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1 sleeve sewn on what is now an early 15th C fitted gown, due to having short sleeves with longer sleeves that pin on top. Other is pinned in place and partially sewn in. Still need to hem and make the pin on sleeves for the rest of the arms.

At least already have the hood finished (back from a couple years ago, after a Darton Collegium class).

Run out of Harry Potter to sew to though :(

Getting there... There will be much hemming next week though.
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Single side worth of eyelets sewn (14 of them) on 14th C fitted gown. 2 done on the other side. Many to go.

Still not thinking about the sleeves (other than if I make them short caps (mid upper arm) and make less fitted pin on sleeves (for the rest), it can be worn with my 15th C hood, and I don't need to sew fabric buttons and button holes from here to eternity. But then it will be an earlyish 15th C dress.)

Just under 3 weeks til it needs to be wearable. But one of the weekends is taken up with Darton Anniversary.

In other news for today, Happy Birthday [ profile] basal_surge :)
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Just finished sewing neckline and front of 14th C fitted dress.
Time to start the eyelet lineup. What fun.
So, as I am half way handsewing through the first of 25 eyelets (approximately), any tips or recommendations for those with limited eyelet experience*? Yes, they are all going to be hand sewn, cause even if I metal eyeleted them, they are down the front so you would need to oversew them anyway.
I am not thinking about the sleeves yet, and the fabric buttons needed for that...

(Deadline: 10 Sept... for the outfit)

*Ok, so tents and 12th C fitted gowns and some mediocre tudor probably count a bit...


Aug. 11th, 2011 10:01 pm
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Right. End of the evening and I have a fitting torso pattern based on this technique. Along with a number of vivid (sharpie for them foreign types) marks in strange places and holes in my fingers where they accidentally collided with pins. Z was amazingly patient and pinned and repinned and marked and remarked heroically and didn't put any holes in me.

Next step: linen lining for torso and dress body using some light weight wool. Still to decide which one. Not thinking about the sleeves or the millions of eyelets.

But for now it is time to warm up as the heat pump does not get the lounge to 'comfortable in a sheet' temperature. Hot water bottle filled, time for the hot drink and enough playing with fabric for the evening.

The kittens have been eyeing up all this wierdness by lurking in the beanbag and staring... and then sleeping.


Jul. 24th, 2011 11:36 pm
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Not a bad weekend, though the weather has been shite.

Got the pattern to functional for Z's 14th C coat on Sat. Only some swearing. Much happiness with the new sewing machine for speeding things up.

Today was spent ironing fabric (I hate that job), cutting out fabric (ditto, insert much swearing there), and eventually, sewing together the fabric. Grey heavy wool with a linen lining sewn by treating the wool and lining as one piece rather than bag lining.. Sewing machine handles 2 layers of wool between 2 layers of linen no worries and can even go over the seams. Nice machine. Reminded why sewing machines can be useful, especially when the tensioning isn't poked by sewing tents. Sleeves are attached (decided not to line them for sanity and time sake) and the collar is on (lining is pinned on and ready to stitch down). And the overall effect is looking like a 14th C coat. All good. Need to finish the collar, stitch down the front opening, and hem the bugger. Then see how far I can get in stab stitch down the seams so they stay flat, and maybe do the buttons before Z needs it on Fri. It can be worn without the buttons and the seams stab stitched down if necessary, so the deadline for those bits is Sept.

And he needs a hat (pillbox, Herjolfsnes Nordlund #83), but that should be an evening.

Sat pattern fitting had a nice break of heading into town and seeing Grandeur & Frivolity, Music and Fashion from the Courts of Louis XIV & XV, which was a very cool combo of music, costume and dance of the french courts of the time. Very nice costumes by Leimomi Oakes (her blog will apparently have photos shortly). Worth braving the wind and rain for and good to see they did a reasonable job of filling the venue. Emphasis on how small a world Wellington is though. Had gone with Mum (well, ended up meeting her there), and saw at least 7 people I know/recognise, ranging from work, to (originally) medieval to other social circles.

And now, having put down the fabric and pins, it is time to step away from the computer, brave the rampaging kittens and hope the sleet has cleared by tomorrow morning.
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That new current project I had been contemplating...

The fitted cotehardie one where I had even gone so far as to check out Costly thy habit for instructions...

Is now back down the queue due to [ profile] basal_surge realising that he needs a 14th century outfit to go with his 13-14th century writing desk for a display... at the end of this month.
So, next project (seams are now all done on the Anglo-Saxon tunic and it is just awaiting me finishing the tablet weaving) will involve a 14th C coat (based on the Herjolfnes coat - Norlund #63 - like [ profile] alpha_angel's one) and (probably) a hat. He has functional undertunics and we can fudge leg coverings.

Ventured forth into the fabric cave* and after establishing that we have much much wool (some of which is not in the spreadsheet) and found some very nice grey wool and some unbleached linen to line. These have just been hot washed and are now on the line drying.

Have established we need some old sheets for patterning with. Currently out.

This one is breaking out the new sewing machine though, but should be an interesting challenge.

* Excavate (good wools) fabric chest, open fabric chest, paw through fabric (fondling somewhat), repack fabric chest, remove cat, close fabric chest. Giggle at (other) cat purring in black bag in box. Tidy shelves of fabric, tents and leather while at it. Clear cats out of room by playing the recorder that was excavated off the top of a chest - it wasn't that bad...
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The less said about the hot water bottle the better...

But the 14th C embroidered pouch is finished :)

Piccies under here )


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