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Enough playing. Besides, the time stamp was a bit off.

For those who are interested, the photos are here

Note for those who wish to play with iron smelt results: Dropping a fragment of bloom on polished wooden floors produces a large dent and may have left some slag embedded in the hole. Oops says Z... (who didn't mean it...)

4 loads of laundry done (most of the wools and whites, with colours to go) and the car mostly unpacked with iron ore and charcoal to go. Don't ask about being able to see the lounge floor.
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2nd load out to site: clothing chests, cloaks, wool and most of the leather. Fingers crossed that the final load tommorrow morning wont be bad.
[ profile] alpha_angel is safely out on site and gets the Viking bed and tent tonight while we luxuriate at home (me) and frantically rush around doing stuff (Z). We get it back tommorrow though. Suprizingly good steak dinner with lots of people in a pub in Yass.
Would like headache to go away (yes I have taken drugs(, but other than that, things going well.
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Ok, secend tent has all the machine sewing done, with only door ties and peg down points to go. This means that the big Tent Load can be done. Wheeeeee..... Time to load the last tent...
Fingers crossed this is the first of 3 main loads: tent load, chest (clothing and tool) and mattress load, wool and leather and last day essentials.
It is easy getting stuff out there, it is remembering you only have a day to get stuff back... The perils of living close...

Hope [ profile] alpha_angel had a good trip over and is having fun wandering Sydney...
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One tent is now DONE!!! Door seams and door ties took LOTR FotR and TTT (extended versions), with gaps for shopping for towels, ground sheets and alcohol, dinner and establishing that M fits my Flemish reasonably well.
Next tent now (for a little while) but I don't think I will start RotK tonight.
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I should have remembered that despite how enthusiastic/alert you are on the way home from a Site prep day, with all sorts of things you want to do when you get home, by the time you get home, have a shower and eat dinner, your brain will have dribbled out your ears and all your plans will come to naught.
Hence I have done a very small amount of work on one cloak and am not awake enogh to work on the tent doors.

But, it has been a productive day:)
Trash and Treasure - 1st two of a vampire series by Tanya Huff, Bunnings new warehouse - pipes and fittings. Out to site by about 11:30am, pipes to the chuffer set up and trenched in by 12:30pm (most of the trench having been dug yesterday), rock shifting from the firepit, lunch break, dirt shifting and rock reshifting back to surrounding the fire pit, break for cute frog, I sorted out charcoal while others dug the kitchen sump, finished mudding the chuffer, building of the furnace, slumping, rebuilding of the furnace (gosh those baskets came in handy), helping of putting up one tent (others were up to 10+), final drift off Site after sunset.

Big thanks to Mynjon and Waldo for matocking, shoveling, rockshifting, more digging and finally playing with mud mud mud mud... (see furnace)

Then home to showers, dinner and docos on huge Roman ship remains and Homo Floriensis.

Z is being good and has just about spliced all twenty door ties (1 tent worth), and tommorrow, while he is stuck working, I get the fun of fiddling with doors and sewing them on.
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Bathtub Bob has decided to become Kinky-sit-above-the-shower-watching-people Bob. And spends a lot of time lot of time cleaning his mandibles and leering slightly. As long as he doesn't become Filthy-rich-via-webcamera-footage Bob, it is survivable. You do tend to look up a bit more to check if he has moved...

Morning: YMCA garage sale. The theme for looting today was canvas cf last time - inkle looms. Lots of several metre square pieces which will do for tent floors over groundsheets and/or alternate tent doors (Z's idea/project). Also birch bark bowls/cups and general wooden bowls. After a brief hissy fit at bad spelling and computers, calming down and talking people and navigation around Queanbeyan, a tent ridgebeam was found.
Afternoon: Off to Site, via Charnwood and a generator pickup. Definite weedwhacker issues (it ran out of/ate the string), digging pipe channels, putting up tent, swearing while marking and pinning doors (bloody wind), taking down tent. The usual stopping and talking to people as the number of people increases and you get to say hello to the people you saw last Festival. Seems odd to see the place filling up with tents compared to the peace and quiet of previous site preps. Then by Festival it looks right, and by take down, the lack of tents looks odd.

