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So, our Rowany Festival pictures are here.
[ profile] deense has some good photos of the laurelling and other stuff here

The two pieces of video of playing with glass and iron are:
here (the short one, 4,357 kB)
here (longer at around a minute, 16,278 kB)
There is a third I got part way into loading but interent connection crashed part way through and I don't wish to use up all our quota from the month reloading it. It deals with the attempt to forge the previous iron bloom and putting out the stump being worked on. I may get around to it next month. (medium long, 12,307 kB)

Lets see if we can embed them... )

That should keep you amused for a little while - at least those of you with wide pipes...

Standard provisos that I can remove bits featuring you should you wish and feel free to pass on the links to anyone you know who may wish to see but wont be reading this directly.
I'll post the links to Lochac Shambles, St Floz, AAF, Innilgard - anyone else I should remember?
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It has been quite a day for posting...
In any case, a selection of my Festival photos are up here. If you are in them and don't wish to be displayed, ping here and I can remove them, otherwise, sometime tomorrow I will pass on the link to more public places like the Lochac Shambles, AAF, and St Florians lists. Conversely, if you know people interested in the link, pass it on. Hopefully when I post the link, I will have the two other video links up and will post them all in one fell swoop.
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So, got into Adelaide around 2am, after leaving Canberra around 9am. Usual type trip - the Fairy Dell Cafe in Oeyen appears to have about the best food along the trip route (unfortunately not up to Braidwood woodfired pizza standards, but not bad), and they have parrots. There was a pause for an hour or so outside of Tallem Bend for a nap, then onwards home.

Along the way, there was much conversation and musing, and since some of it was next Festival/longer term planning, bits I can remember are being written down here.
Planning and musing )
And this morning Z is home with a bit of a tummy bug (luckily mild), the car has been unpacked before the contents wilted in the heat, laundry has started and there are the usual battles over who gets the laptop time...

But 1 of 3 video bits of bellows work and playing with glass is up here (I hope or at least will be shortly) - will play with the rest and put up photos soon.
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So, sitting in a friend's lounge in Canberra, having washed my hair of acres of dust and not thinking about the long drive tomorrow.

Busy dusty Festival.

Torn between doing the full writeup while I remember and catching up on email etc.
As per usual, this may be added to as I remember things.

Festival 07 - iron smelting, glass and beads, tents and all sorts )

And the short cut for those who don't read behind cuts...

[ profile] basal_surge was made a Laurel.

Currently loading photos off the camera - will post links shortly and if I can work out how to do it, put the videos of attempting to forge part of the bloom and playing with glass on YouTube (or where ever).

Z is snoring on a sofa and it is time for me to do the same. Long drive tomorrow.
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When they work, gods industrial sewing machines are glorious.
~14m of rolled hem done in far less time than it took to staple it and she went over the rolled interlocked seam bits as well - we had thought we would need to hand sew those later.
Z is just doing the second top corner - imagine sewing 6 interlocked seams with 4 layers of canvas into a corner. There is a reason Z is doing it.
I get the grand job of pulling out all the staples we spent the last 2 hours putting in. They get to join their failed fellows (definitely more than went in successfully) in a small paper grave. The stapler itself is buggered and I suspect Z wants to beat it further into submission with a hammer or two.

Bed is done, tent frame is done, wax tablets are drilled and ready for waxing.

There may be some eyeletting in a hotel along the way tomorrow night. This may be the most exciting thing happening in Balranald/Hay/Naranderra (depending on where we get to)...

Packing? Oooh... plenty of time...
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So, geteld workshop tent is now in one piece with all the main machining other than the hem done. This is good and feels far more tent-like than in pieces scattered over the lounge floor. However the piece is now larger than the lounge floor or at least wont fit easily spread out, so we wait til daylight hours to take it out the back and line things up to attach the ridge bit into a loop.
Viking A-frame is also progressing, with the end holes all drilled out of the end pieces. Tomorrow is the sanding and getting the ridge and side beams done. Also it needs to be moved out of the garage and the viking bed disassembled or moved so we can get the car out.
We might make it...

