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Jul. 10th, 2012 10:14 am
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2cellos live
Had run into their version of Smooth Criminal before, but they appear to have hit it biggish in the USA. Their version of Caifornication was posted in Terri Windling's blog and is very good. Ditto for Hurt. Looks like an album has come out this year...
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So, she will be 3 months old on Sat. Both seems ages and a very short time. Need to book her in for 3 month vaccinations.
Currently 5 1/2 kg, smiling at the world, sleeping well, eating well, and developing good kicking muscles. Focusses on you and then grins like a two tonne grinning thing:) Melts down occasionally (especially after big days out), but generally trying to read her signals before they get to that stage, and she is generally very good. In all, a fairly relaxed, chilled out, happy baby.

I am feeling more confident and getting better at all of this. Would like to get more of a range of things done, but there are constraints (she says as a marathon breast feeding session goes on and on and on...).

But in general, the world is good.
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What have I been up to?
Mainly looking after a baby. She is now 11 weeks old and can manage the most adorable smiles and amazing noises (evidence in photos on facebook) and produce much cheese. But I may be biased :)

Just starting to find my feet and after a binge of reading, wanting to be working on more projects. Hampered by needing to pick TV/movies to accompany that (saves my neck), that an 11 week old can listen to without being disturbed (no sudden noises/ angry or scary voices etc). This knocks out a bunch of things I want to catch up on (Sherlock, Dr Who etc)*. Also I can only work on things in half hour to hour long bursts in between feeding, changing, cooing at, cuddles, walks and laundry. And sleep. Must be able to put down fast in case of emergency.

So, what is in progress/planned?
Clothing projects:
Recently finished Z's trousers which were wearable at CF.
If contemplating multi day events, need to do undertunics with breast feeding slits and garb which can be breast feed out of. Still thinking about that. DA is 2 months (?) away, but we will probably just day trip.

Had picked up the partially worked on naalbinded socks for Z, gotten miffed at the slow progress (very dense - would make good armour, but a bastard to fit to his feed) and out of curiousity, started a new sock with different tensioning (same stitch, much looser/stretchier). Much faster, so I will continue making a new pair of socks for him that way. These stand much greater odds of getting finished this year/decade, possibly even before DA.

Would like to be in the middle of a project, but need some good silk and am lacking inspiration on the blackwork front (Anya does not need a blackworked shirt...).

Think that covers things.
Suggestions on any mad things to do?

* Unless I use headphones, but I don't wish to tune her out that much. Catching the earlier cooing gurgling happy signals works far better than the crying ones.
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New additions to the family vocab since AJBM arrived*:

spoot eg "She spooted about 5 min ago"
snapping turtle
baby skins (off Mum and Dad)

* Tell you what they actually mean would take half the fun out. Needless to say, there are a bunch of bodily functions in there :)
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Last post was 39 weeks pregnancy-wise. Didn't even make it to 40 weeks (so much for [ profile] alpha_angel getting to attend as she was still at Festival) as little AJBM decided to turn up a few days early. All went well and we are still slightly stunned at apparently how textbook things went, continuing the boring normal pregnancy trend. Healthy 3.8 kg baby girl born at 8:41 am on the Sat of Easter.

Trying to make notes/describe the experience for posterity/future reference before I forget too many of the details - She is already 9 days old, but it has taken this long to be awake enough to settle down and type.

Follow for details which may be TMI )
Long enough post. There may or may not be more details of the following week and a bit (breast ENGORGEMENT, odd milestones), but for now I suspect milk bar may be required shortly, given her (and Z's) nap between 2pm and 5pm. I may regret having stayed awake and typing this rather than sleeping, but I did sleep 6am-9am and 10-noon and was feeling the stress of just being a bundle of bodily functions rather than a thinking human being. I had been prepared for her being mainly bodily functions but not how much it would take me to the same level. I know it will get better, but I may be better off not thinking about on what time scale for now...
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So, we are now just starting 39 weeks ie any day now is possible but may still be up to 3 weeks away.

Not quite ready to start issuing eviction notices, but I think she is starting to find the accommodation a little on the cramped side - she keeps trying to stretch out but keeps finding things in the way. The internal seething/squirming is both cool and disturbing to observe from the outside at the same time. And occasionally painful when too energetic. The hiccups are just odd - internal headbutting.

