Aug. 8th, 2012 03:43 pm
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An interesting discussion of the Lengberg underwear finds along with manuscript and carved images.


Jul. 24th, 2011 11:36 pm
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Not a bad weekend, though the weather has been shite.

Got the pattern to functional for Z's 14th C coat on Sat. Only some swearing. Much happiness with the new sewing machine for speeding things up.

Today was spent ironing fabric (I hate that job), cutting out fabric (ditto, insert much swearing there), and eventually, sewing together the fabric. Grey heavy wool with a linen lining sewn by treating the wool and lining as one piece rather than bag lining.. Sewing machine handles 2 layers of wool between 2 layers of linen no worries and can even go over the seams. Nice machine. Reminded why sewing machines can be useful, especially when the tensioning isn't poked by sewing tents. Sleeves are attached (decided not to line them for sanity and time sake) and the collar is on (lining is pinned on and ready to stitch down). And the overall effect is looking like a 14th C coat. All good. Need to finish the collar, stitch down the front opening, and hem the bugger. Then see how far I can get in stab stitch down the seams so they stay flat, and maybe do the buttons before Z needs it on Fri. It can be worn without the buttons and the seams stab stitched down if necessary, so the deadline for those bits is Sept.

And he needs a hat (pillbox, Herjolfsnes Nordlund #83), but that should be an evening.

Sat pattern fitting had a nice break of heading into town and seeing Grandeur & Frivolity, Music and Fashion from the Courts of Louis XIV & XV, which was a very cool combo of music, costume and dance of the french courts of the time. Very nice costumes by Leimomi Oakes (her blog will apparently have photos shortly). Worth braving the wind and rain for and good to see they did a reasonable job of filling the venue. Emphasis on how small a world Wellington is though. Had gone with Mum (well, ended up meeting her there), and saw at least 7 people I know/recognise, ranging from work, to (originally) medieval to other social circles.

And now, having put down the fabric and pins, it is time to step away from the computer, brave the rampaging kittens and hope the sleet has cleared by tomorrow morning.
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That new current project I had been contemplating...

The fitted cotehardie one where I had even gone so far as to check out Costly thy habit for instructions...

Is now back down the queue due to [ profile] basal_surge realising that he needs a 14th century outfit to go with his 13-14th century writing desk for a display... at the end of this month.
So, next project (seams are now all done on the Anglo-Saxon tunic and it is just awaiting me finishing the tablet weaving) will involve a 14th C coat (based on the Herjolfnes coat - Norlund #63 - like [ profile] alpha_angel's one) and (probably) a hat. He has functional undertunics and we can fudge leg coverings.

Ventured forth into the fabric cave* and after establishing that we have much much wool (some of which is not in the spreadsheet) and found some very nice grey wool and some unbleached linen to line. These have just been hot washed and are now on the line drying.

Have established we need some old sheets for patterning with. Currently out.

This one is breaking out the new sewing machine though, but should be an interesting challenge.

* Excavate (good wools) fabric chest, open fabric chest, paw through fabric (fondling somewhat), repack fabric chest, remove cat, close fabric chest. Giggle at (other) cat purring in black bag in box. Tidy shelves of fabric, tents and leather while at it. Clear cats out of room by playing the recorder that was excavated off the top of a chest - it wasn't that bad...
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For the fans of Gothic Ivories out there, the Courtauld Institute of Art has assembled an online database of Western European ivory sculptures from ca 1200 - 1530.

eg combs

Via V&A blog.
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Colour zoomable images of textiles from the Mammen Grave. You can zoom right in on the tablet weaving...
If you head up a level or two there is a large Viking section with silver hoards and all.
National Museum in Copenhagen, so have plenty of cool stuff which I have only scratched the surface. Yay bog bodies and graves :)
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Costume - the journal of the Costume society now has one issue free (2008) and for (2007) the Janet Arnold article on the Effigy Corset.
The Burial Clothes of Margaretha Franziska de Lobkowitz, 1617 in the 2008 issue looks very cool.
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After seeing the very cool pouches that [ profile] argentbear and [ profile] talkingfrog were each working on in the weekend, and drooling over the copy of "Purses in Pieces" - Archaeological finds of late medieval and 16th-century leather purses, pouches, bags and cases in the Netherlands
by O. Goubitz, (especially the wax tablet cases) I did some poking of some blogs of people who do very nice such pouches [ profile] mikkelf84 and [ profile] maxlu179 who I have linked to before), and realized that one of them had given this link (1.33?mb pdf) which is the 1st 30 pages of said book, which Oxbow was offering as a lure/enticement. Gives you the introduction and most of the first chapter on girdle purses. Unfortunately not the wax tablet section but with nice books like that, you take what you can get.

