like the above entries.

For the record and predated so I can find it easily.

*object* (date started, date finished)
Roman breast band out of the crinkly muslin stuff (started 10.1.09, finished 11.1.09, but was recycling of an earlier viking tunic, so had a bunch of the seams sewn already).
Green roman tunica: cotton for J (started ~11.1.09, finished to wearable ~18.1.09).
Purple silk roman tunica/stola for J. (started ~20?.1.09, finished to wearable 5.2.09 and worn with palia (?sp) at CF Market day). Not counting palia for construction since that hasn't even been hemmed.
Maroon 14th/15th C woman's wool hood for J. (Pattern fitting ~11.6.09, fabric cutout ~12.6.09, finished sewing 16.6.09). Wearable now, but may be further work later.
Blackworked elizabethan coif for J. (Started ~~27.6.09, wearable ~22.11.09 but may be worked on further later).
cream linen trousers for J (started and given up on by flatmate years ago, resurrected out of the fabric collection, hemmed and finished ~23.12.09)

wool hot water bottle cover. (started 1.3.09, finished 1.3.09). Grey wool sewn together and then with wool button and loops at the top to hold it closed.
Back pouch for handbag. (started 1.3.09, finished 1.3.09). Grey wool with sections for usb sticks, cell phone and paper. More an addition than complete project, but should make things easier to find.
WCOB Pelican cloak badge for [ profile] dragonermine. (Started ~15.5.09, finished 30.5.09). Madiera silk on linen ground.
14th C embroidered pouch. (Started mid Feb 09, finished 17.6.09). Wool, DMC cotton on linen ground, with tablet woven edges.
3 finger felt finger puppets (~31.11.09). Will try and link to pics after Christmas.
1 purple felt pouch (mundane, with fingerloop braid cord) 7.12.09.

Joint Projects:
12 wax tablets (listed under joint because Z did the cutting to length, I did the marking, carving and initial waxing and attempted putting the black wax in, and Z did the cleaning up with me helping a little, a bit before Canterbury Faire (CF) and during CF). Sold as a mix of individual tablets and pairs.
green tent canvas tent fly for Viking A-Frame (started early January, finished in time for CF ~29.1.09) I was the one wielding the industrial sewing machine with Z hauling fabric. We both marked seams etc. Z sewed the leather eyelets.
Finally stitched up the gaps in the corners in the white viking A-frame (yes the one that was built for Rowany Festival 2005...). Done on setup day when the tent was up.

Repairs: (so have an idea of how long things are lasting/rates of decay, started mid April)
Leather handbag handles reattached (~mid April)
Sleeves on Z's maroon diamond pattern tunic extended. No idea how they had shrunk, but they had. (24.4.09)
Seams on handsewn white linen womans undertunic. (~21.7.09). Linen thread keeps going along the arms along probably the main stress lines. About the 3rd set of repairs, so not certain what is going on there. Possibly too tight, so under too much stress. Hopefully this set of repairs will hold a while.
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Breast band: Done. Yay for time sitting around at events sewing. And being able to use the hemming from the last garment it was part of. Experiments on how to wear it are ongoing and amuse Z endlessly :)

Tunica/stola: Fabric has been washed, ironed and cut into shape ie marked at the right lengths and ripped. Edges pinned and have marked on where arm holes start from. Debating starting sewing edges together, but my neck may like me better if I curl up with a good book and have an early night instead. Don't have any good buttons or the right sort of pins...

Fabric belt: Need to make one.

Palla: Fabric is washed (doesn't need ironing) and is waiting for me to work out how to drape it right. Is 4m long, so may take a little tweaking. I might hem the non-salvedge edges, I might not. Don't know how easily the edges will fringe.

Tunica: Know which chemise I am scrounging the fabric from if I do get around to doing this. Will do this last as the ensemble should be wearable without, but will be more civilized if I do.

Sandals: Have a pair that should look ok.

Hair: Need to research how to style this. Ok, need to pick and time and place and research, since looks like it varies a great deal throughout the roman era. Can probably get away with fairly basic bun or plaits into bun...

Jewelry: Earrings?? Finally an excuse to wear the right earrings! Not certain re necklaces. Beads or pearls?
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Looking at the weather in Canterbury today, and looking at the La Nina forecast, and starting to think that a Roman outfit might be a really good idea for CF... and have been chasing links* and thinking about the fabric stash and other fabric round the place.

Now given ~3 weeks to CF, normally not completely mad. Lots of rectangles. Easily sewn. Probably even have the fabric. It is more the other projects with somewhat higher priority such as a tent cover**, wax tablets etc... And a slight lack of free weekends. And a daytime job.

* Including the ones linked to in [ profile] mrsbrown's post... Though I managed to miss the Introduction to Roman clothing at CF last year...

