Aug. 8th, 2012 03:43 pm
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An interesting discussion of the Lengberg underwear finds along with manuscript and carved images.
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Nalbinding link which includes videos and much diagrams of how various stitches look etc here.

Music link

Jul. 10th, 2012 10:14 am
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2cellos live
Had run into their version of Smooth Criminal before, but they appear to have hit it biggish in the USA. Their version of Caifornication was posted in Terri Windling's blog and is very good. Ditto for Hurt. Looks like an album has come out this year...
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For reference later (couple months of baking left to go):

Get This Baby Out of Me! On Induction and Ending #occupyuterus by Kate Clancy (Context and Variation blog - a good overview/explanation/entertaining read for scientific background on female biology...)

And on a completely different topic:
DOUBLE RUNNING STITCH LOGIC 102 - WORKING FROM THE BASELINE from String-or-nothing (the lady who wrote the New Carolingean Modelbuch). How to look at a double sided blackwork pattern, trace an underlying path, and branch out at the appropriate places so it will look the same on both sides (how I try and do it, only explained much better).
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In the random cool links department:
Bohemian Rhapsody
All done by Jake Shimabukuro.
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Togs from Bogs has links to a selection of limited time (til 4 Nov) open access archaeology journals. Includes Arms and Armour (which [ profile] basal_surge lost several hours to), which is a journal by the Royal Armouries.
Viking Society web pages also have a bunch of free stuff online including the material for a 1st year Uni introductory course to Old Norse (no time limit so far as I can tell).
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Reinactment and making stuff - doing it right: Polish armourer and maker of museum replica standard stuff. Gorgeous, especially the early period helms eg based on 5th C spangenhelm from France.

[ profile] basal_surge has been drooling.
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The weekend has consisted of tidying, laundry, sewing (the anglo-saxon tunic), tablet weaving (trim for finishing the anglo-saxon tunic) and hennaing hair. And pizza and a pot luck evening for which the themes (inadvertent) were pasta and crumble (all very yummy though).

Today, mostly while listening to In Our Time hosted by Melvyn Bragg. Downloaded all the (interesting) podcasts available and am also working my way through the online episodes (of which there has been more than a decade worth). I had been looking for something the equivalent of The History of the World in 100 Objects, and this is doing pretty well.
Currently have listened to:
The Dawn of the Iron Age (podcast)
4 part episodes on The Royal Society (2010 online)
The India Mutiny (Z's choice, 2010 online)
And am looking forward to Antarctica, Boudicca and the Neanderthals (2010 online).

Hair hannaing, it has been a while. Had done it once since we moved in here (regrowth was a number of inches). Had forgotten how goopy/messy it is to get out. Happy with the colour (more lemon juice this time, and left in hair for over 2 1/2 hours) and should have enough left (the leftover mix was frozen) for doing roots in a few months. Yay to S&T and them supplying good quality henna from Turkey. Difficult to resupply though...

Back to tablet weaving time.
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Some very sexy replica Roman Era and earlier pottery. Via Aardvarchaeology.

Interesting blogs added to my RSS feed recently (grrr to Chrome for not handling them, so I need to use Firefox for that):
Encyclopedia of New Zealand/Te Ara blog
Terri Windling's blog. Fantasy editor, artist and writer. I very much like her book "The Wood Wife".
Ellen Kushner's blog.
Delia Sherman's blog.
Dreamstress blog. Wellington costumer doing some very cool stuff, who knows some people I know.

Currently quiet here. Both Z and the new kittens* are asleep. [ profile] basal_surge got back from landslide work down south following the Chch earthquake on Thurs evening, but is still trying to catch up on sleep after very long days and little sleep.

* We have just today acquired two kittens from Wellington Cats Protection League:
1 black and white male, domestic short hair, born 11.12.2010
1 gray tabby female, domestic short hair, born 22.11.2010
Both already desexed. No names decided yet.
I am saving the picture spam (photo and video) for Facebook...
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I'll see an interesting link occasionally while at work and then email it to myself to post about later while at home.
And then forget about it.
Time to catch up. The assortment may be somewhat random or oddly clustered.

Caching for future archeologists (Aardvarcheology)
Viking era amber gaming pieces (ditto). Have to make a set...

Paleopathology of Bosch (pdf). Hieronymus Bosch (1450±1516): Paleopathology of the Medieval Disabled and its Relation to the Bone and Joint Decade 2000±2010by Jan Dequeker MD PhD FRCP Edin, Guy Fabry MD PhD and Ludo Vanopdenbosch MD.Objective: To analyze ``The procession of the Cripples,'' a representative drawing of 31 disabled individuals by Hieronymus Bosch in 1500.