Think we are generally close to set up, or at least have the infrastructure to be able to cope initially, before we discover what gaping areas we have forgotten. Mental preparation - really don't know. The clothes line filled with a row and a half of (teeny tiny) newborn clothing was still slightly surreal and doll like, but the nappies on the line were a little more real. Ditto the baby car seat base set up in the back seat of the car, with the seat in the lounge with a balloon in to discourage cat nesting.

This weekend has involved general house tidying (on the theory that we may be busy later so we should try and keep minimal standards from now on so it wont be quite such a shock later), end room plastering (not Z's favourite activity), lawn mowing, (started) assembly of go bags, typing up of birth plan (following extended talk with midwife on Fri, where there was good general consensus of attitudes/priorities), and attendance of R&S's Victorian picnic in the Botanical gardens. Some very fine clothing, especially at the military jacket end. I just established that an academic gown worked well for covering things (the victorian layers I have really not fitting...), and was very grateful for the chair (thank you [ profile] alpha_angel) and the table (thank you [ profile] basal_surge).

Mutter mutter Braxton Hicks contractions, swollen ankles, heart burn which can only be limitedly treated due to needing iron suppliments, the ability to shift positions of an elephant seal on land, inability to sleep in one position for more than a couple hours and waddling in general ... Given this is still boring and normal, I would hate to see the exciting end of things.

Tis curious to hear everyone else counting down to Easter for Festival etc, when you are counting down for a completely different event. And there is only so much packing/preparation you can do...

Given my brain still hasn't switched off daylight savings so thinks it is 12:30am, rather than 11:30pm, time to stop rambling and head off to bed.

PS the April Fools prank by Adblock of replacing all the (usually blocked) adverts with cat pictures was very cool.
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Last of the antenatal classes was Tues evening.

All in all, not a bad sequence, especially since they were free classes provided via Hutt Hospital. Generally helpful, enthusiastic and informative and could cope with a range of backgrounds/ages. In general, I think I would recommend it.

But with a couple caviats.

It was interesting to see which things were covered and which weren't. For instance, there was a specific breastfeeding class, with a potential follow-up day session. But any questions about bottle feeding or expressing milk (eg bottle sterilisation) had to be asked with the teacher one-on-one after.

And looking through one of the antenatal class handouts re support organisations this afternoon: it has a few too many homeopathic links. It does have some sensible organisations eg Plunket, womans refuge, Healthline, National Poisons centre, including an evidence based immunisation website Immunisation advisory centre, run by Auckland Uni. But the "Immunisation Awareness Society" one (no, I'm not linking - google for the scary if you must) is to an absolute set of immunisation crackpots (clue: if your post links to one with links to Obama conspiracy claims, it may not be the most reliable, and last thing I heard the 'Dr" associated with the MMR/Autism fiasco was definitely not in line to be exhonerated...).

It was rather curious that various alternative medicines/techniques were mentioned at various points in the class (either wrt labour or in caring for your child, and anecdote backed up reasons, NOT peer reviewed research/a clear evidence basis), but there was NOTHING on vaccination. Silence/tumbleweed. Wonder if they have just had 'issues' with discussions on the subject in the past? Have to admit that I did point this out on the feedback form (there aren't too many things that get me aggitated enough to complain, but this is one of the areas)

Personally I like this discussion: Why we immunise (generally US viewpoint, but still good)

I suppose that depends on whether you feel “Didn’t have to buy a teeny-tiny headstone” is an advantage.
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It has been a busy and productive weekend.

Sat: House tidy and vacuuming of doom. Laundry. Off to Day of Fun at S&Ts. I made tunic sewing progress (thank you to [ profile] margaretta for rescuing [ profile] basal_surge from hem pinning) and [ profile] basal_surge made bed frame progress. Plans for heading home before dinner were changed, so got to have dinner, continue sewing etc and chill out with people. Much good conversation. Hereditary Pork Chop will now have a whole new meaning to several of us...

Sun: Restless night and sleep-in so swimming did not eventuate. Did manage more laundry and shopping for bathroom paint sealant, bathroom paint to match to current colour and architraves (Mitre 10), cat flea comb and treatment stuff (next time remember is cheaper from supermarket), and grocery shopping (after about half a week of delays...). Then once home, Z did the architraves with sealant, and I (after much swearing at sewing machine and bending/breaking of needles) managed to cut out bodice and attache skirt and bodice lining. Z also managed to find someone to take away the old shower. And there was fresh homemade blackberry sorbet.