Edit: We also confirmed that the shower does drain reasonably with all the water going into the sump. Yay! There is however a recommended uphill corner with respect to the water running past your feet. But hot showers...:)

I will note that the books I tend towards when stressed/busy tend towards the definite popcorn bodice ripper fluff compared to the more usual fare (see authors in LJ interests list). Picked up a bunch of such works under 50c to a dollar each. Sandra Brown, Johanna Lindsey, Christine Skye, Catherine Coulter, Kathleen Woodwiss etc. A better class of fluff than some, but still definitely fluff. The Umberto Eco in the pack was just not being touched..
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"Plaster Caster" is a rather disturbing documentary. "Not quite displaying full capability". Those are not cohearant people...

Tonight has had one astronomer and wife outfitted with medeival clothing and ideas*, and a leather satchel finished. Yay to finished objects:)

Time to go back to cloaks I think.

And as for Casanova last night: nice and brainless and silly. Too silly for Z who decided it hit the fingernails on blackboard stage and left to play with packing crates and soapstone half way through.

I think tommorrow will be busy.

* 5 people coming to Festival Market Day from work. More for the Dark side. Should be interesting:)
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Last night there was a teeny tiny spider in the corner of the bathroom. This morning there was a Bathroom Bob... and no little spider. Munch munch. This would be fine except Bathroom wall Bob decided to become Bathtub Bob in the middle of my shower. Usually they don't reveal the teleportation technology when someone is in the room. It may not have been a voluntary jump though, as he didn't move for a while and was last seen drunkenly staggering around the plughole. Possibly Concussed Bathtub Bob. Bags not removing the corpse...

Festival stuff progress )

No essential hand sewing projects for working on while getting abundances for NGC 1866#4. Might naalbind then.
Cassanova tonight. I am looking forward to scenic historical popcorn with corsets...
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Just as well the extra cloak I was finishing was left on the bed: it was only 12 degrees over night. She is forecast to go below 10 degrees at night for the next 7 days. Definitely need to make more cloaks/dig out more of the old ones. There are advantages to having a large woollen cloak collection. I am also looking forward to the fact that we will have the cloaks, flockarti rug, psuedo fur rug and woolen caps/hats for sleeping in/on at Festival.

And on the Festival progress front:
Tent 1 has the door/wall seams done and the base of the doors hemmed. Only door ties, trimming and side edge to go, but that does need a flat area and an extra person to put up and measure/mark. Also rope along base for pegging down walls.
Tent 2 has 3/10 eyelets done, but only needs 3 more and the guy ropes attached before it is put-up-able for the door positioning etc. Then it is waterproofing, doors to walls on the base and the same sequence as Tent 1.
Yellow linen tunic neckline repaired and wearable. Eowyn sideless surcoat de-looped so now more period. That was the only repairs I had, but Z tends to beat up his clothing more...
2nd cushion now finished, which means one for sleeping on and a spare for hitting people with. The embroidered one started in a fit of procrastination/curiousity at work can be ongoing.
2 green wool cloaks done - one for [ profile] alpha_angel to use and any more finished will be retailed. I don't think I can make it through the full ~40+m left - Z has already sold the rest.
I wont start on the list of smaller things that are started and need finishing or need starting... satchel, hose, cloaks ...
That and pursuading the occasional workmate or two that they want to come out to the Festival Market day, so helping them with clothing etc...

Plenty to do.

Edit: And managed a 4 strand plait in hair. Bit messy and it definitely wont work in dutch or french mode, but still works. Would try 5 strand which should work dutch or french, but I don't think I have enough fingers...:)
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Pill breakthrough runs into conservative backlash
(NZ Herald 29.3.06)
Text repeated below cause I like having records... )
"The current combined pill uses oestrogen and progesterone to stop ovulation and prevent pregnancy."
"PRMs block the production of the progesterone hormone, which prepares the body for conception and helps to maintain pregnancy."
Amazing just that little difference in when/how it takes effect.
It would be very nice to get rid of the PMS/Period component. Spot the fact Bush and the majority of the Bush Admin and those supporting it (and anti-this compound) don't get PMS...
It would also however be a good idea to get a good baseline of data to make sure there aren't long term complications.