Note for next time:
Industrial stapler.
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So, viking bed is now able to be slotted together - next stage is to drill the holes for pegging and make the wedges. Mucked up a bit on the slat spacing - slightly too large a gap at the ends, but can cope with that, or fix later if it gets too annoying.
2nd of those 4 seams is now done: staple as offset pair, single row stitch, masking tape down fold over, single row stitch, tear off tape - note for next time that it is easier when centred rather than offset. Much easier and far less swearing. Will set up the next seam and do that tomorrow night or during the day if I can feed the fabric ok - will see given the fabric sizes.
Some lampblack produced. Enough swearing there that Z will check an art supply place on the way home tomorrow.
Currently the hunt is on for the D-ring collection for making eyelets for ground pegging and muttering about how to attach them.
Other than that, sleep time.
Or would be appart from the mad hairbrained scheme plotting... or at least only slightly lunatic and not too bad if we had a black hole with which to help pack things in the car... yes, retrieval is an issue that can be played with later.
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That 3/4 tent seam is now hand finished. Might be able to get one or two more done the same way.
You can definitely understand why they invented awls. Real work though - but only on the inside.
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The AGB star abundance paper has now been submitted with MNRAS - what I was mainly working on in my previous employment. Fingers crossed the reviewer wont hack, slash and acid bath it or outright reject it.

Hand finishing the 3/4 done tent seam from round lunch time. Slow progress and protesting fingers. Don't think the other 3 seams will be plausible that way. May be worth digging out the awl.

Should remember some dinner at some point soon - have fishy...

Edit: fish is bathed in lemon juice, cheese and mixed herbs, wrapped in foil and in the oven.
Now, need an in-front-of-TV vaguely constructive hobby/preoccupation that doesn't involve the tip of the first finger on the right hand which is calloussed and sore at present and needs a rest. Amazing how many current projects that knocks out at present. Maybe naalbinding...
Yes, I could just blob, but that feels wrong... Or catch up on foreign films with subtitles... Have Amalie and Chocolat and ...

Edit2: From a post to the Lochac list (waiting on hearing the Festival Steward confirmation of the fire situation), looks like the smelting will be on again this Festival. Think Z is aiming for smelting early this time, to allow forging later in the event. Will see how things turn out.
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An unexpected drop in by Z on the way out of town - yay. Lunch and an attempt at a seam after a sewing machine oiling that looked like it made it much happier. Thread breaks if go too fast (the left one - possibly a tensioning issue, but the threads are balanced at present...- think it is the thread skipping and catching on things at variable speeds) and needle skips and doesn't pick up (mainly on the right one) if go too slow. So, there is 3/4 of a seam done. May see if I can do a single row of stitching to attach pieces together and do the overlap by hand - feeder foot and the double threads appear to be the main issues - the single thread and needle things I have sewn have been ok (2 swags, 2 cloaks and 3 hoods).

At least the biltong is on drying.

But now freshly hugged and oxytocined and Z is off into the field and I think after the bit of grocery shopping, an afternoon of Buffy and embroidery is called for. Will play with rasps and bits of bed frame and fitting tabs a, b, c, d and e into v, w, x, y, and z later.


Mar. 25th, 2007 09:59 pm
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Insert noises of grinding teeth and having spoken too soon about "only" having 4 seams to go. Insert mutterings as needles skip and it looks like machine needs oiling, leastwise she isn't running smoothly. Insert wonderings about where to put the oil - model obscure enought that never did manage to find any sort on manual online. Insert not getting anything more done tonight - which means I am not going to get any more done on the tent this week - starting to work with pieces of fabric too large to handle by myself.

I'd insert very loud swearing but have hit the stage where it is just another bloody thing going wrong and the fatalism has set in. No swearing now but about to look for chocolate.

Starting to contemplate hand sewing the fucking seams just to get them done - after all, it is only a bit over 2.5 m per seam and two rows of stitching... But I am not certain my neck would talk to me after that.

Not that nuts... yet.

But the bed only needs tabs filed down to fit and holes and pegs done ie it is at the stage where it can be done onsite.

