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Jul. 10th, 2012 10:14 am
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2cellos live
Had run into their version of Smooth Criminal before, but they appear to have hit it biggish in the USA. Their version of Caifornication was posted in Terri Windling's blog and is very good. Ditto for Hurt. Looks like an album has come out this year...
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In the random cool links department:
Bohemian Rhapsody
All done by Jake Shimabukuro.
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I was going to post a summary of the weekend (the more detailed version along with notes for next camping event etc), but it took so long to go through friends pages that ran out of time...

On the way though I encountered:

Pachelbel’s canon done by Pagagnini" via Smart Bitches Fri videos, which lead to more of the same groups stuff here and here. And the Pachabel Rant.

And then there is the Smart Bitches discussion on People's favourite and nonfavourite sex scenes.

And then it was time to sleep...
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After for some reason deciding to search for the lyrics to "Leave us our glens" (lyrics here and for those with wide broadband, ~11:45 in here - those who have appreciated tours of Scotland at Festival will appreciate it), discovered that youtube has a large array of Karen Matheson (of Capercaillie fame) stuff.

Such as:
Puirt a Beul
To the moon
Crooked Mountain (though why they have set it to a picture of Mt Cook and Mt Tasman from the West Coast, I have no idea...)

Need more Capercaillie albums since I have too few of their albums on CD and one of those (a best of album I think) was lost some time while in Canberra.

Will have to go chasing more at a less late hour of the night.

After this version of Down by the Salley Garden :)
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Ran across the review of the Simon and Garfunkel concert in Auckland. Sounds as though is would have been very good to go to.

And they link to video links. Bridge over Troubled Waters was ok, but The Boxer and especially The Sound of Silence were great (love the start of Sound of Silence).

Garfunkel's voice isn't quite soaring to the heights it used to, but they still sound bloody good.
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Well, after a nice late night of cocktails and conversation, this morning we set out in search of bricks and clay for an oven. But alas, it wasn't to be. Demolitions place was shut, so no bricks.
Decided that clay with no brick base was a tad pointless and we really should get home and work on bookcases and other furnature assembly. To degrump, paused on Killkenny Street to giggle at the porn shop and check out a second hand book place. Porn shop was neither here nor there - just like the ones in Canberra really. The bookshop however... for such a small shop in an out of the way corner, very nice. Ecclectic array with a large Russian focus. Dangerous - we wandered out with Frozen Tombs of Siberia: the Pazyryk burials of iron age horsemen by Sergei I Rudenko. Bit dated as it is the 1953 edition first translated to English 1970. But gorgeously detailed and amazing finds. Apparently we just missed a bunch on Scythian art. Fingers crossed, with the general focus, the place may be likely to get some of the books on the Novgorod excavations. Also a reasonably large erotica section, as in lots of written books as opposed to silly picture books. Z very carefully resisted the Dudley Pope, Alexander Kent collection. Definitely have to make it back there.

ABC Classic FM is having great fun with animal music and Winnie the Pooh. They also generally doing a good line in nice OLD Chirstmas carols.

Time for lunch, chairs and bookcases.
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Back when I was looking at picking a name and persona for the SCA, I was in the middle of a Uni course in The cultural impact of the 12th Century renaissance, so aimed for thereish. Haven't gone back there for ages - keep getting distracted by new shiney stuff, but have always had a fondness for that time.
Was reminded of that stuff this morning and had a fun trawl through Wikipedia with Troubadour (including a long list of them)^1, Trouvere^2, and Trobairitz^3. I had forgotten just how much survived, including a little less than 10% of the music for what is extant. Nice to hear "A chantar m'er" - apparently "The only existing song by a trobairitz which survives with music."

It is entertaining as to what some of them got up to - at least according to their vida... which can be variably acccurate. Guillaume d'Aquitaine was always a fun character eg this - it explains a bit about his granddaughter Eleanor...

And sorry, you just have to admit that the names are far better than the Anglo-Saxon and Viking female names preceeding.... eg family of Dalfi d'Alvernha - Jeanne de Calabre, Guillemette de Comborn, Jourdaine of Périgord, and his daughters Aélis, Blanche and Alix.

Though I do have to admit to still prefering the student (drinking) songs of the time (or slightly later) in terms of actual subject matter - generally contact and consumation as opposed to unrequited lust from afar - appart from Guillaume d'Aquitaine.

^1 Provencal male
^2 Northern France male
^3 Provencal female
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No one else at home.
I have the place to myself.
Heating on comfortable.
Princess Bride soundtrack on the stereo. (I think we are in the castle) *
XEmacs and up-to-date Latex (especially natbib and subfig.sty) on the computer.
Time to work on the paper.

*Working my way throught the tape collection now it is back home and near a functioning tape player. I really need to get onto transfering a lot of those over to CD or MP3 or something. But it means I have all sorts of things at my fingertips. Now I just need to remember the good ones for writing to. Two Towers soundtrack is still almost too traumatic - wrote my thesis to too much of that.
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They would put the gorgeous music on just as the stellar group meeting is about to start. A Kate Bush version of "Lagan Love" and now a very nice guitar version of "The Skye Boat Song"... Much nicer than absolute stellar flux discussions.

But I got the bastard to converge...:)
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Just caught Fantasia on Greensleeves on the Radio and now it is a lineup of 4 Playford pieces, starting with Greensleeves:) Must be later Playford, since Over the Hills is not that early (mid 1700s? 1st version). Nice instrumental version - wonder what the dance (if there is one) is like?

Playford: 4 Playford Dances; Greensleeeves; Italian Rant; Over the Hills and Far away; Blackheath - Lautten Compagny Berlin Classics 0017842 2 5'33

Edit: The tune appeared in Playford's Dancing Master (1714) (cause there are a bunch of lyrics under there) )


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