I think that was reasonable progress for a weekend. Mind you, bathroom bits need to be architraved and painted before the vinyl is laid (from Tue next week) and we need to work out how to plug up the taps and shift the bathroom sink and laundry tub before the same Tues...

And there is much sewing to be gotten on with before CF.

And tomorrow I need to do the standard 28 week preggers tests: Glucose challenge and blood stuff...

But for now, SLEEEEP!!!!!
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Just looked up and we are a week into January. How did that happen?

We are now around week 27 ie just about to start 3rd trimester. The inflationary epoch continues, except now it likes including my feet as well occasionally, just for entertainment. Detection of movement is now far more directional, with very distinct sensations of just which bits are being kicked/punched/flailed in the general direction of. Filling in various bits of the baby infrastructure spreadsheet (thank you to all those who have contributed), but still have a few more things to go. Antenatal classes will start end of this month...

CF is now really only 3 weeks away. Linen undertunic is progressing, but would really like to complete one or two other garments. Progress this week will probably dictate how feasible that is. Currently going splat on the couch in the evenings is often winning. Also really need to start on the blackwork stuff for the class. 2 people preordered learner packs, so need to get those together + a couple extra ready. Sigh, the torture of reading up on/refreshing an area when you really shouldn't be starting any new projects in it...

Think that about sums things up.
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Continuing the 2010, 2009, 2008 and 2007 habit.

Predating this so I can find it easily. Will update as I go.
(r) = reread
(e) = read in ebook form (to see what the ratio/usage is).

