Jan. 24th, 2013

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So, it being that time of year (CF coming up), there has been much sewing.

AJBM (being now over 9 months old) has upped the game rapidly since Christmas, with crawling, hauling herself up on things, babbling more, rolling from her back to her front, getting her first tooth, changing her eating patterns, changing her sleeping patterns, changing her interaction patterns etc. Much more intense and on, and wanting to interact/get into things... Which is good but much more draining to keep up with.

CF prep wise, I have finished a silk edged wool jacket with matching silk sash, linen tunic and linen hood all for AJBM. Together with the other garb people have passed on (2 cotton tunics, 2-3 wool tunics and a wool hood) and the silk coif made earlier, she possibly has more garb than most people heading to their first big camping event...

Need to take better care of myself to keep up with her. Been feeling quite drained/splat recently (especially in the mornings) so need to be more careful about what I eat and try and remember to cover all bases (iron, vitamins etc). And get out more with AJBM so don't go stir-crazy at home.

Just over 2 months left to go before I head back to work (part time). Much to do beforehand. Step A: CF.


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