** For the Viking a-frame...

Complete aside: Internet like bloody yoyo all night and not the most stable for the past few days. Reboot router has no effect. Mutter mutter mutter...
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So, after being started in 2001, as a 1 year going out anniversary present for Z, the blackworked chess board (old progress picture) (completely not documentable :)) is now backed and finished.

Only a little under a month since the 7 year anniversary.

Now need to come up with some chess pieces...
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So, finally finished the embroidery on the sleeve seam of the blackworked chemise (60 cm worth). Next choice is to start the other sleeve, or start on the seam down the torso. The latter is a slightly shorter seam so should be done sooner, but I don't think there is that much difference.

Need to work out which design will grace the actual cuffs and around the neck line (and measure out how much I will actually need to do for that). Think that will actually be counted (which I prefer) as opposed to fudged (what is currently being done for the seams). Will start eying up designs from the New Carolingian Modelbook for that.

But there is also Z's chess board, waiting to just have a backing put on and be finished. Should in fact be doable by the end of today, and then it would be DONE (only 6 years late...)...

Decisions, decisions...
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Jack decided to get very involved with my sandels while they were still on. This got a little disturbing, so I took then off and he went into raptures over them for a while before cuddling up to one and falling asleep. Curious cat, but kinda cute.

Less cute was him doing the usually cute chin butt while on my lap just as I was raising the mug of milo to my mouth. Didn't get any on him, so he stayed put and purred while I muttered slightly and let my lap and chest dry in the sunlight. I'm still smelling slightly of milo.

Feeling restless, especially given Z is off at work and will come home and want to collapse at the end of the day. Tomorrow will have a bit of variety, but the past 2 days have been a bit... blah. Not bad, just bored. Spent some time looking up blackwork stuff to conclude that, no, no Elizabethan blackworked sweet bags documentable (despite that being a popular blackworking shape and pattern NOW). Then dug out the hankie sampler and finished one of the bits on that. And dug out the chemise for getting on with - it would be more useful to finish the started projects then start new ones and I shouldn't really turn into distractobunny*.

Bad enough I am thinking about (and have the fabric for) either a white linen woman's basic undertunic (with sleeves that are the right length rather than the anglo-saxon get in the way too long ones - just bad for camping) or a basic (camping) outfit for me of male early period garb (either Viking or Anglo-Saxon passible) - undertunic, tunic and trousers. Not certain if the trouser pattern I use for Z (more migration eraish) works well around a female arse/hips/waist though. And Z has 1st bags on a tunic from the natural linen, so I would have to cut out a tunic for him before doing one for me, to make sure there was enough fabric. Can't remember which of his tunics is favourite for fitting off.

At least I have one more naalbinded sock done. This brings the collection finished to 3 (someday I will get around to making a post on the sock progression). This appears to be the most wearable one (and it looks most like the Coppergate sock), so now I need to make another one for the right foot. There is already 1/4 of a toe started.

Rambling too much now, need to start dinner.

*As opposed to Jill, who has occasionally been referred to as Destructokitty due to her habit of knocking things off benches and an unfortunate incident with a printer.
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Minor grumps:

It is that time of the month for the drill-here headache. Not huge scale or particularly incapacitating (ie definitely not in the migraine category), just annoying - if I get sore enough to take Z up on his flint tool trepaning offer then you know it is serious.

Wandered to Gaganis Bros for the usual honey and real cocoa supplies and cause I needed sugar, picked some up there. Silly move as I could have paid a third of the price for half the quantity (we don't need that much) at the local supermarket. Will just have to try to use it up with Pumpkin pie, ginger and date cookies and spiced lemon cordial (those are probably not really minuses...).


3rd seam on the blackworked chemise is done:)
Photo under here and some comments on the chemise )
And more photos can be found here onwards.

On the oilskin hood and cloak front, 1 set done and posted, 2 hoods cut out and machined - need the hand finishing on seams etc. 2 cloaks cut out but waiting on me biting the bullet and deciding on necklines etc, then should be about an hour all up (excluding breaks for swearing at the stapler) to machine and finish. And another order for a cloak and hood arrived today.

And then there is the blacksmithing workshop at our place this weekend.

Not a bad lineup.
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Well, sides of caftan are now attached and it is in a wearable enough state to be able to see how things hang and look. Gores are fine but the sleeves are a little on the large side ie Z started saying you could fit 2-3 of my arms in, but on closer inspection decided it was 4... So, really need to taiper the sleeves. I would do the "finish the seams as I go", which means more unpicking. Not that it takes long, from the time taken to switch 1 side gore around - it didn't look bad, just had the diagonals making a v, rather than following through, so needed to be turned over to match the other side gore. Very fine diagonals, so probably only I would have noticed.

It is probably only a Hornblower's episode worth of work...

Then finish the lining and seam that in. Will do smooth neckline, rather than keyhole, so the jacket can sit properly open under formal circumstances (need the right broach) or pin shut with slight overlap against definitely cold. Will do a silk edging after round the neck and front and may be cuffs, and if things go really well, a fur edging around the collar.