0. (Date finished) Title by Author. Vague commentary which may or may not recommend it to you.
1. (5.1.2011) Mirror Dance by Lois McMaster Bujold. Fun reread. (e,r)
2. (6.1.2011) The Fuller Memorandum by Charles Stross. Fun Laundriverse as ever.
3. (8.1.2011) Memory by Lois McMaster Bujold. My favourite Vorkosigan one. (r)
4. (~10.1.2011) Komarr by Lois McMaster Bujold. Fun reread. (e,r)
5. (~13.1.2011) A Civil Campaign by Lois McMaster Bujold. Fun reread. (e,r)
6. (~17.1.2011) The Heart of Valor by Tanya Huff. Yay space marines. (r)
7. (mid-late Jan.2011) The Vorkisogan Companion. Interesting background read. (e)
(bit of a gap for Taupo, funeral, CF etc)
8. (10.2.2011) Sailing to Sarantium by Guy Gavriel Kay. Not the best of his books but still very good. (r)
9. (~15.2.2011) Lord of Emperors by Guy Gavriel Kay. Not the best of his books but still very good. (r)
10. (17.2.2011) Falling Free by Lois McMaster Bujold. Forget if this is a reread or not. (e,r(?))
11. (~21.2.2011) I shall wear midnight by Terry Pratchett. Yay more Tiffany Aching. # 4.
12. (25.2.2011) The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett. Continuing the binge #1. (r)
13. (27.2.2011) Alana: The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce. Side binge. (r)
14. (28.2.2011) In the Hands of the Goddess by Tamora Pierce. Side binge continued. (r)
15. (1.3.2011) The Woman Who Rides Like A Man by Tamora Pierce. Side binge continued. (r)
16. (~early March 2011) Lioness Rampant by Tamora Pierce. Side binge continued. (r)
17. (~early March 2011) Dragon Prince by Melanie Rawn. Been a while. (r)
18. (~early March 2011) Star Scroll by Melanie Rawn. Been a while. (r)
19. (22.3.2011) Sunrunner's Fire by Melanie Rawn. Been a while. (r)
20. (30.3.2011) Stronghold by Melanie Rawn. Been a while. (r)
21. (6.4.2011) The Dragon Token by Melanie Rawn. Been a while. (r)
22. (15.4.2011) Skybowl by Melanie Rawn. Been a while. (r)
23. (~27.4.2011) Palimpsest by Catherynne M. Valente. Gorgeous language, still thinking about the story.
24. (6.5.2011) The Lodestar by Pamela Belle. Not one of her best but still good. Pity she stopped writing these. (r?)
25. (~10.5.2011) Final Theory by Mark Alpert. Physics save the world from grand unified theory doomsday weapon conspiracy. Definite popcorn and with a side order of physics theory.
26. (11.5.2011) Arranged Marriage by Jo Beverley. Company of Rogues 1. Not bad popcorn fluff. (e)
27. (12.5.2011) Dangerous Joy by Jo Beverley. Company of Rogues 3. Not bad popcorn fluff. (e)
28. (early May 2011) Sheepfarmers Daughter by Elizabeth Moon. Paksenarrion #1. Fun read. (r,e)
29. (~20.5.2011) How to enjoy a scandal by Adrienne Basso. Popcorn fluff.
30. (~20.5.2011) Divided Allegiance by Elizabeth Moon. Paksenarrion #2. Not quite as good. (e)
31. (23.5.2011) Oath of Gold by Elizabeth Moon. Paksenarrion #3. Getting a bit preachy and predictable. (e)
32. (~26.5.2011) Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster. As I remembered. (r,e)
33. (30.5.2011) Chalice by Robin McKinley. Good, but not at her best.
34. (early June) Intervention by Julian May. Regular reread. (r)
35. (early June) Jack the Bodiless by Julian May. Regular reread. (r)
36. (early June) Diamondmask by Julian May. Regular reread. (r)
37. (~12.6.2011) Magnificat by Julian May. Regular reread. (r)
38. (mid June) Smoke and Shadows by Tanya Huff. Fun read. (e,r)
39. (mid June) Smoke and Mirrors by Tanya Huff. Bit more horror than I usually go for. Can't sleep, house is going to get me. (e)
40. (mid June) Smoke and Ashes by Tanya Huff. Less horror, more fun. (e)
41. (early July) The Many Coloured Land by Julian May. Saga of Pliocene Exile #1. Read this once before years ago. Better the second time around, though not as good as Intervention etc. (e,r)
42. (~11.7.2011) The Golden Torc by Julian May. Saga of Pliocene Exile #2. See above. (e,r)
43. (mid July 2011) The Non-born King by Julian May. Saga of Pliocene Exile #3. See above. (e,r)
44. (late July) The Adversary by Julian May. Saga of Pliocene Exile #4. See above. (e,r)
45. (late July) Beyond Worlds End by Mercedes Lackey. Meh. (e)
46. (early August) Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett. Old favourite. (e,r)
47. (8.8.2011) Born to Run by Mercedes Lackey. Meh. (e,r?)
48. (mid Aug 2011) Small Gods by Terry Pratchett. (e,r)
49. (16.8.2011) A Tangled Web by L M Montgomery. (e,r)
50. (18.8.2011) Born to Run by Ellen Guon. Meh. (e,r?)
51. (22.8.2011) Counterfeit Earl by Anne Herries. Fluff.