The medical and surgical management of the pilgrims of the Jacobean Roads in medieval times: Part 2. Traces of ergotism and pictures of human suffering in the medieval fine arts by C. Nemes and M. Goerig

The latter two of which were found while looking for Antony's fire (gangrenous ergotism) and medieval iconography (not much there unfortunately - sounded interesting). The thing you find while reading SafetyLit


Aug. 1st, 2010 09:33 pm
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Back from Winter Weekend. Yay to catching up with people. Need more sleep.

Finished handwoven satchel now. Pictures at some point. Suspect it will be lined in canvas or lighter linen at some point, but it is usable now.

Random cool links I just found:

Kopert: Medieval book binding. Latest post (as of today) is on some extant 15th C tablet weaving, but earlier posts focus on book binding, especially 15th C (her focus I think).

Medieval gunpowder research group: Fire pots and firearrows (pdf). Middelaldercentret gunpowder guys playing :). More report from them linked off here (which advertises a very cool sounding conference on "Trebuchet to Cannon: Military Technology 1000-1600" which was on over the past week - REALLY would like to see the conference proceedings of that one).

Sleep soon would be sensible, but at least tomorrow doesn't involve getting into work.

While I remember, [ profile] sandhi, Schappe Silk the one you had used i.e. an ok silk for (beginner silk) tablet weaving?
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Yay to the LJ feed of Loose Threads: Yet Another Costuming Blog by Cathy Raymond who posts cool stuff about Viking clothing amongst other things. I had been following sporadically when I remembered, and I know several people reading follow her already, but yay for feeds...

Amongst the cool stuff she has linked to:
Shelagh Lewin's Reconstructed Viking Woman's Outfit based on the Kostrup find (apologies to the scandanavians whimpering over the lack of proper lettering there...).
Hilde Thunem's Viking women: Underdress
Hilde Thunem's Viking women: Aprondress (in progress). Yay to archeological focuses in both of these.

Enough viking clothing links for now...
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Eldrimner Viking era food blog by an archeology PhD student specialising in the subject. So far appears to cover beer, food smoking and various grinding amongst other things. And one of the entires has links to other people doing the same sort of thing.

Apparently he is basically doing a summer of experimental archeology cooking at Lofotr Viking Museum.
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A glorious database of Kentish Anglo-Saxon Graves and Grave Goods where someone has put a large database of grave by grave finds and descriptions online from the antiquarian reports. And some of them even include some fabric details (what little they were reporting in the 19th century and earlier) eg Sarre Grave 4 with gold 'braid'. Plenty of jewelery too (with scale markers!!), including beads.

Accept terms and conditions* >> digital corpus >> Site Index, and then start poking seemed to be one way in. Some graves have far more stuff than others.

Found linked off The Sutton Hoo Society link collection which looks to have all sorts of fun (archeological) stuff.

I should stop link chasing for the evening before I turn into a pumpkin at midnight.

* Can't seem to do direct links due to the way that works, but it is a site worth fossicking though in any case and they give a citation reference at the base of each page eg 'Sarre Grave 4', Novum Inventorium Sepulchrale: Kentish Anglo-Saxon Graves and Grave Goods in the Sonia Hawkes Archive, July 2007, 1st Edition,, Accessed: 05 July 2010, so should be able to keep track of things that way.
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ScienceBlogs these for today (1 July US/other side of globe) is zombies.

Fun articles include:
Zombie decomposition
Zombie orbits
Zombie evolution
Zombie vaccine
Zombie day shopping
and much more...

Happy reading :)
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Very nice replicas here (Neolithic to Viking/Anglo-Saxon era).
Found off Haandkraft Blog who also do very cool stuff.

All of which was revisited when going back to see When the Boys are on parade (which I have linked to previously) for Anzac Day. For which I found the full lyrics here (pdf) pg 8 onwards.

Time for sewing and Sense and Sensibility I think.


Apr. 7th, 2010 10:38 pm
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Hit and miss but can be randomly good
My First Dictionary (Thanks Dad :))
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Sleep Talkin Man (Thanks [ profile] alpha_angel)
Tree Lobsters
Hark, a vagrant by Kate Beaton

Girl Genius
2D Goggles (And now there is an LJ feed. Yay!)

Everyone knows about xkcd.

Any other favorites/recent addictions/random giggles?


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