Sits a bit loose over the current viking apron dress and linen tunic layers, but I think that is fine and allows extra tunics should it be necessary.

Now I am looking at the current apron dress and thinking it could definitely be improved on. The static while sewing meant definitely not pure wool. Also think that while the strap width is good, really should go with loops as that is the most archeologically documentable bit. Will stick with the panel combo I have though, as I like that construction (3 panel + gores, rather than 4, but that is something I can get away with shapewise, rather than something I would argue definitely from the evidence available). Or could go completely out there and look at the recent Russian Viking finding, though I can't say I particularly like that look...

But that is a project for later I think... Still have the blackworked chemise to go...
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So, the next 5 weekends seem a little busy... - chests, blacksmithing (11/12), Collegium (18/19), [ profile] margaretta and [ profile] sandhi visiting (26th on), Ball (1 Sept). Not to mention Z's 35th birthday (21st) and 2 year Civil Union Ann (25th). Last year was a bit of wash out for these two, as we were frantically house packing and tidying before moving (not fun) and then forgot about the anniversary while in the teeming action packed metropolis of Tenterfield. Would be nice to do something, but Costumer's Ball would be expensive. May just try dress up and a nice dinner somewhere - we shall see.

Then there is the joys of sorting the shifting of stuff. Started the fun of checking out moving/freighting companies. Wish they could be a little more explicit cost wise - $ per cubic metre, location to location is a great start, especially when we would prefer to pack it ourselves. Evil quote system. Wont need a full shipping container worth...

On the sewing front, chemise is occasionally getting blackworked and the viking jacket is slowly being stitched together - soon up to the two sides and then stitching the (wool/cashmere blend) lining in place. Need to get notes etc together for the A&S class soon. Need to either finish projects or work out which ones travel with me and which are packed up...

Need to get back to culling/consolidating.

Decisions, decisions.

Think that about covers things. Wonder if it is safe to drag Z off shopping?
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Well, flight back to NZ is now booked...*
Definite timetabling now.

But yay to airline price wars and both of us over for less than $500. Just about half that fare goes to the "taxes and surcharges", but you get that.

We now have a happy car again (distributor replaced for the 2nd time - Canberra to Brisbane, Brisbane to Canberra, Canberra to Adelaide, Adelaide to Canberra, Canberra to Adelaide, Adelaide to Canberra, Canberra to Adelaide will do that. And given we still want it to last out Adelaide to Canberra and Canberra to Melbourne...)

Z is having fun in the garage making arrows to use up all the shaft wood and feathers he has. He has had fun boiling/steralizing and cleaning feathers and I am sure will give a proper rant over stove fuels at some point soon. And he is also having fun nearly setting the arrowshafts alight with with sandpaper and an electric drill. I'll let him explain that one too...

I have been sewing the caftan (lining done, now on the outside), occasionally blackwork embroidering the chemise and muttering over trying replicating the silver passements from one of the Birka graves**. Can do the knots fine in thick cord (would look gorgeous as military (or pseudo-military) frogging or on late period stuff ), but couldn't get it to work well in the thin wire I had. It may be that the spiral wire originally used acts in a more cord like fashion so would handle better. The knots are really easy though and do look very good in lucet woven cord...

*There is something quite satisfying about the thought of going through customs and being able to tick the returning resident box... Not that being over here has been bad or anything. Lots of fun in various things...

**Fig 5.8, Agnes Geiger "Textile finds from Birka", in Cloth and Clothing in Medieval Europe.


Jul. 2nd, 2007 03:24 pm
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Sulk sulk sulk sulk sulk...

So, added as much wire as I thought necessary to the viking trichnopoly chain I was making for Z. Couldn't find the draw plate so Z made a new one. Tried tucking the wire ends in, but ended up cutting them off close to the main chain. And then drew it (well Z did).

Evened out nicely. Looked good, but you can still feel the little sharp sprag ends when running your fingers down opposite to the pulling direction. And it is plastic coated silver coloured wire, making it entertaining to solder ends onto anyway.

And still too short. Fits around my neck nicely, but definitely not around Z's. Which given it was started as a birthday present for Z last year...


But we have swept and mopped wooden floors. I have a new chest (well, Z redid the ends and now it is chest version 3 out of that wood), which wool and various projects have been transfered into. Ironically the most viking looking chest has the blackwork and doublet projects in... And you can see a great deal more lounge floor.

And Z has just made a nice large batch of sympathy popcorn which smells great but due to sore gums* I possibly shouldn't eat. Given the new mouthwash also appears to have nuked my tongue and mouth from orbit - feels burnt, which it really shouldn't...

Screw it, LKH vampire popcorn, real popcorn and a good beanbag time I think.

*Crooked wisdom tooth interaction and rubbing? Ouchie in any case


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