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Hmmm, I should possibly have it witnessed that following Festival, I do not wish to sew another tent for about 12 months. A review at 6 months is allowed if people are really pursuasive, but I think 3 in a little over a year is plenty. And yes, yurts are tents...

But on a brighter note, more than half the machine sewing on the second tent is done, with the doors attached and 2 of the 4 roof double edge seams done. Z turn to pin the other sides together, but "Baby Cart in the land of Demons" is winning. You realise how much practice you have going when one of your pairs of jeans is currently specificly devoted to wearing while tent sewing - have you seen the scratches you can get after 7m of pinned seam has brushed past an unprotected leg? Been there, learnt that.

This leaves the 2 remaining seams (tommorrow night), eyelets for guy ropes (so the bastard can be put up), waterproofing (unfortunatly both tents), putting up and marking out doors (ditto), eyelets and door toggles (ditto). This should be doable in 3 weeks. There is however the hitch that the wankers at Lincraft sold us polycotton, labeled as cotton. This has waterproofing implications given polycotton doesn't expand when wet. Bastards. Does mean that paint may be trialed for waterproofing, but we shall see. At least there is several metres of spare fabric to experiment on.

Other Festival progress: yay for extended Faculty meetings in lecture theatres (don't ask the topic, but I left after 2 1/2 hours and they went on beyond that), since it meant I got the second ho sewn and some cushion edge done. So, I have one complete set of back linen hose:) Should start on Z's pair soon, but it will take getting him to stand still for a while... I could at least get the basic start sizes off a pair of trousers and his cut out ducttaped sock. Suspect that wont be til Mon though.

And on the wildlife front:
1 kangaroo lounging between the main buildings at work.
1 large Lounge Bob on the window frame above Z's head.
1 teenage Bob formerly known as Bedroom Bob... He will turn up somewhere...

The parrot watching front has been helped by walking over the mountain for the past 4 mornings. This morning managed a very nice rainbow and sunrise, before raining the full hour and 10 min to the campus bus stop. And then it stopped. But the thunderstorms last night were good.

And since I am now rambling, I think I should head off to bed.
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Now this one is pretty:)
Online gallery from an exhibit of over 200 book bindings.

One linen ho has been sewn (stocking really - about 6 hours to cut out and hand sew, includign all the flat felled seams etc), and the next has been cut out and started. Yay to that progress.

Sat afternoon was spen sewing said ho and the evening, happily blobbing in front of 2005 movie Pride and Prejudice... Mmmmmm, warm fuzzy glow and happy.

Today: unproductive Trash and Treasure, floor clearing and cleaning, photography, 2nd ho start, and tent doors cut out. Yay to tent progress, even if it is just cutting things out.

Nasty hot weather: 32 degrees yesterday and 33 degrees today. It is supposed to be Autumn damn it. Same forecast for tommorrow too. Hmph. Hope we get some rain in April.

Time to start on leather pilgrim scrip, based on early book satchel shapes (eg here... Lets see if we can have something useful to carry things in for festival. And at 10:20pm, still haven't found any thing substantial other than this info. So much for starting on that.

Instead, sleep now...
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Oops, I appear to have a functioning hose pattern. No tent doors but a good pattern which I will use to cut out fabric Fri or Sat because it is after 11:30pm and cutting fabric out after then is baaaaaad... unless you have switched to observing time, in which case 4am is the cut off. Basic shape is based on the Bocksten Man's Hose, but also looking at pictures of [ profile] alpha_angel's pair. Kiddums, how did you end up doing the toe? Still have to decide for linen or wool first. The wool is quite light weight and soft, but the linen is ironed and ready for use. And I am happier to muck up in it... which is silly given the wool was the $4 per m stuff. Gorgeous stuff for a dress though.
Z has worked on his Viking boot pattern. I think "Baby Cart in Hades" has rescued the leather from slicing tonight. The decapitated head's eye view was a little disturbing. And the less said about the soundtrack, the better.
Little bit of tablet weaving to add to the procrastination set, then bed.
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Hmph... On and off headache since Fri evening. May be hormone related. Restart of hormone pills - in case of later reference.

Big sleep in today (noon), after cocktails and Scrubs episodes til 2am...

Tent rope making this afternoon. 2 ropes done so far, one more to be done out of the yellow jute macrame cord. Also got around to washing fabric for later use. Need a better system than feel for being about to tell if it has been washed before. We have a lot of wool. There are discussions as to whether or not to sell some of it at Festival. Moving it to WA would be less than pleasant, but there is so much we could get around to doing with it...

In the mean time, getting rid of scratchy black linen by making more cushions and using the rest to work out hose patterns... [ profile] alpha_angel, the "The Medieval Tailor's Assistant" hose pattern appears directly based off the Bocksten Man's hose (well, one of the pairs from Marc Carlson's website). Want to play with them this evening, but fireworks have won over over "The Constant Gardener" (although we both really want to see it some time, it will probably be ok on DVD).

Time to get Z to put some clothes on, pick up Pide, and head off to fireworks. Would be bad to vary the order in that...
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Interesting article on the civil union uptake
Couples say 'I don't' to civil unions (Stuff, 26 Feb 2006)
As one of the couples that has said "I do" to them, it is interesting to see the stats:

Only 362 couples have chosen civil unions, compared with 15,683 marriages, since the Civil Union Act - which allows same-sex and heterosexual couples to gain legal standing on a par with marriage - became law last April.

Only 62 heterosexual, 145 gay and 153 lesbian couples have had civil unions.

Given these stats, I am not sure whether is it suprising or not that we know one other couple who have gotten one. Probably just the standard small number stats in NZ.

Weekend wise, yesterday was mainly spent tidying the house for the flatmate's birthday party, having the party (I must be getting jaded in my old age - the more interesting conversation was definitely with the older folk...), and today, sleeping in and cleaning up after said party (which since we were only suposed to house and they said they would clean up ...ha... - oh well, lots of free food). Would have prefered to get some tent done and some driving practice in, but...oh well. Instead have have finished Fool's Errand by Robin Hobb, started on the next book in the series, and talked to [ profile] alpha_angel on Skype for an hour and a half. Yay Skype and yay to patterns/instructions for hose:) Maybe the hose this afternoon/evening...:) They are on the Festival to do list - just not on the absolute essentials.
But first I should have a shower and get dressed. It is only 3:10pm...
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Cause I know not all of you are into medieval hose or clothing... )


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