I especially like the purse in figure 4 (pg 11), with the equivalent of the cell phone section at the front, for storing your wax tablets in.
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Boston Big Picture today is well worth it, with a selection from National Geographic's International Photography Contest...

Definitely #10 and ...
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I have linked to the blog/comic 2D Goggles before, but everyone should read:
Babbage and Lovelace Vs The Client (1), (2), (3).

I think I need bits of part 3 as a poster up at work...

Bedtime now.
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It all started with following the link to here...
And using the random comic button we got:
this, this, David Hume, especially the bottom two, a Plantegenet family portrait, Robin Hood, Henry VIII, Tesla!, Lindisfarne

and ended with
Ooh, Mr Darcy because it was midnight and we did need some sleep... And that did seem to be a good note to finish on:)
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mutter mutter
heavy rain on way to work
mutter mutter
sodden from knees down
mutter mutter
wrong soup
mutter mutter
yoghurt grenade
mutter mutter
carpets, walls, me...
mutter mutter
running out of things to do on a long slow Fri afternoon at work
mutter mutter

But this is very cool. Yay dirt and straw houses.

And it is now the weekend.


Jan. 23rd, 2009 06:35 pm
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May take a while to get the sewing up to that level though... 1877 apparently.
Very very nice
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Don't know anyone like this...

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Just back from WW (we took an extra day) and have work entirely too soon tomorrow, so not going to post about that just yet.

Instead I will link to the very cool website of late Victorian Mens clothing cutting patterns that [ profile] the_peahen was kind enough to send me the link to :). Z drooled over the fact there were military uniform instructions linked to, and is now pestering me to head off to bed...

Not nearly as tired as I should be, but I did get to bed by 10:30pm last night (getting up at 8:30am) and will aim for 11pm tonight.. (but having to get up round 7am..:()
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Found a distraction...

NESAT 2008 pdf of abstracts available here.

Some quite detailed abstracts, some of which even have photos and references.
Includes papers on the Viking era Pskov finds, clothing examination as displayed on the Lewis Chess pieces. A number of people's Masters and PhD work.


Mar. 30th, 2008 09:11 pm
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So, Fri evening. Gaming with the usual suspects (well, they gamed and I lurked in a corner and read Charles Stross)

Sat: Various people around to work on tabards and shields for the battle against(or for, depending on choc fish rates) the ALFs and Salient. Much sewing, gluing and spraypainting. Missed Earthhour itself with much needed fish and chips, blobbing and a scenic tour of Johnsonville and Newlands. But things sorted themselves out in the rain and we spent the remainder of the evening nattering with people and exchanging domesday scenarios with the best of them.

Sun: Swimming in the morning, lunch, finished book*, then nap in the afternoon. Woke around 5pm... Since then it has been dinner, next book, and banana muffin making. Substituted oil for marge, so will be interesting to see how they turn out. And meanwhile, Z is getting on with some calligraphy.

Had all sorts of plans for shopping etc today (groceries, spices and a frying pan etc), but they sort of got napped through. Oh well.

Time to try a muffin. Virtual muffins to all those who want one and can't grab one. I'll leave you with the smell of freshly baked banana muffins wafting out of your hard drive...

* Halting State by Charles Stross. Not quite as good as the Laundryverse ones but better than the Clan ones.

** Day Watch. Quite different to the movie so far but still a good read.

Edit: banana muffins work :) Now need a muffin tray of own so can stop borrowing [ profile] alpha_angel's good one...
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So, based on the recipe (link via BoingBoing), is it worth it/economic to try making vanilla extract? What are vanilla bean prices like locally?
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[ profile] alpha_angel, if you still have the leftover pumpkin, this* might be a dangerous combination...

*This being a combined chocolate brownie pumpkin pie recipe by Elizabeth Moon. The things one finds while following links on SF politicking and ructions...

I would try making it, but still haven't finished eating the gingerbread from Fri evening.


Jul. 3rd, 2007 11:40 am
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Hey, [ profile] alpha_angel, Any one familiar?. I would say that it makes a change from the usual lawn ornaments, but they appear to have those as well...
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That blackwork I mentioned, pictures now up here onwards.

One or two pretty pictures... )

Down to 2 squares now.


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