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It feels very odd to have a phone conversation with a representative of a prospective employer in the middle of a DVD hire place with season one of Farscape in your hand. Sounds as though they will have someone in Adelaide visiting in the next few months so will organise an initial meeting then. So, no further info for the next few months. I can wait. Just hope I have written down enough of what I remember for it to make sense when they get in contact again.

Farscape goes well with eyeleting - 32 eyelets done now, which is either half or all. Will make cords and lace things up and see how they look and then decide.

Dinner soon I think.
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So, started on the eyelets for the side laces on the bliaut. Only 64 needed in total.

6 down.

Still avoiding Z's cold - not certain how though. Occasional sore throat in evening but nothing on the croakyness scale Z has been managing. Possibly being evil and sleeping in helps.

Cell phone had ~$50 (or $30, I forget) put on to start it when I got in Oct last year. It is finally down to under $5 and is whinging for feeding. There is a reason we haven't bothered with a land line.

Was evil and skipped dance this evening. Been a little too lazy recently and still haven't gotten back to swimming.

Gumeracha Medieval Fair (we went Sun) was fun but we wouldn't have lasted 2 days. Usual ranges of scary and cool stuff. NVG had a good setup with some very nice Osberg tripods and cauldrons, tents and wooden stuff. Archery display was very impressive with some very cool targets set up. The Baptists using the figure of John Wycliffe as a conversion figure and excuse for handing out pamphlets had an interesting idea but missed in using a mob with polarfleece monastic robes (especially given the actual historical figure's rialling against the monastries). The vikings were restrained and didn't slaughter the monks... Then Z got talking to these people and drooled a bit over timber frames and a woodworking stool (have pictures).

Giving baking soda instead of shampoo a go. Will see how that does. Slightly greasier after first wash but early days yet.

Think that about covers things. Soon, more Buffy and eyelets.

Edit: total 10 eyelets down by time off to bed. Season finales tend to slow the sewing rate down. Farscape for tomorrow.
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Skirts attached so at the fun bit of tweaking the sides to fit as tight as possible knowing that things will pull differently with lacing holes etc. Lots of pins in fingers and swearing. Not happy about the fabric round the underarms and the way it bunches - suspect that is an artifact of having shoulder circumference bigger than the breast circumference.. and bits of the hips... Not certain if the waist seam is sitting too low or what. Is a bit too obvious at present, though the seam hasn't been flat felled yet.
Weight of about 30cm extra hem length isn't helping either but can't cut off too much til I know how it will hang.
And the neckhole is slightly crooked with the neck hole that mm or two too small.

But it doesn't look bad from the back in the mirror and does drape really nicely across the arse and hips and down...

Like the sewing, like the wearing, can't stand the fitting bit.
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There is currently a very croaky viking curled up in the beanbag with a cloak wrapped around him watching Japanese blind samurai movies. He looked even more Odinish earlier with the broad brimmed felt hat on as well... One of those times when someone comes in the door, starts talking, and you just hand them the hot lemon-honey with a shot of green ginger wine cause you know they need it. And then do the hunt for the nice painkillers.
Hence there was a lot of garlic in dinner.
Shall we open a betting pool as to how long til I get it? Mind you, he had to spend the day at a conference giving it to all sorts of nice people... Depending on how he progresses, the weekend may not be as progress filled as we would like.

But bliaut has shoulder bits resewn - will try it on and see how it sits before doing the seam finishing. And the skirts are half sewn together ie 1 seam down, one to go. How long would people recommend leaving a bias cut gown to hang before hemming? Not really something I have bothered to take account of before... I normally just put it on, pin, hem and be damned straightness wise.
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Finished the arm band embroidery for the bias cut bliaut. Currently out on the line after washing. The blue wool is definitely not colourfast, though it doesn't appear to bleed into the embroidery thread too much.
Piccies behind cut or in this sequence here. The first two photos of the armband bits are the most recent and the two of the neckline were taken a while ago. Spot the different shades of blue depending on the lighting conditions.
Piccies of armband bits )

Z has the fun of an afternoon in the office in prep for the next couple days in the field. Me, having finished the embroidery, time to do the dishes...

PS Why in NZ is Anzac Day associated with poppies, whereas over here the poppies are used for Armistace Day and today is a badge or rosemary (for rememberance)? Just curious.


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