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I was going to post a summary of the weekend (the more detailed version along with notes for next camping event etc), but it took so long to go through friends pages that ran out of time...

On the way though I encountered:

Pachelbel’s canon done by Pagagnini" via Smart Bitches Fri videos, which lead to more of the same groups stuff here and here. And the Pachabel Rant.

And then there is the Smart Bitches discussion on People's favourite and nonfavourite sex scenes.

And then it was time to sleep...
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And anyone else with similar tastes, this works on so many levels :).

(found via the lj feed [ profile] dorktowerfeed on [ profile] vonstrassburg'd friends list)

Anyone know if there is a lj feed for The Unspeakable Vault of Doom?
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For those with fabric addictions - one or two of you may be reading...
A Dress a Day: HOWTO: Buy Fabric

And after a brief scare last night with the first washing*, collar/embroidered neckline came out fine.

* First the fabric leaked blue dye like buggery - it had been hot washed previously but appeared to have issues with drying in the sun and hadn't finished playing silly buggers yet, then after the first washing it looked like the pen had stained the embroidery. But after a second soak in a bucket overnight with laundry det, it appears fine. Thank heavens for that.

Edit: And it is back to being all quiet with Z off into the field at 5:30am this morning - should be back Fri or Sat... So, dance tonight and then lots of sewing. Want to do lots on the bliaut, but will hit the point where need side seams pinned by someone else. Will try and get Z's trousers finished instead. Then there are tent doors and a better fitting oilskin hood for Z - there may be an oilskin hood for sale at Festival. There were intentions of routering wax tablet blanks on Mon evening, but I fell asleep against Z and power tools with sleepy people is not a good combination.

Neckline attachment to body and Buffy I think.
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Sound familiar?
Sounds plausible...
And speaking of sounds, what is most likely to cause a radio to skip stations or at least end up with a bunch of radio stations migrating in and out? Dial, rather than digital. Would like to know if it is location specific (the kitchen) or radio specific. Clock radio in the bedroom doesn't have this issue.


Jan. 20th, 2007 04:39 pm
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The Time Warp done to the tune of Throw your arms around me...


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