52. (24.8.2011) The Captain's return by Elizabeth Bailey. Fluff cont.
53. (26.8.2011) Nightwatch by Terry Pratchett. Good read. (e,r)
54. (~1.9.2011) Dreams Underfoot by Charles de Lint. Good read. (e,r)
55. (Sept 2011) Guards Guards by Terry Pratchett. Started from the beginning of the City Watch sequence. Fun read. (e,r)
56. (Sept 2011) Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett. Fun read. (e,r)
57. (Sept 2011) Feet of Clay by Terry Pratchett. Fun read. (e,r)
58. (Sept 2011) The Fifth Elephant. A favourite reread. (e,r)
59. (16.9.2011) Blindspot by Stephen Mullholand. Got to one of Stephen's round 1 test readers. Interesting read. (e)
60. (20.9.2011) Bitten by Kelley Armstrong. Women of the Otherworld #1. Quite good werewolf. (e)
61. (Late Sept 2011) Stolen by Kelley Armstrong. Women of the Otherworld #2. Quite good werewolf cont. (e)
62. (25.9.2011) Dime Store Magic by Kelley Armstrong. Women of the Otherworld #3. Quite good. (e)
63. (1.10.2011) Industrial Magic by Kelley Armstrong. Women of the Otherworld #4. Quite good. (e)
64. (early Oct 2011) Haunted by Kelley Armstrong. Women of the Otherworld #5. Quite good. (e)
65. (early Oct 2011) Broken by Kelley Armstrong. Women of the Otherworld #6. Quite good. (e)
66. (~7.10.2011) Living with the dead by Kelley Armstrong. Women of the Otherworld #9. Quite good. (e)
67. (11.10.2011) Tamlin by Pamela Dean. Favourite reread. (r)
68. (13.10.2011) Bridge of Birds by Barry Hughart. Another favourite reread. (r)
69. (mid Oct 2011) Dead until Dark by Charlene Harris. Sookie Stackhouse #1. Not bad. (e,r)
70. (mid Oct 2011) Living Dead in Dallas by Charlene Harris. Sookie Stackhouse #2. Continued entertainment. (e)
71. (mid Oct 2011) Club Dead by Charlene Harris. Sookie Stackhouse #3. Continued entertainment. (e)
73. (mid Oct 2011) Dead to the World by Charlene Harris. Sookie Stackhouse #4. Continued entertainment. (e)
74. (late Oct 2011) Dead as a doornail by Charlene Harris. Sookie Stackhouse #5. Continued entertainment. (e)
75. (31.10.2011) Definitely Dead by Charlene Harris. Sookie Stackhouse #6. Continued entertainment. Run out now, so need to track down more.(e)
76. (early Nov 2011) Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey. Comfort reread. (e,r)
77. (early Nov 2011) Dragonsinger by Anne McCaffrey. Comfort reread. (r)
78. (early Nov 2011) Dragondrums by Anne McCaffrey. Comfort reread. (r)
79. (5.11.2011) The White Dragon by Anne McCaffrey. Comfort reread. (r)
80. (7.11.2011) All the Weyrs of Pern by Anne McCaffrey. Comfort reread. (r)
81. (mid Nov 2011) Moreta dragonlady of Pern by Anne McCaffrey. Comfort reread. (r)
82. (mid Nov 2011) Dragondawn by Anne McCaffrey. Comfort reread. (r)
83. (~17.11.2011) The Rowan by Anne McCaffrey. Comfort reread. (e,r)
84. (~20.11.2011) Damia by Anne McCaffrey. Comfort reread. (e,r)
(NB Anne McCaffrey died 21.11.2011).
85. (~25.11.2011) Pegasus in Flight by Anne McCaffrey. Comfort reread. (e,r)
86. (end Nov, 2011) Pegasus in Space by Anne McCaffrey. Okish (e)
87. (~1.12.2011) All together dead by Charlaine Harris. Sookie Stackhouse #7. Continued entertainment.
88. (3.12.2011) From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris. Sookie Stackhouse #8. Continued entertainment.
89. (~4.12.2011) Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris. Sookie Stackhouse #9. Continued entertainment.
90. (~6.12.2011) Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris. Sookie Stackhouse #10. Continued entertainment.
91. (~7.12.2011) A Touch of Dead by Charlaine Harris. Sookie Stackhouse short story collection. Continued entertainment.
92. (early Dec 2011) The Fuller Memorandum by Charles Stross. Good but need a dose of cute fluffy kittens after. (r)
93. (early Dec 2011) The Blue Castle by L M Montgomery. Comfort reread (e,r)
94. (early-mid Dec 2011) Crystal Singer by Anne McCaffrey. Comfort reread. (e,r)
95. (early-mid Dec 2011) Killashandra by Anne McCaffrey. Comfort reread. (e,r)
96. (early-mid Dec 2011) The Crystal Line by Anne McCaffrey. Not as good as the earlier two (e,r)
97. (mid Dec 2011) Fire in the mist by Holy Lisle. Ok. (e)
98. (late Dec 2011) Ring of Fear by Anne McCaffrey. (r)
99. (31.12.2011) Snuff by Terry Pratchett. Not his best but still a good Vimes one.
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Continuing the record from 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.
Posting this now so it can be filled in as I go, just like the above entries.