That just leaves the tent frame...

Looks like Sat and Sun in a weeks time are going to be VERY busy.
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I am really looking forward to sewing that doesn't involve a harpoon, pliers and very heavy canvas. But the tent pieces have all had end threads dealt with (including all those in the middle of seams, though that is a whole 'nother story), leaving 4 large interlocking seams to be done this evening for the tent to be in the prerequisit 2 pieces. At which point I can do the Ridge sleeve by hand myself later (thus making it one piece) and things are basically ready for Z to bugger off and mutter over geomagnetics for the next week.
And a bunch of the tent poles are marked ready for drilling and the long two person measurements. And the bed pieces are well on their way - my chiselling isn't up to that. And all the wax tablet pieces are sanded and ready for wax.
Next project sounds like lamp black manufacture - shiny metal over a smokey candle/flame anyone? And there was a request for an oilskin tarp - one long center interlocked seam and the hemming round the edge, which should all be machineable. Something to stay occupied this week.
But for now, I think I give my fingers and neck a break.

Looks like a Mon, rather than Sat departure given Z will be in the field til ~Fri and there is still a bit more to be done before departure.
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So, today was a bit of an improvement.
Morning - one side of the Viking bed jigsawed out, people mucking around with tent poles. Tried sewing machine again with better luck, so now have two main triangles for one end - should be able to make more progress tomorrow. Lunch, more wax tablets, such that there are now 8 pairs of big tablets and 6 pair (and one spare) of little tablets carved out. Pictures here and here. Next will be sanding and finishing - pairs of holes in the sides for lacing pairs together on the large ones. May make small leather pouches for the thin ones ala the wax tablets from York*. Not managing quite as thin and fine as those though.

And for other very nice wax tablet links check out the ones here.

Other progress for the day was on cutting out the other Viking bed frame bits for slotting together - only bits left now are the legs (unfortunately the more complicated bit) and the holes for wedging.

And there was a pretty doco on TV about the sun. The warm fuzzies were a bit annoying but they had some really nice satelite movies from SOHO in the far UV and X-ray - great detail of everything from solar granulation to sunspots and coronal mass ejections. I may have spoiled it for Z by being that annoying person who says it is due to blargh (in this case magneto-hydrodynamics) and has the presenter catch up up a sentense or two later (or 5 min later when they are being mysterious and attempting to build things up).

And Ruapehu managed to lahar away nice and safely - some nice piccies off here on the NZ Herald site (not certain how long they will stick around for).

* Though while looking for those, found the York Archeological trust Online Picture Gallery. Very pretty pictures but not certain how to link directly to particular artifact images. They also appear to have a lot on various of their excavations in some bastard only work with IE and need Adobe SVG viewer... Would be nice to find out about:

Anglo-Scandinavian and Roman remains at
28 - 29 High Ousegate, York, UK
Principal Authors: Neil Macnab and Jane McComish

The site at 28-29 High Ousegate, York, was the subject of an archaeological watching brief and excavation in the summer of 2002. The excavation took place in the site of a new lift shaft in the basement of the building, which is currently Waterstones book store. The excavated area measured just 2.6m by 3m and was investigated to a depth of 1.9m below the existing floor level.

The excavation uncovered evidence of deposits of Roman to Anglo-Scandinavian date; all later deposits had been removed by the insertion of the present cellar. The Anglo-Scandinavian deposits were of particular interest and included a number of pits, dumped deposits, wattle fences and a stake- and post-built structure, in addition to an exceptional collection of artefacts, well preserved in the highly organic deposits. These artefacts provide evidence for craft industries on the site including leather working, textile production, antler working and horn working.


