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Today was concreting the shower base day, with the assistance of R. 20 20kg bags of concrete was just enough after we packed the base with LOTS of small rocks - had hoped to get though this weekend without shifting rocks... Then we found out that the sump component is actually way too close to the creek (based on Yass council regs) - however it is an out of the way corner and since we had followed the right channels and got it cleared first, it should be fine unless the council itself complains. Silly goings on. Just as well that we hadn'st started the kitchen sump and chuff since that will now need to be against the valley wall. I suspect the St Floz camp will have to be a bit reorganized compared to last year. People will be contacted tonight.

Tent survived overnight well and the ocasional beaded wax on it looks cool. Forgot the chalk and pins, so the door sorting will be done in the next week or two. Also need a good way of securing the walls to the ground. Can't quite use the same scheme as the Viking A-frame, as that involves groundsheets and chests.

Shorter driving practice today - brief figure eights on the war field, before heading out.

Very buggered now, though food and washing hair/shower has improve brain activity.

I am severly looking forward to sleeping in tommorrow morning - ya to regional holidays. Looks like hose, leatherwork and hats are on the cards.
But tonight, the choice is between Ghengis Khan and the Blitz...

Edit: Ghengis Khan won, with the bonus that it had lots on modern Mongolia, including a few minutes on archery and bow making. Z is still bouncing:)
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There is currently a waterproofed tent sitting on the St Floz site. And I have hands which smell of beeswax, lanolin and turpentine. We are leaving the tent to air overnight... The other site project for today was Z doing a survey to map out the St Floz area. Lots of ropes and pacing while I was getting high on the waterproofing. Finished that a bit late to start on the concreting of the shower base, so that is tommorrow's task.

And then I got to 4-wheel drive around the site, out to the war field and then out past the Guild Hall onto Sheldrake Drive. That was fun. Trundle trundle trundle:) More practice tommorrow.

Based on the grass length around the fire pit, the set up weekend before Festival will definitely involve wandering around with some form of weed whacker. Death to dry grass.

Now I think a shower and change of clothes are in order...
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Lack of tent and rope and general sewing progress, although the freshly washed rope from yesterday is quite good.

Instead, driving practice along Sheldrake Lane. I can drive in a straight line and get from first to second, and second to third and not hit fences or drive off the edge (all good things), but my car starting leaves something to be desired and when reversing is required, it all goes down hill. 1 1/4 hrs practice though, which is good. Unfortunately, based on the time left til the learners licence expires (24 May), need to up practice from about an hour every 2 weeks, to 5-7 hours per week... Which will fit in wonderfully with the (un)standard Festival prep in the next few weeks. I think Z just wants to have the possibility of someone else able to drive out to site... Maybe, given the drive out doesn't involve things like traffic lights and reversing and parallel parking... Not so certain about the speed, other drivers and occasional tortoises. We shall see.

Z also had no luck from the markets this morning, while I managed even weave emboidery linen and embroidery cotton for tablet weaving with.

Which I might start playing with shortly.

Why start waking up now?
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Festival site prep.
No shifting rocks this time... however I am not the best at shifting dirt from intact and entangled in roots to not in the hole (weak subgirly arm muscles etc etc) so failed to waterproof tent (too much wind) and mud pattycaked the chuffer (much more successful). Hot out though - 35 degrees in Canberra and not much cooler where we were. You tended to wait until a good cloud collection hid the sun for a while and then work frantically.
More success later when had driving practice along Sheldrake Lane (the road outside Crossroads). Very good deserted piece of ex-highway, suitable for trundling along and turning around at the ends of. I made it over 50km/hr and got up to 3rd gear. Definitely better than around a tiny carpark on campus. Back there again tommorrow (for showerbasing and driving practice), and maybe more often just for driving practice.

Visiting and icecream time.

Would be sensible to put on some clothes now.
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Fri evening: B5 binge. Good way to distract oneself from CV envy. B5 has just seceded from Earth... Was good and stopped after that episode. Sleep is useful:)

Sat: At home day. Haven't had one of those for ages. Laundry. Viking cushion sewn together and seams started - yay to finding the notes with the pictures of the Mammen cushion and seam treatment. Freezer defrosted (Z invokes global warming and destroys glaciers). Trumpet picked up. Nice dinner in good company and very nice dessert wine. Yay Miranda Golden Botrytis (yes I have a sweet tooth:). Got to the sleepy stage of alcohol consumption which apparently must be passed to achieve tiddliness, let alone intoxication... Maybe some day, but not today.

Sun: Trash and treasure - good skirt (once you remove the irritating shiny sequins), Z bow, flokati rug (which is currently amoeba-fying in the bathtub and generating wet dog/sheep smells). SHRIMP work. Driving practice (yay to better, tighter turns). Gold coating. Yum Char. Tent erection (it looks suprisingly tent like) and soaking. Markets. TV. Dinner. Strange sex documentaries. Currently taping "Like Water for Chocolate". Cushion is progressing.

Good weekend.

Edit: Finished cushion now. Fluff everywhere:) Bit bouncy, but should be good:) (midnight...)
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It is hot here - 35 degrees (though not the 36 degrees forecast)... We weakened and bought an electric fan. This is a good thing and being ensconced on the sofa reading while having air blown past you is definitely worth it. Now all we need is the slave girls, peeled grapes and buckets of sorbet...
1/2 hour driving practice today - bit hot by 10 am and we wanted to visit the markets. No luck there though:(

Curiously enough of the listed plans for Sat, CC did supply a food processor but no speakers, music voucher wasn't used due to crap selection, K-mart has nasty expensive sheets (corrected at YMCA shop today for 3 sheets for half the price of one - only need something to throw over in the hot nights). Managed the home and blobbing though... and the picnic.

Casuarina Sands last night was good. Only waded in the water since the air temperature had cooled from a couple thunderstorms and mozzies were starting to emerge, but the water temperature was great and the river bottom nice and sandy. Trifle disturbing to have people swimming and people fishing at the same spot though.

Need to work out what to do: acquired an amp and speaker set, but the speakers are blown (yes, daft us for not checking first - it was cheap). Speakers are 40W, 6 ohm impedance. Now for replacement speakers (the amp seems fine), we realise we can use ones of up to that power max, but what about the impedance? Does that need to match exactly, or can we go a bit below (say 8 ohms - based on info from All About Impedance) and still be ok and not fry the circuits?

Doco lineup on SBS tonight looks interesting - on Lost Worlds, 1st of a three part series on famous mistresses - mother of Cesare and Lucretia Borgia tonight. After that, a doco called Science: Dr Tatiana's Sex Advice To All Creation - a guide to the evolutionary biology of sex... Pity it is starting to reach the hotter inside than out stage of the proceedings...
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It is Sat lunch time, hot already, (29 degrees and due to get up to 32 degrees later) but at least have achived something today. For an hour between 10 and 11am, I terrorised passing students by driving round and round one of the Arts faculty Carparks on Campus*. Steering getting better (right better than left). Start stop smoothly not so brilliant and the occasional bump - picking carparks with low concrete bump rather than logs is a GOOD idea, but it was practice. Further practice a little earlier tommorrow morning and again earlier in the week maybe. Then next formal lesson next week I think. Yay to progress:)
Brief lull in day (laundry time) before sewing machine pickup, cool sushi, Cash Converters (blender and speakers), spend music voucher, K-Mart for blender if CC ain't cooperative and sheets, groceries, home blob, then off to Casuarina Sands for picnic dinner and swimming...
I think that is busy enough.

*I think Z was slightly less terrorised though his ghost braking and accelerating feet were well exercised...


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