And on a completely different note, it is possibly a bad idea staying up til ~2am organizing the Festival to-do list/timeline. Better idea of what needs to be done by when though. It is however really only 2 weeks away... See you in 2 weeks Kiddums:)
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Today was concreting the shower base day, with the assistance of R. 20 20kg bags of concrete was just enough after we packed the base with LOTS of small rocks - had hoped to get though this weekend without shifting rocks... Then we found out that the sump component is actually way too close to the creek (based on Yass council regs) - however it is an out of the way corner and since we had followed the right channels and got it cleared first, it should be fine unless the council itself complains. Silly goings on. Just as well that we hadn'st started the kitchen sump and chuff since that will now need to be against the valley wall. I suspect the St Floz camp will have to be a bit reorganized compared to last year. People will be contacted tonight.

Tent survived overnight well and the ocasional beaded wax on it looks cool. Forgot the chalk and pins, so the door sorting will be done in the next week or two. Also need a good way of securing the walls to the ground. Can't quite use the same scheme as the Viking A-frame, as that involves groundsheets and chests.

Shorter driving practice today - brief figure eights on the war field, before heading out.

Very buggered now, though food and washing hair/shower has improve brain activity.

I am severly looking forward to sleeping in tommorrow morning - ya to regional holidays. Looks like hose, leatherwork and hats are on the cards.
But tonight, the choice is between Ghengis Khan and the Blitz...

Edit: Ghengis Khan won, with the bonus that it had lots on modern Mongolia, including a few minutes on archery and bow making. Z is still bouncing:)
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There is currently a waterproofed tent sitting on the St Floz site. And I have hands which smell of beeswax, lanolin and turpentine. We are leaving the tent to air overnight... The other site project for today was Z doing a survey to map out the St Floz area. Lots of ropes and pacing while I was getting high on the waterproofing. Finished that a bit late to start on the concreting of the shower base, so that is tommorrow's task.

And then I got to 4-wheel drive around the site, out to the war field and then out past the Guild Hall onto Sheldrake Drive. That was fun. Trundle trundle trundle:) More practice tommorrow.

Based on the grass length around the fire pit, the set up weekend before Festival will definitely involve wandering around with some form of weed whacker. Death to dry grass.

Now I think a shower and change of clothes are in order...
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Hmmm, I should possibly have it witnessed that following Festival, I do not wish to sew another tent for about 12 months. A review at 6 months is allowed if people are really pursuasive, but I think 3 in a little over a year is plenty. And yes, yurts are tents...

But on a brighter note, more than half the machine sewing on the second tent is done, with the doors attached and 2 of the 4 roof double edge seams done. Z turn to pin the other sides together, but "Baby Cart in the land of Demons" is winning. You realise how much practice you have going when one of your pairs of jeans is currently specificly devoted to wearing while tent sewing - have you seen the scratches you can get after 7m of pinned seam has brushed past an unprotected leg? Been there, learnt that.

This leaves the 2 remaining seams (tommorrow night), eyelets for guy ropes (so the bastard can be put up), waterproofing (unfortunatly both tents), putting up and marking out doors (ditto), eyelets and door toggles (ditto). This should be doable in 3 weeks. There is however the hitch that the wankers at Lincraft sold us polycotton, labeled as cotton. This has waterproofing implications given polycotton doesn't expand when wet. Bastards. Does mean that paint may be trialed for waterproofing, but we shall see. At least there is several metres of spare fabric to experiment on.

Other Festival progress: yay for extended Faculty meetings in lecture theatres (don't ask the topic, but I left after 2 1/2 hours and they went on beyond that), since it meant I got the second ho sewn and some cushion edge done. So, I have one complete set of back linen hose:) Should start on Z's pair soon, but it will take getting him to stand still for a while... I could at least get the basic start sizes off a pair of trousers and his cut out ducttaped sock. Suspect that wont be til Mon though.

And on the wildlife front:
1 kangaroo lounging between the main buildings at work.
1 large Lounge Bob on the window frame above Z's head.
1 teenage Bob formerly known as Bedroom Bob... He will turn up somewhere...

The parrot watching front has been helped by walking over the mountain for the past 4 mornings. This morning managed a very nice rainbow and sunrise, before raining the full hour and 10 min to the campus bus stop. And then it stopped. But the thunderstorms last night were good.

And since I am now rambling, I think I should head off to bed.
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Now this one is pretty:)
Online gallery from an exhibit of over 200 book bindings.