For the record and predated so I can find it easily.

*object* (date started, date finished)
Brown linen Anglo-Saxon bob tunic for me (Started just before New years, finished 12.1.2011).
Blackworked chemise for me (Started ~early 2003, finished 17.4.2011).
Reworked blue wool tunic for me. (originally ~2001, but recut to fit June/July. Wearable with early Anglo-Saxon wristclasps for Falcons feast, but finished with full tablet weaving 26.8.2011)
Grey wool 14th C Hejrolfnes jacket for Z. (Z still to get buttons. Wearable for ~Aug 2011)
Grey wool 14th C Hejrolfnes hat fro Z. (~Aug 2011)
Blue wool ~early 15th C dress for me. Wearable for N&K wedding 10 Sept, but still needs some seams finished.

Knitted hat for me (started ~25 April, finished 9 May)

Much less than previous years, but I would note that pregnancy (especially the 1st trimester) really slows things down.
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For following at home later The Reverand'ss big blog of leather. Via [ profile] tyghra on FB. Must chase up the leather cannon article...
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For reference later (couple months of baking left to go):

Get This Baby Out of Me! On Induction and Ending #occupyuterus by Kate Clancy (Context and Variation blog - a good overview/explanation/entertaining read for scientific background on female biology...)

And on a completely different topic:
DOUBLE RUNNING STITCH LOGIC 102 - WORKING FROM THE BASELINE from String-or-nothing (the lady who wrote the New Carolingean Modelbuch). How to look at a double sided blackwork pattern, trace an underlying path, and branch out at the appropriate places so it will look the same on both sides (how I try and do it, only explained much better).
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We seem to have hit an inflationary epoch in the expanding universe...
Cut cause only some of you will care re pregnancy stuff... )
In non-pregnancy news (generally costuming, cats and weekend doings...):
Linen undertunic has at least been started. I had forgotten how nice and relaxing it is to be curled up on the sofa, with a cat on my lap, sewing while watching tv. Current series are alternating between Castle and True Blood. it is good to be in the middle of a project again.

Babbage is currently migrating through a different snoozing cubbyhole roughly each week. Tonight was on the shelf of Z's desk, by the TV. Other locations have included the shelf beside the pantry, on top of a tent in the fabric room, and in a box beside the garage door.

Lovelace is now a year old. Babbage will join her in about 2 weeks.

In terms of the weekend:
Sat filled with voting (general election etc and SCANZ AGM), a very nice medieval dinner and the chance to catch up with people. I can thoroughly recommend spending election night ignoring the election results at a medieval feast.
Sun was yum char, a long nap in the afternoon and some blobbing in front of True Blood. Not productive, but the mental health benefits of a comfortable sofa with entertaining TV, a purring cat and a hot chocolate should not be underestimated. At one point Lovelace was curled up against my leg and I was curled up against Z's leg...

Running out of November...
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It has a weekend.

Sat was intended to be a early start to tidying, before heading over the hill for P's 1 year birthday. Managed to wash the dishes before, but not much else. Oh well. Was a good afternoon and evening. Much talking. Thank you to [ profile] dragonermine and S for the bassinet, baby gym and baby bath and much discussion on baby infrastructure.

Sun: The intention was more cleaning and tidying, but [ profile] alpha_angel organised a trip to Otaki - the land of the outlet shop and (hopefully) cheap bras (in odd sizes). I think I had most success, with 1 $10 and 2 $5 12DD bras (the baseline was 10D pre pregnancy, for reference). Hopefully these should give me about a month's wearing at least. And a cinnamon soap and a rose soap from the markets (yay nice smelling soap). Home just before the rain arrived, then an evening filled with homemade pizza and a cat on my lap for a while, before measuring and cutting out a linen undertunic each for me and [ profile] basal_surge. 1st necklines (I hate necklines), then I'll work out the ratio of machine to hand sewing and get stuck into that.

However it is now after 10pm, so nothing more involving cutting fabric or thinking.

5 weeks to Christmas.
10 weeks to CF.
~20 weeks to Easter.
We are now at 20 weeks ie half way there (though didn't exactly notice for the 1st 6 weeks, so the 2nd 'half" may seem longer). 20 week ultrasound is scheduled for Tues morning. Gender may or may not be observable at that point. Yes, we are happy to find that out at this stage - it will simplify the name spreadsheet... though I suspect the most it will establish is if it is definitely a boy.
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11 years ago (+- a few days), a proposition by a viking/geologist, by the embers of a dying fire, under some trees...

Love you [ profile] basal_surge :)


Nov. 9th, 2011 01:38 pm
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Leg cramps. Generally calf, generally right leg, generally turning up at ~5am.
Apparently fairly common in 2nd or 3rd trimester... Am finding the leg occassionally a bit sore for the rest of the day though.
Daily bananas not making any difference.

NB: This is not a replacement for experienced medical advice - I will be mentioning it when I see midwife for monthly checkup on Fri morning in any case.
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In the random cool links department:
Bohemian Rhapsody
All done by Jake Shimabukuro.


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