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So, it has ended up being a little more than just blanket stitching the edge... But the way the blackwork stiffens the edge, it does very nice loops on the pleats. And it has only taken 2 evenings to do 1/4 of a cuff, so not nearly so insane as it looks.

The coif

Nov. 22nd, 2009 02:41 pm
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As some may know from previous posts, I have been working on an elizabethan blackworked coif (using these instructions). The embroidery is nearly done, so the next step is to cut it out, hem and assemble. But one of the touches I would like to do around the edge of the front is some lace. Thinking a very basic design (imagine overlayed half circles and triangles). However the next question is how to do it. I have had a brief go at both bobbin lace (1 hour long afternoon class into to basic moves etc) and needle lace (poking at using the "Needlelace Primer" article in Tournaments Illuminated Issue 138, Spring 2001 (which i have a copy of). I have some cool instruction on how to do some bobbin lace which is a bit too complicated but might be the next stage Crown pattern*.

Suggestions? I suspect the needle lace is more likely to take longer and potentially drive me more nuts, but requires less equipment and I think I can see how to lay out the pattern wanted and just make it...

In the mean time, I should get the rest of the coif finished, since the lace can be added whenever...

* Probably much better for a blackworked chemise (POF4 really mad project some day later)
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Nearly reached the other side of the coif (at the top). As such I am starting to have to contemplate what to do after finishing the blackwork*.

So, links with extant coif images and people discussing the finishing:

Overview of blackwork
The Purple files: Blackwork coif
A Sixteenth Century Embroidered Coif (includes lining discussion)
Extreme costuming: Reproduction V&A Coif # T.28-1975 (includes lining discussion)
Making an Elizabethan Coif
including Coif gallery

So the question will whether to line (easier for cleaning etc) or not to line (no extant examples with lining).
May also poke a bit with basic needle lace along the edges too.

Rainy rainy rainy rain.

* As procrastination from packing books and other packing which is what will probably be taking up the next few weeks.
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The not quite so mad project is an Elizabethan blackwork coif. Silk on linen, using the grape and flower and knotwork design from the Jane Bostocke sampler (another sampler image here.

Progress so far and links to finished leg binding weaving (and 3 pictures) )
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So, after being started in 2001, as a 1 year going out anniversary present for Z, the blackworked chess board (old progress picture) (completely not documentable :)) is now backed and finished.

Only a little under a month since the 7 year anniversary.

Now need to come up with some chess pieces...
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So is it bad (or just nuts) to practice blackwork for which the final will be on 32 count linen, on 72 count cotton?

Looks fine and was reasonably fast (at least in comparison to the other current projects*), so the 32 count should be a breeze bar being far more careful about needle placement**. The silk was definitely nicer than the random cotton I had been using.

*Hello chemise sleeve I am starting to get bored with. Need distractions as I don't want to get so bored as to ditch it for a year or more again. Nearly half way down one sleeve and if I can stay interested enough for steady work***, may actually be able to finish it some time next year.

** The fine stuff I have been doing (I've posted links to Flickr images here at various stages) you can get away with more sloppy thread splitting as you can't tell much at that scale.

*** A stretch per month and about 9 stretches to go after the current one. Will also be shorter lengths on the cuffs and round the collar (4 "stretches"), so should still be doable with a busier schedule.
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Minor grumps:

It is that time of the month for the drill-here headache. Not huge scale or particularly incapacitating (ie definitely not in the migraine category), just annoying - if I get sore enough to take Z up on his flint tool trepaning offer then you know it is serious.

Wandered to Gaganis Bros for the usual honey and real cocoa supplies and cause I needed sugar, picked some up there. Silly move as I could have paid a third of the price for half the quantity (we don't need that much) at the local supermarket. Will just have to try to use it up with Pumpkin pie, ginger and date cookies and spiced lemon cordial (those are probably not really minuses...).


3rd seam on the blackworked chemise is done:)
Photo under here and some comments on the chemise )
And more photos can be found here onwards.

On the oilskin hood and cloak front, 1 set done and posted, 2 hoods cut out and machined - need the hand finishing on seams etc. 2 cloaks cut out but waiting on me biting the bullet and deciding on necklines etc, then should be about an hour all up (excluding breaks for swearing at the stapler) to machine and finish. And another order for a cloak and hood arrived today.

And then there is the blacksmithing workshop at our place this weekend.

Not a bad lineup.
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That blackwork I mentioned, pictures now up here onwards.

One or two pretty pictures... )

Down to 2 squares now.
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Playing with the digital camera again but since our internet is currently slow and grouchy you don't get any of the pictures (a brief catalogue of the unfinished blackwork projects currently underway (appart from the chemise, but that is a tale for another time)).

The only reason for this post to to show off the pretty icon - if you wanted to know what the blackworked squares on the chess board look like. For scale, a 5 cent piece (old NZ or Aussie) will cover edge to edge, but not corners.

Evil Coraldraw - photo paint (cranky cheap edition) wont open 2 of the images. The rest were fine and I can't see the difference between those ones and the others. Which means I can't resize so you don't get to see that one either. Humbug.

Oh well.

4 squares to go.


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