Mar. 18th, 2007 12:43 am
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Well, achieved something this evening through finishing the oilskin hood - ready for sale. And did get the timber for the big Viking A-frame.
But as for working on things, there was a nap between 4 and 8pm on my part and a good book on Z's and hence little progress there. And then there were tent piecing issues leading to much swearing on my part and no progress there. And some dishes were done but that was about it.
And of course having had the nap, not tired now.
Buggery. Not going well so far.
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Way way back (exactly 12 months ago), I said that "following Festival, I do not wish to sew another tent for about 12 months"
Well, it is 12 months from the date I posted that.
However, there was the clause that people could be pursuasive. So, I did end up giving a hand with the yellow stripy tent and once I have cleared the lounge floor (in itself, a nontrivial thing) I'll get out fabric and start cutting out fabric for the Geteld workshop tent. At least dealing with a far better sewing machine ie I haven't thrown the thread across the room yet.
Two weeks til we leave for Festival... (and Z is off in the bush the last week, so effectively one weekend available)
Gonna be interesting. Busy weekend ahead.

Not bad...

Mar. 14th, 2007 10:22 am
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Z's linen trousers are now finished (as of last night). Hand sewn with linen thread, though cheated and looted the belt loops (for documentation see Thorsberg Trousers, though admitedly they are Migration era, have feet and the wierd pieced crotch) off the dead pair of trousers (same blue dyed linen - only faded slightly).
Also last night learned how to handle a chisel and started on cleaning out the wax tablets - did part of one panel last night and two this morning. Edges are tidy, but the insides are rough - though that is ok given the blackened wax will be covering those bits. Small issue in the top of one where there was a knot and the grain dipped in around it and hence took a bit out of the top edge - saved the piece and Z may be able to do something about that later. Quit for now cause while the hand holding the hammer is fine, the chisel one is complaining, but a rate of 2 panels per day, getting better as the hands get used to it, should get things done on time, especially with Z doing more than half of the rest of the panels (mainly the little fine ones - I am definitely not up to doing those at present). Also, inside the garage is starting to heat up...
So, time to cut out replacement oilskin hood, (machine) stitch that up and clean up Z's old hood for sale later. Should work well with Phantom of the Opera and Mrs Henderson Presents.

Edit: (~1 1/2 hours later) Replacement hood is machined and the threads finished. Would start cleaning up the old one, but there is only so much oilskin hand sewing one can do at a time with a fine needle - and unfortunately the seam finishing wont be nearly as fast. Embroidery I think now.
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Looking at the bliaut stuff I have and thinking - embroidered keyhole neck piece, sleeves and arm bands. Nice coarse wool, split stitch or stem stitch, nothing too detailed and finicky - a nice contrast to the blackwork sampler handkerchief. Need to track down 12th C french embroidery moteifs. Last three projects for me were utilitarian (white linen undertunic, blue linen tunic) and experimental with a more practical bent (bone needle sewn wool tunic - from CF, good as a throw on extra layer), so allowed to go pretty again. Not a Festival deadline, just a sanity project.

There is also the trousers for Z. Should be straight forward, as long as I remember to make various bits looser. Festival deadline there.

Just as well then that I finally got around to signing up with the local DVD rental place. Oddly, it wasn't the range of foreign films and drama tat decided, but the large range of stuff from TV - that and they do $1 per weekly dvd Thursdays. So, I have half of season 1 of "The West Wing" (Z will run in horror) to see, and Neverwhere to rewatch. Only with sewing in hand though. And may or may not try a binge on Buffy or Angel depending on my patience. They also have some Farscape, so may finally get around to seeing the final episode.

And speaking of Festival, looks like from next year it is relocating. Logistics of stuff may get interesting... And the lists are hotting up... Just out of Sydney, which will make storage of stuff currently in Canberra entertaining - and means we need to sort stuff and decide what to do with it by Festival this year. Will be interesting to find out the Bruceability of the new site...


Feb. 13th, 2007 01:54 pm
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Brain slowly returning to normal after CF, and starting to look around for projects in that what would be fun to do way...

Things like: Victorian corset, 12th C bias cut bliaut, frame for warp weighted loom, silk veil, bone needle case (experimenting with bird bones)

Then there is the less fun* but vaguely useful stuff like: 2nd swag for Z in the field, better oilskin hood for Z, the consolidated spreadsheets of RV Tauri data for that paper (deadline end of the month for that), finding a job, find a bunch of projects that can be sold at Festival and make money**, finish a bunch of the lurking projects - naalbinding, sun dress, victorian chemise, viking chain for Z, blackwork chess board...