One linen ho has been sewn (stocking really - about 6 hours to cut out and hand sew, includign all the flat felled seams etc), and the next has been cut out and started. Yay to that progress.

Sat afternoon was spen sewing said ho and the evening, happily blobbing in front of 2005 movie Pride and Prejudice... Mmmmmm, warm fuzzy glow and happy.

Today: unproductive Trash and Treasure, floor clearing and cleaning, photography, 2nd ho start, and tent doors cut out. Yay to tent progress, even if it is just cutting things out.

Nasty hot weather: 32 degrees yesterday and 33 degrees today. It is supposed to be Autumn damn it. Same forecast for tommorrow too. Hmph. Hope we get some rain in April.

Time to start on leather pilgrim scrip, based on early book satchel shapes (eg here... Lets see if we can have something useful to carry things in for festival. And at 10:20pm, still haven't found any thing substantial other than this info. So much for starting on that.

Instead, sleep now...
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Oops, I appear to have a functioning hose pattern. No tent doors but a good pattern which I will use to cut out fabric Fri or Sat because it is after 11:30pm and cutting fabric out after then is baaaaaad... unless you have switched to observing time, in which case 4am is the cut off. Basic shape is based on the Bocksten Man's Hose, but also looking at pictures of [ profile] alpha_angel's pair. Kiddums, how did you end up doing the toe? Still have to decide for linen or wool first. The wool is quite light weight and soft, but the linen is ironed and ready for use. And I am happier to muck up in it... which is silly given the wool was the $4 per m stuff. Gorgeous stuff for a dress though.
Z has worked on his Viking boot pattern. I think "Baby Cart in Hades" has rescued the leather from slicing tonight. The decapitated head's eye view was a little disturbing. And the less said about the soundtrack, the better.
Little bit of tablet weaving to add to the procrastination set, then bed.
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Z braes now done (yay for 2 hour discussion seminars)
Next need to cut out and start on hose, so have a hand sewing project for carrying around. This would be started this evening, but tent door cutting has priority. Sigh... but wanna be distracted by new stuff.... Pre-existing stuff includes tablet weaving (I like the inkle loom setup for that), skirt, naalbinding, cut out cushions (need sewing and stuffing)...
At least now know how to use stem stitch as a fill stitch, from the AAF craft night last night. One more Viking decorative stitch down...

Went and saw Legend of Zorro at the film club last night. I was expecting popcorn and brainless, but there was an unexpected loading of ham and cheeeeeeeese. One good line, a lot of posing, and I don't think the director intended certain of those scenes to be laughed at. At least we didn't pay good money to see it. Better luck tommorrow night with Night Watch, and Pride and Prejudice on Sat.

Lunch now, before seminar.
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Hmph... On and off headache since Fri evening. May be hormone related. Restart of hormone pills - in case of later reference.

Big sleep in today (noon), after cocktails and Scrubs episodes til 2am...

Tent rope making this afternoon. 2 ropes done so far, one more to be done out of the yellow jute macrame cord. Also got around to washing fabric for later use. Need a better system than feel for being about to tell if it has been washed before. We have a lot of wool. There are discussions as to whether or not to sell some of it at Festival. Moving it to WA would be less than pleasant, but there is so much we could get around to doing with it...

In the mean time, getting rid of scratchy black linen by making more cushions and using the rest to work out hose patterns... [ profile] alpha_angel, the "The Medieval Tailor's Assistant" hose pattern appears directly based off the Bocksten Man's hose (well, one of the pairs from Marc Carlson's website). Want to play with them this evening, but fireworks have won over over "The Constant Gardener" (although we both really want to see it some time, it will probably be ok on DVD).

Time to get Z to put some clothes on, pick up Pide, and head off to fireworks. Would be bad to vary the order in that...
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Festival prep and logistics - going to be long... it is only 2 (7) weeks away )

And you would think that after over 28 years, I would have learned not to stay up til 1am on a week night, watching ice-dancing, then docos on history of Punk and homosexuality in the movies... Why do they put the good stuff on so late?

Well, there went lunch time. Food while constructing and attempting to converge model stellar atmospheres.
Tally Ho.


Jan. 23rd, 2006 11:28 pm
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Festival sewing chore count: )
Doesn't solve the sewing project for tommorrow problem...
Must work out runes for fluffy ducklings...


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