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Unfortunately Above Shower Bob is now Garden Bob. He was starting to curl up due to (we think) the dye removal stuff soaking in the bathtub.
Will be interesting to see how fast the ecological niche is filled...
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Last night there was a teeny tiny spider in the corner of the bathroom. This morning there was a Bathroom Bob... and no little spider. Munch munch. This would be fine except Bathroom wall Bob decided to become Bathtub Bob in the middle of my shower. Usually they don't reveal the teleportation technology when someone is in the room. It may not have been a voluntary jump though, as he didn't move for a while and was last seen drunkenly staggering around the plughole. Possibly Concussed Bathtub Bob. Bags not removing the corpse...

Festival stuff progress )

No essential hand sewing projects for working on while getting abundances for NGC 1866#4. Might naalbind then.
Cassanova tonight. I am looking forward to scenic historical popcorn with corsets...
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Google maps doesn't grok "in close proximity to a computer" as a location. No shit Sherlock.

Last night Lounge Bob decided to become Flockarti Rug Bob, but when that was moved, took up residence as Bookcase Bob. Last seen residing on a tour book for Laudenburg. Z wonders what we will do with an educated Bob and suspects he may have dissappeared to make armaments. As long as he isn't hiding in the folder with the driving manual.

And Latten is an alloy of tin and brass. Just in case you wanted to make spoons from it. Who, me, hoarding useless information...

Need to stop brain coming up with new ideas. Though according to Z, we have just gotten a lot better at anic/organisation.

Definite sleep now honest.
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Hmmm, I should possibly have it witnessed that following Festival, I do not wish to sew another tent for about 12 months. A review at 6 months is allowed if people are really pursuasive, but I think 3 in a little over a year is plenty. And yes, yurts are tents...

But on a brighter note, more than half the machine sewing on the second tent is done, with the doors attached and 2 of the 4 roof double edge seams done. Z turn to pin the other sides together, but "Baby Cart in the land of Demons" is winning. You realise how much practice you have going when one of your pairs of jeans is currently specificly devoted to wearing while tent sewing - have you seen the scratches you can get after 7m of pinned seam has brushed past an unprotected leg? Been there, learnt that.

This leaves the 2 remaining seams (tommorrow night), eyelets for guy ropes (so the bastard can be put up), waterproofing (unfortunatly both tents), putting up and marking out doors (ditto), eyelets and door toggles (ditto). This should be doable in 3 weeks. There is however the hitch that the wankers at Lincraft sold us polycotton, labeled as cotton. This has waterproofing implications given polycotton doesn't expand when wet. Bastards. Does mean that paint may be trialed for waterproofing, but we shall see. At least there is several metres of spare fabric to experiment on.

Other Festival progress: yay for extended Faculty meetings in lecture theatres (don't ask the topic, but I left after 2 1/2 hours and they went on beyond that), since it meant I got the second ho sewn and some cushion edge done. So, I have one complete set of back linen hose:) Should start on Z's pair soon, but it will take getting him to stand still for a while... I could at least get the basic start sizes off a pair of trousers and his cut out ducttaped sock. Suspect that wont be til Mon though.

And on the wildlife front:
1 kangaroo lounging between the main buildings at work.
1 large Lounge Bob on the window frame above Z's head.
1 teenage Bob formerly known as Bedroom Bob... He will turn up somewhere...

The parrot watching front has been helped by walking over the mountain for the past 4 mornings. This morning managed a very nice rainbow and sunrise, before raining the full hour and 10 min to the campus bus stop. And then it stopped. But the thunderstorms last night were good.

And since I am now rambling, I think I should head off to bed.
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We have a Lounge Bob again:)
The curious thing is that a few weeks ago we had a Baby Bob in the bathroom - about the size of a fifty cent piece. Haven't seen him for a while now. Not certain if Lounge Bob was originally Baby Bob. Given Lounge Bob would have difficulty fitting on a five dollar bill, this is potentially a _lot_ of growth... and shed spider skin...
It is the fact that you just look up and suddenly notice that they are there, right in front of you, as though they have always been there.
I still think they teleport.


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