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(repeat (sorta) of Facebook post, but expanded a bit).

Viking Women: Apron dress by Hilde Thunem Relinking to this one as she has added a large amount of info since I last read it. Probably the best summary/review article on Viking apron dresses and the archeological evidence out there. Has gotten me thinking that I really want to make a good wool apron dress with features more archeologically based (eg pleated top with tablet woven band like the Kostrup Grave ACQ find). The last "wool" apron dress I made was back in AU and had a bunch of issues including wrong style straps and not actually being wool. There has been a better linen one since (made for CF 2010), but it is very sack-like and is definitely a summer garment.

Other project-wise, having made [ profile] basal_surge a nice pair of hose (finally), and having noted holes growing in the toes of my linen ones, really want a nice pair of woolen hose. This had been on the books for a while, but given how quickly his went together, I have been putting off a pair for me for far too long.

All of these fit with projects with smaller pieces of fabric, which works well with the approximately 2m size (or smaller) wool remnant finds from The Te Omanga Hospice shop in Upper Hutt from Sat.

The other clothing project still trundling, is the blackworked peacock shirt for AJBM. Given I have now done 30/92 peacocks, that is an ongoing project...

Of course, nothing like an enthusiasm for sewing projects just in time for going back to work and hence having less time (apart from the hour train commute 3 days a week which has potential for reading or sewing (though not embroidery)).


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