Then looked at the calender:
7 weeks to Festival***
6 weekends.

Might need to revise a few things.

So, plans afoot before Festival:

1 weekend open shoemaking workshop at our place. We can provide references and some materials and people can bring their own leather or buy some off us. Only other essentials are dead socks and (evil) duct tape. Need to sort out the weekend for this. May be short notice due to uncertainty of when Z is in the field - I know a little of the theory and what the good references are, but have only made a leather satchel so far. Weekend 10/11 March out due to Tourney. Possibly 3/4 March, with shoe stuff brought to A&S that Sat so people can see what is going on, and continuing after at our place? People prefer earlier or later? Need to post to In list.

1 weekend open woodworking workshop at our place. Z was planning an introduction to little viking chests. He also has a viking bed to start/finish. May or may not need a trip to the good wood recyclers beforehand for cheap timber. Ditto on which weekend is good etc.

Tent frame - Z's problem - needs to find GOOD timber.
Yellow stripy not good for hangovers tent. Z's problem.
Viking bed. Z's problem.
Trousers for Z. 1 good/evening pair and 1 work pair pushing things a little for a 5 day camping event. My problem. Light wool I think.
Must be something else.

* Everyone know the started stuff is less fun than the unstarted fresh shiney stuff you haven't had a chance to get frustrated with yet.

** Following a discussion with Z over whether it is worth making the medieval stuff pay for itself i.e. see if we can cover event costs out of the profit from various medieval stuff sales. This seems to work better with Z's woodworking and metal working and general merchanting given my skills tend to be towards projects with far more work hours involved for the final article. But he has managed to make Iarnulfr pay his own way previously. Festival costs (excluding travel to and fro and petrol) are around $425 so far. If you ignore what I spent on books last year at Festival, we did manage it, but that was through cheap wool (some leather), a cold snap and selling my time off very cheap for the finished cloaks.

*** Not including the week leading up to Festival since that should be spent on site and doing all sorts of other things. Like possibly the tent frame.
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Right, finally gotten around to booking for Festival and with St Floz (mental note to post cheque tomorrow, and yes, last month would have been a far better idea, but you get that*). Other than that, today's achievements have consisted of laundry, groceries and vague catching up on LJ and email. And a good night's sleep, which given the past weeks is not to be sneered at.

*Had been waiting on Festival booking for my membership to go through (from Dec 06), but nothing so far.


Dec. 14th, 2006 08:27 pm
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You know when you have been happily wombling along, doing whatever, when you suddenly look up, realise the time and there is the sinking "oh shit" feeling that you really have to do something fast.
Just looked at the Calendar, having finally printed out a small year one and A4 page December and January. Noted that we head off to CF at the end of January - just over 6 weeks away. We have lots of stuff - no worries... Then noted that CF is a day longer in garb than Festival. And that various garb bit the dust last Festival - not just burn holes from iron smelting.
1 undertunic for me - down to 2 functional ones and the later period chemises really don't cut it with things.
2 oilskin hoods with wider than usual shoulder bits - possibly wool lined.
2 maroon diamond wool tunics. Gores are on, "just" need to sew sides, work out if Z's one needs front and back gores, and hem.
1 pair trousers for Z - linen ones keep giving out around the crotch, so light weight wool and jean style flat felled seams.
Bonus garments - 1/2-3/4 circle oilskin cloaks if have time/inclination/insanity.

So, six garments, six weeks. It is only averaging one a week, which would be fine appart from the sewing machine issue. [ profile] evildrakey, we may need to pester you about using the double needle sewing machine and what sort of seams it does...

And we leave for Festival 7 weeks after we get back from CF. If the oilskin garments work well, may try and make more for sale at Festival... If I am gainfully employed by then, this is somewhat less likely.

So how is the CF garb front/event prep going across the seas?

* And in a fit of procrastination, about to send off SCAA membership form. Probably too late for cheaper CF entry - already booked and need to post cheque.


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